China Arming Gaddafi: $200 Million Dollar Arms Deal Jeopardizes Future of Libya

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Libyan Rebels Discover the Chinese Have Been Arming Gaddafi

Beijing has hastily covered up of a $200 million arm deal with Gaddafi and his militant regime.  The deal took place to prop up the illegitimate regime. Libyan rebels have been capturing modern weapons with Chinese origins, it is speculated that they were secretly shipped to pro-Gaddafi force through Algeria. Papers found in the rubbish of pro-Gaddafi leaders confirmed the deal.   International ire has been raised; Beijing’s Gaddafi gamble has cast a shadow over their credibility and doubtlessly killed hundreds of rebels.

What Comprised of The Weapon Deal?

Everything to outfit a brand new army.

The papers revealing the weapons deal stated that rocket launchers, anti-tank, anti-aircraft missiles would be shipped in addition to assorted small arms.  Many good Libyans died to these advanced weapons.  Perhaps more will.  Gaddafi forces have retreated into Niger, it is speculated they will wage a terrorist war against Libya to attempt to regain control.  China did not score a strategic success, only pools of more bloodshed.

How is China Reacting To the Exposure?

China has now officially admitted that there were arms talks.

To make up for their failing the Chinese are stepping up regulation of private Chinese weapons manufactures.  This feint probably will not halt international outrage.  China has already overstepped its bounds in foreign affairs on many occasions.  Some examples including supporting the tyrannical North Korea or annexing Tibet.  This flair for violence has so far been tolerated; however it is poisoning the world against Beijing.  Libya’s Transitional Council is investigating this incident as anger flares throughout their supporters.  Libya will not be a fan of the Chinese.

Why Would China Fight the Rebels?

Beijing is posturing for a Second Cold War.

Arming America’s enemies is reminiscent of previous Chinese interventions, such as Vietnam; they perpetuated a twenty war with tens of thousands of American casualties by arming the Vietcong and NVA covertly.  The goal was to win influence for China through killing its enemies, the Americans, through indirect means.  Their objectives are met and China is not publicly threatened.

The Western powers have aligned with the rebels.  China seeks a world empire to match that of the Westerners.  Damaging new additions to Western Coalition will weaken NATO, the European UN, and the United States. Libya has oil, China views it as a valuable player should war evolve.  Weakening this hapless state, while they are violent civil war, reinforces their position.

Calculated moves such as this have already set the Second Cold War in motion, only historians will mourn our loss of peace.


Dead Peasant’s Insurance: Your Worth More to Your Employer Dead

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Contrary to popular belief, many notable corporation here in America would love to see their employees dead.


It is true.  Several notable companies take out large life insurance policies on most of their employees, which means every time one of their employees dies they get money.  This is not just minor refunds for their lost labor, they receive up to 1.5 million dollars. Here are the most notable offenders-

  • American Express Co.
  • AT&T Communications
  • Bank Of America
  • Citibank, N.A.
  • Citizens Bank
  • Coca-Cola Company
  • Hershey Foods Corporation
  • NationsBank
  • Nestle Enterprises
  • Panera Bread Co.
  • Procter & Gamble Company
  • Southwest Bank
  • TYCO International
  • Union Bank
  • Wachovia Corporation
  • Walgreen Company
  • Wal-Mart Stores
  • Walt Disney
  • Wells Fargo, N.A.
  • Winn Dixie
  • York Water Co.

This is not the entire list of known companies that buy Dead Peasant Insurance, life insurance policies by corporations on employees.  The full list, comprised of about 215 companies can be found at  Despite the fact you may not work for the listed corporations your company may still practice this ignoble insurance scam.  These companies are the known ones ,there are hundreds of undocumented companies that “insure” as many as ten million Americans.

Many people question the legality of this shady practice.  It is a conflict of interest, the corporations want their employees to die and to the best of my knowledge those same employees do not want to die.  Taking out dead peasant’s insurance is similar to a friend of yours taking out fire insurance on your house, so if it burns down for any reason (including them setting it on fire) they will reap the benefits.

Someone is getting a Camaro. 2

Technically, this is legal. After all these corporations have an investment in their employees, they should receive some funds, that way they can replace their employees and get on with their job of being a callous corporation.

What about the families of the deceased?

What about those who pay as much as a hundred thousand in medical fees associated with the hospital not saving a loved ones life?

What about the cost of the funeral?

The companies give the families of the deceased the cold shoulder, these fees are the sole responsibility of the family, who may have their income halved if not completely eliminated. As they struggle with debt and bankruptcy, the corporations go on to employ someone else, preferably young and unhealthy.  That way they get the “most” out of their loyal workers.

There have been several major moves against this inhumane practice, suits have been filed and many of these companies have been take to court.  Always, the corporations have won.  They site one specific precedent, Santa Clara County V. South Pacific Railroad.  This supreme court case made it so corporations were legally viewed as individuals and therefore got all the rights citizens have. Freedom of Speech.  Protection of Private Property.  The Right to Due Process.

Also the Right to Wish Employees Dead (anything for a better profit margin, right?)

Dead Peasant’s Insurance should be used to benefit those most hurt by the loss of the deceased, the families.  If a company has the foresight to take out a life insurance policy on its workers that is all well and good.  As “individuals’ they have the right to protect their workers.  However, first they should pay off the debts the families would other wise take one, due to loss of income and related medical expenses.  That is what is ethical and morally correct.

This raises a poignant question: Should corporations be view as individuals?  I believe they should, on the condition that they are treated as individuals in all fields.  Today corporations stomp out the little people without a thought when things are going well and hide behind Santa Clara County v. South Pacific Railroad whenever they are in danger.

This verdict was cited in the most in Congress, as more than $700 billion was given to the same corporations that caused the economic recession.  Before they had been acting outside the authority of the government, ignoring restrictions that were in place to prevent a recession from happening.  As the recession broke they begged, and received, money from the government.  They argued that they deserved money because as individuals of America they should be protected and supported by America.

Thanks for the money! More cameros!

This is wrong and is criminal.  If these corporations want funding that is fine, as long as they have paid their dues before hand.  By handing out $700 billion the American government is rewarding recklessness and failure.  This is wrong and criminal.  Only corporations who, like regular individuals, prove that they are worthy of trust should be trusted.  This is fair and what should be done.

Why Politicians Should Build Business Instead of Blindly Throwing Away Money (Duh)

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Obama should not continue the Bush Tax Breaks, instead opting for large scale entrepreneurship of the middle and lower classes.

The democrats fared poorly in last Tuesday’s election, losing control of the House and barely clinging to the Senate.  Now the Republicans hold the House of Representatives, the democrats the Presidency and the Senate.  Obama is now forced to negotiate with Republicans on all issues, otherwise they will very simply stone wall his movements.  In an ideal world this would result in fair political movement, more or less equally balanced between the Democrats and the Republicans.

We don’t live in an ideal world.

What could just as easily happen is that politics in this country grind to a halt, as the politician bicker not over politics, but for power.  The Republicans want more influence across the government, and their only leverage is through the House.  They will exploit this, taking power forcing the Democrats to relinquish some of their power in order to pass any legislation.  The Democrats will fight for endlessly and furiously for their national influence.  Both sides are hostile towards the other, but both are willing to negotiate.

Now arises the Bush Tax Cuts, which are due to expire on December 31, 2010.  These sweeping tax breaks for middle class Americans gave money to many Americans, to spend as they please.  The tradeoff for this is a massive US deficit, if this act is extended even one year it will increase the deficit by $250-$350 billion, if left in place for a decade it will run up a bill of three trillion, or 3,000,000,000,000, on top of the near ten trillion dollars of current deficit.

Deficit is bad.  The deficit is made up of massive loans taken from other countries and banks, so the American government can spend money it needs now, then pay off the loans later.  The benefit of these massive loans is that the government has massive reserves of untapped wealth that can be accessed at a moment’s notice, very useful for wars and natural disasters.  The downside is that the country loses significant amounts of money on each of these loans, the other banks and countries that take the loans and give the money charge interest on money the US government took.  In the end the taxpayers will have to pay off the imbalance.

Obama initially wanted to eliminate these tax cuts all together, countering inflation and putting the country on a more economically friendly track.  Now he is forced to negotiate with the Republicans, trading legislation he wants for protecting this reform.  From a social perspective this is good, the American government is all about a system of checks and balances and compromising.  From the rich men’s perspective this is excellent, they benefit greatly from these tax cuts putting tens of thousands of dollars in their own pockets.  For those already struggling to get buy, they get nothing unless some small amount trickles down to them.

The question of eliminating or maintain the Bust Tax Cuts is a simple question, should those who are successful be helped or those who are in poverty?  Helping those who are successful could create new businesses, but it does not guarantee those less fortunate will be aided.  Helping those who are less fortunate will increase the standard of living for more people, but will probably not create new businesses.  Both are not good options.

I propose that we let those in poverty help themselves, give them many innovators who lack capital the money needed to start a company, help all those who are poor, but focus on those who will create new job opportunities.  Even if many of these businesses fail, the government can default on the loans and get nearly all their money back.  Those that succeed will tens of thousands of those who were previously out of work, making up for their fallen competitors.

This is how Obama should move on the Bush Tax Cuts, eradicate them and replace them with major incentives to help people who have the intelligence and creativity to help themselves.  The tax cuts should be repealed, it will create a great stress on the middle class but they can generally afford the loss that would starve and impoverish those worse off than them.

Forms Suck, We’re Gonna Fix This Paperwork Problem


My hands will fall off, but the paper stretches on.

My pens bleed dry, yet more initials are needed.

My signature burns in black fire in my vision, even when I close my eyes.

I’m not even half way done,  Moral: paperwork sucks.  We need to fight it or be consumed. RESIST.

Sometimes I regret shredding my job applications. Then I remember just how much of a bitch they would have been and return to panhandling.

Forms; why do have them?  This week alone, and this is a legitimate figure, I have had to fill out seven different forms, ranging from three to twelve pages each.  In the end it was thirty-one pages of reading, which I didn’t read.  I asked, “Why do I need to fill out this paperwork?” to a nearby police officer (my fictitious brother is in jail for littering, which is why I have to fill out all these fictional forms).

He simply replied, “Insurance, case you die or something.”

This is the kind and compassionate police office. Still freaked.

There it is, plain and simple, the truth hit me right in the face like that cops moist saliva. (*shivers*)  Forms are just people avoiding blame.  By signing you name on those white pieces of paper you excepting those who are there to protect you from any legitimate responsibility.  Should you die, break an arm, or wake up in a bed with hookers of various sexes they can just wave the form and walk away, leaving you to get felt up by a very hairy man named Shirley.

Not that I'm hating on hairy men... named Shirley.

That explains why we have forms.  Now why do we have to fill out so many?

This is for the very simple rule of thumb that I use everyday in my life:

People.  Are.  Idiots.

It would be simpler to have on basic form for each and every individual, rather than hundreds of forms for every different activity.  As of now whenever you sign up for anything potentially dangerous, like seeing a rabbit, a new unique for is produced to be filled out.  By the time the mountain of paperwork is climbed that rabbit is already asleep.

Truer words never said.

If every individual had their own standardized forms the process would be much simpler.  Upon arrival the forms would be simply handed over, the rabbit owners would double-check that they are insured, and everything would be all set.  Your work becomes their work.

As an added bonus, you don’t even need to bring the form.  You can just give them your standardized form number and password and they can pull it up on the internet.  Saves paper, recycling rules.

As a doubled added bonus, yes I went there, you would ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT YOUR SIGNING UP FOR.  A quick raise of hands, who here actually reads those forms they sign?

Well you a don't have to be rude about it.

Having one form would require only reading one form to understand what your getting into.  This will prevent people accidentally signing their lives away.  People are put off by the gargantuan amount of paperwork and reading associated with forms, this would produce one set for all basic activities.  Exotic activities will have special consent forms still, but they will be few and far between.

You've done the paperwork for that, right? OH GOD, NO?! YOU COULD GET PAPERCUTS!

Lets call for change, I don’t want my hand to fall off ever again filling out these stupid forms.  I will sign one set and my fictitious brother will be able to bail himself out of jail.

Liked this?  Well the hilarity only increases when I tell you how to overthrow the government, for real(-ish):

Perhaps you are in the mood for something more sober.  The looming national deficit, which would be made lighter by these standardized forms. :

The US Deficit: Expensive (In Painful Ways) Spending


Obama is pushing legislation through that will repeal some excessive Bush tax cuts.  These taxes only applied to the richest Americans and saved the citizens 70 billion a year.  It turns out that this was not such a good idea for the American economy, the deficit widened and dollar weakened.  That costs you more taxes, yip-ee.

No. I'd say go back to Texas, but I'd feel bad for the Texans.

They tax cuts will give the American government those extra 70 billion dollars to work with.  This is good for almost everyone, and those that are hurt by this tax repeal have enough money to cope with the situation.  They will have to cut back on the money bathes.

Except her, she can have all the tax cuts she wants.

However, critics of this policy highlights that all politicians are still increasing the deficit with other tax cuts.  These cuts remain unopposed.  The politicians logic is that if these tax cuts were repealed it would knock the American, and the world, economy back into a recession.  Nobody wants that, excpet perhaps my Aunt Sally.  Bitch owns Walmart (well some stock in it).

No. You may not help me or anyone else. I'm going to therapy, be back in twenty years.

Therefore, they are extending them for the next couple of years.  The trade off is that the deficit increased and the American government loses 3 trillion dollars every year.  This is unacceptable.

The American government is an irresponsible teenager who just received his first credit card.  Now they have a new car, some very slick technology, and everything they could ever want.  That is when the bill turns up, for 13.4 trillion dollars. But, just like a teenager, the American government pays the bare minimum interest and returns to having fun.  Short term, this is a perfect cheap solution.  Long term, this becomes costly mistake.

The American deficit is money that we borrowed from other countries and private entities, that is being slowly paid back over several years in bonds.  Bonds should only be used in times of extreme need, in times of war or crises.  Using them to fund a government at any other point is simply irresponsible.  It is irresponsible because there is interest on the bonds, just like the credit cards.  The government loses money on every bond they sell.  Big no-no.

SANTA JACKED MY ATV!!! (it's okay, I got his sled)

The solution to this dilemma, stop increasing the deficit.  Across the board there must be cuts, with exceptional exceptions, to make America be able to fund the American budget.  The military spending should be cut back, it is unnecessary to maintain such a large army for a country in peace time.

The exceptions should be spending that will yield beneficial taxes in the long term.  Spend money to make money.  An expansion of NASA and the space program will increase science growth in every field, so there will be more things to tax long term.  Environmental protection programs should also be expanded; they always bring additional employment opportunities.  Parks need rangers, animals need vets, and endangered forests need scientists.  This program will increase the employment rates in America, therefore it will also be profitable or at least this program will pay for itself.  Americans need to wake up and take care of the national deficit, before it takes care of them.

Israel: The Gestapo State

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There is a country out there in the world that continues to commit war crimes in this modern era.  Assassinating leaders on foreign soil.  Burning towns to the ground, arresting the minorities living there.  Walling off a city.  Blockading a neighboring nation.  This is the state of Israel.

Don’t believe me?  Here’s the evidence.

Assassination in Dubai:

Mr. Mabouh, executed in Dubai January 9,2010, by Mossad (Israeli Intelligence)

The remains of part of a burned Bedouin village:

This is an example of one of countless Bedouin communities that Israeli services systematically eliminates

The West Bank Wall:

This wall encircles most of Jerusalem, separating the Jewish population from the Muslim population

Blockading Gaza:

Gaza - After thirty eight years of occupation and five years of a blockade

The Israeli government was forged in war and is sustained by war; however a significant portion of these conflicts are incited by the harsh measures taken in every region of the country.   They are treating many of their own citizens, particularly the Muslims, like the enemy. This earns Israel more foes to fight.  Every time another atrocity is committed international support falls a little bit, while sympathy for the Muslims increases.  Israel is digging its own grave.

To be fair, they have always needed to fight with brutal efficiency in order to stay alive.  The Six Day War.  The October War.  Dozens of minor conflicts.  Had they not proven again and again that they are willing to fight to the last man there is a chance they would no longer be here.  To this day they still have enemies that will not bargain for peace: Hamas, Serbia, and Iran.  Perhaps these violent measures are all that is saving Israel from all out war; perhaps new polices will be more effective, peaceful polices.

Negotiation is the only path to salvation for Israel.  They lack the military muscle to war their way to peace.  Positive diplomatic relations need to be developed.

The path to peace is rocky and dangerous, each of their enemies needs something specialized before they will turn away from war.  Serbia will demand land, the Golan Heights, which they lost in the Six Day War almost fifty years ago.  Iran needs a regimen change, which may happen in a day or a decade.  The country is too unstable to currently negotiate with.  In both cases they need to be careful to never appear too weak, that would be asking for invasion

Hamas cannot be fought or negotiated with directly; they are a fanatical guerrilla organization that dreams only of eliminating Israel.  The solution is to buy the populace of Gaza, where significant Hamas resistance hides, giving them resources to rebuild and reconstruct their dismantled lives.  Without public support Hamas will be nothing more than a name.

These measures need to be enacted swiftly; Israel is already losing much international support.  Many have noted a growing divide between the Israeli government and the United States, their protector.  Each new incident, as seen above, increases tension between the two countries.  Should their alliance ever snap Israel will be doomed

While Israel currently possesses massive military power, necessary to defend itself, it lacks  the industry to rapidly replace destroyed units.  In the past they have relied on the United States to supply them with replacements.  When they lost dozens of aircraft and hundreds of tanks in the October War America replaced the lost units, giving them the stomping power to defeat both Serbia and Egypt.  In future wars Israel will continue to rely on its protector.

Should its protector leave, Israel will cease to exist.  The Muslim nation surrounding the Jewish country, desperate for their long awaited revenge, will pounce from all directions.  Since the alliance is broken the United States will not step in and it is doubtful any other countries will want to get involved in a massive war.  Israel will fight valiantly, but as it loses fighters and tanks they will be driven back. And back. And back.  Jerusalem will fall.

The aftermath of this loss will simply be known as the Second Holocaust.  While some Muslim governments will attempt to act civilly, others will execute all Jewish citizens that are found.  The only survivors will be the ones who flee.

This does not have to come to pass; Israel simply needs to enact new, peaceful, policies. They can save themselves, maintain good relations with the United States, and bring peace to the Middle East.  All they have to do is peacefully negotiate.


Assassination in Dubai-

Burning a Bedouin village to the ground-

West Bank Wall-

Gaza Blockade-

Wikileaks: Government’s Bane, People’s Champion

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At this exact second there is someone from the FBI damming Wikileaks.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the site ( it is a private nonprofit entity that seeks to unmask the dastardly ne’er-do-wells around the world.

The problem is with the shocking truth is often have gargantuan repercussions.

Wikileaks recently released a massive number of American documents concerning the Afghan conflict and nobody is happy.  The US is fuming at this breach of protocol; sensitive documents usually are not posted online for everyone (terrorists, KGB) to see.  It also puts enormous tension of Afghan-American relations.

The truth is important, but putting the United States at risk is not appreciated.

Should another international war begin to brew it is documents like these that will be used in the first assault, to demoralize all of NATO.  How will the troops and the citizens support governments who allowed hundreds of separate accidental homicides?  They will not. Wikileaks access to sensitive documents is a lethal force, right up there with nukes and other weapons of mass destruction.

However, Wikileaks is a necessary evil.

In the future, should it continue to release confidential documents, it will inevitably reveal various monstrosities.  The public does need to know about some of the secret working of its government, otherwise it will be able to act unchecked.  Governments of the world must obey their people; Wikileaks give those people the knowledge to act upon.

In the past it the newspapers that released documents that need to be read, now Wikileaks has taken over that role.  It is better than its predecessors; this informative site can transmit more information to a wider variety of people than the papers.

The major drawback of Wikileaks  is it has no accountability; while it currently maintains only the truth in the future that might change.  Perhaps because of a change of leadership, perhaps from determined hackers.  A single document could begin a war; it is quite dangerous.

Wikileaks is one of the strongest emerging online entities, it will eventually govern many opinions.  It will hopefully lead the people against government corruption and hopefully through that passive action it will also clean up governments around the world.  That is all one can hope for.

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