Why Politicians Should Build Business Instead of Blindly Throwing Away Money (Duh)

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Obama should not continue the Bush Tax Breaks, instead opting for large scale entrepreneurship of the middle and lower classes.

The democrats fared poorly in last Tuesday’s election, losing control of the House and barely clinging to the Senate.  Now the Republicans hold the House of Representatives, the democrats the Presidency and the Senate.  Obama is now forced to negotiate with Republicans on all issues, otherwise they will very simply stone wall his movements.  In an ideal world this would result in fair political movement, more or less equally balanced between the Democrats and the Republicans.

We don’t live in an ideal world.

What could just as easily happen is that politics in this country grind to a halt, as the politician bicker not over politics, but for power.  The Republicans want more influence across the government, and their only leverage is through the House.  They will exploit this, taking power forcing the Democrats to relinquish some of their power in order to pass any legislation.  The Democrats will fight for endlessly and furiously for their national influence.  Both sides are hostile towards the other, but both are willing to negotiate.

Now arises the Bush Tax Cuts, which are due to expire on December 31, 2010.  These sweeping tax breaks for middle class Americans gave money to many Americans, to spend as they please.  The tradeoff for this is a massive US deficit, if this act is extended even one year it will increase the deficit by $250-$350 billion, if left in place for a decade it will run up a bill of three trillion, or 3,000,000,000,000, on top of the near ten trillion dollars of current deficit.

Deficit is bad.  The deficit is made up of massive loans taken from other countries and banks, so the American government can spend money it needs now, then pay off the loans later.  The benefit of these massive loans is that the government has massive reserves of untapped wealth that can be accessed at a moment’s notice, very useful for wars and natural disasters.  The downside is that the country loses significant amounts of money on each of these loans, the other banks and countries that take the loans and give the money charge interest on money the US government took.  In the end the taxpayers will have to pay off the imbalance.

Obama initially wanted to eliminate these tax cuts all together, countering inflation and putting the country on a more economically friendly track.  Now he is forced to negotiate with the Republicans, trading legislation he wants for protecting this reform.  From a social perspective this is good, the American government is all about a system of checks and balances and compromising.  From the rich men’s perspective this is excellent, they benefit greatly from these tax cuts putting tens of thousands of dollars in their own pockets.  For those already struggling to get buy, they get nothing unless some small amount trickles down to them.

The question of eliminating or maintain the Bust Tax Cuts is a simple question, should those who are successful be helped or those who are in poverty?  Helping those who are successful could create new businesses, but it does not guarantee those less fortunate will be aided.  Helping those who are less fortunate will increase the standard of living for more people, but will probably not create new businesses.  Both are not good options.

I propose that we let those in poverty help themselves, give them many innovators who lack capital the money needed to start a company, help all those who are poor, but focus on those who will create new job opportunities.  Even if many of these businesses fail, the government can default on the loans and get nearly all their money back.  Those that succeed will tens of thousands of those who were previously out of work, making up for their fallen competitors.

This is how Obama should move on the Bush Tax Cuts, eradicate them and replace them with major incentives to help people who have the intelligence and creativity to help themselves.  The tax cuts should be repealed, it will create a great stress on the middle class but they can generally afford the loss that would starve and impoverish those worse off than them.


Survival of the Fittest = Incorrect

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“Survival of the fittest,” is one of the strangest terms a person will regularly come across.  It occurs so often because people believe it applies to virtually aspect of life; war, politics, economic forces, video game competitions, and the closing of one ice cream store while another expands.  People look everywhere and they see only the smart and the brilliant beating the test of time.  They believe it is only logical that these victors survive, since they maintained the initiative and pressed onwards to victory while others are turned back by staggering defeats.

Well, that is terribly incorrect.

I will not devalue the people in this world who actually deserve to be where they are.  It takes brilliant pioneers, whether they are devolving a new market or leading audacious expeditions, to lead the economy and the world.  These people are heroes, an example for the rest of humanity to follow.  Behind them are others who bear their standard, people who explore and capitalize on overlooked opportunities.  These two groups of people cover less than 0.5% of the population, one in two hundred.

What about the other hundred ninety-nine?  They latch on those who are triumphant and sponge off some of their success.  Some are relatively motivated, some or miserable excuses for human beings.  These are the office workers, the accountants, the waiters; the grunts.  Their lives are not labeled “SUCCESFUL” instead they are named “STATUS QUO.”  They are perfectly capable of following orders, but lack the imagination to forge their own path.

So there are two groups of people in this world; those who are successful and the parasites who leech that success.  The pull of the weak on the Atlas strength of the strong often brings both of their worlds crashing down.  Companies go out of business for the sole reason that they fail to fix expensive problems that drive them into bankruptcy.  Those that are successful often try to fight these failings, but without the support of their underlings their chances of success are slim.  It takes more than one brilliant mind to solve problems; Albert Einstein didn’t build the atomic bombs by himself.

That brings us full circle.  The vast, vast majority of people succeed for the principle and primary reason that someone else is allowing them to succeed.  At the drop of the hat those in power could cut off those below them, without explanation or reason.  Those below have no way to rehabilitate or retrain, not that they probably had that opportunity in the first place.  This is a corrupt system, one that must be reconstructed and reformed.

How to reform it?  Simple, look to the past.  Past Rome, past Greece, past the dawn of civilization, to the times where men lived in caves and fought saber tooth tigers for food.  Those that were strong hunted and fought.  Those that were dexterous gathered plants and completed chores.  And those that were smart, the predecessor to our current “successful” people, taught.  The passed on their knowledge directly to the next generation to give them the greatest chance of success.

I propose we bring this back.  Not forcefully though, that would end horribly and traumatically.  Instead with some positive incentive, money.  Teachers today work twice as hard as a waiter and make roughly the same, however their jobs are much, much more important.  They educate the future generations to succeed and prosper, or at least that is the theory.  Most of teachers I’ve seen are bovine cows who are counting days till their pension comes in while they collect hundreds of sick and vacation days.  They are not the best to teach.

By upping the salary for teachers it would create more incentive for better qualified applicants to become teachers.  Better teachers means better teaching, which leads to more learning, which translates to better students.  People question where the money would come from to pay these new teachers; loans, but ones that actually would be paid off.  Should a country as a whole population become smarter, because of their improved education, the economy of that country will become better.  The teachers will pay for themselves and keep on paying.

All I ask for is that everyone has the equal opportunity to succeed; both those who are naturally blessed and those who are not.

Forms Suck, We’re Gonna Fix This Paperwork Problem


My hands will fall off, but the paper stretches on.

My pens bleed dry, yet more initials are needed.

My signature burns in black fire in my vision, even when I close my eyes.

I’m not even half way done,  Moral: paperwork sucks.  We need to fight it or be consumed. RESIST.

Sometimes I regret shredding my job applications. Then I remember just how much of a bitch they would have been and return to panhandling.

Forms; why do have them?  This week alone, and this is a legitimate figure, I have had to fill out seven different forms, ranging from three to twelve pages each.  In the end it was thirty-one pages of reading, which I didn’t read.  I asked, “Why do I need to fill out this paperwork?” to a nearby police officer (my fictitious brother is in jail for littering, which is why I have to fill out all these fictional forms).

He simply replied, “Insurance, case you die or something.”

This is the kind and compassionate police office. Still freaked.

There it is, plain and simple, the truth hit me right in the face like that cops moist saliva. (*shivers*)  Forms are just people avoiding blame.  By signing you name on those white pieces of paper you excepting those who are there to protect you from any legitimate responsibility.  Should you die, break an arm, or wake up in a bed with hookers of various sexes they can just wave the form and walk away, leaving you to get felt up by a very hairy man named Shirley.

Not that I'm hating on hairy men... named Shirley.

That explains why we have forms.  Now why do we have to fill out so many?

This is for the very simple rule of thumb that I use everyday in my life:

People.  Are.  Idiots.

It would be simpler to have on basic form for each and every individual, rather than hundreds of forms for every different activity.  As of now whenever you sign up for anything potentially dangerous, like seeing a rabbit, a new unique for is produced to be filled out.  By the time the mountain of paperwork is climbed that rabbit is already asleep.

Truer words never said.

If every individual had their own standardized forms the process would be much simpler.  Upon arrival the forms would be simply handed over, the rabbit owners would double-check that they are insured, and everything would be all set.  Your work becomes their work.

As an added bonus, you don’t even need to bring the form.  You can just give them your standardized form number and password and they can pull it up on the internet.  Saves paper, recycling rules.

As a doubled added bonus, yes I went there, you would ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT YOUR SIGNING UP FOR.  A quick raise of hands, who here actually reads those forms they sign?

Well you a don't have to be rude about it.

Having one form would require only reading one form to understand what your getting into.  This will prevent people accidentally signing their lives away.  People are put off by the gargantuan amount of paperwork and reading associated with forms, this would produce one set for all basic activities.  Exotic activities will have special consent forms still, but they will be few and far between.

You've done the paperwork for that, right? OH GOD, NO?! YOU COULD GET PAPERCUTS!

Lets call for change, I don’t want my hand to fall off ever again filling out these stupid forms.  I will sign one set and my fictitious brother will be able to bail himself out of jail.

Liked this?  Well the hilarity only increases when I tell you how to overthrow the government, for real(-ish):https://talktank.wordpress.com/2010/08/07/overthrowing-the-government-for-dummies-in-five-easy-steps/

Perhaps you are in the mood for something more sober.  The looming national deficit, which would be made lighter by these standardized forms. :https://talktank.wordpress.com/2010/09/24/the-us-deficit-expensive-in-painful-ways-spending/

The US Deficit: Expensive (In Painful Ways) Spending


Obama is pushing legislation through that will repeal some excessive Bush tax cuts.  These taxes only applied to the richest Americans and saved the citizens 70 billion a year.  It turns out that this was not such a good idea for the American economy, the deficit widened and dollar weakened.  That costs you more taxes, yip-ee.

No. I'd say go back to Texas, but I'd feel bad for the Texans.

They tax cuts will give the American government those extra 70 billion dollars to work with.  This is good for almost everyone, and those that are hurt by this tax repeal have enough money to cope with the situation.  They will have to cut back on the money bathes.

Except her, she can have all the tax cuts she wants.

However, critics of this policy highlights that all politicians are still increasing the deficit with other tax cuts.  These cuts remain unopposed.  The politicians logic is that if these tax cuts were repealed it would knock the American, and the world, economy back into a recession.  Nobody wants that, excpet perhaps my Aunt Sally.  Bitch owns Walmart (well some stock in it).

No. You may not help me or anyone else. I'm going to therapy, be back in twenty years.

Therefore, they are extending them for the next couple of years.  The trade off is that the deficit increased and the American government loses 3 trillion dollars every year.  This is unacceptable.

The American government is an irresponsible teenager who just received his first credit card.  Now they have a new car, some very slick technology, and everything they could ever want.  That is when the bill turns up, for 13.4 trillion dollars. But, just like a teenager, the American government pays the bare minimum interest and returns to having fun.  Short term, this is a perfect cheap solution.  Long term, this becomes costly mistake.

The American deficit is money that we borrowed from other countries and private entities, that is being slowly paid back over several years in bonds.  Bonds should only be used in times of extreme need, in times of war or crises.  Using them to fund a government at any other point is simply irresponsible.  It is irresponsible because there is interest on the bonds, just like the credit cards.  The government loses money on every bond they sell.  Big no-no.

SANTA JACKED MY ATV!!! (it's okay, I got his sled)

The solution to this dilemma, stop increasing the deficit.  Across the board there must be cuts, with exceptional exceptions, to make America be able to fund the American budget.  The military spending should be cut back, it is unnecessary to maintain such a large army for a country in peace time.

The exceptions should be spending that will yield beneficial taxes in the long term.  Spend money to make money.  An expansion of NASA and the space program will increase science growth in every field, so there will be more things to tax long term.  Environmental protection programs should also be expanded; they always bring additional employment opportunities.  Parks need rangers, animals need vets, and endangered forests need scientists.  This program will increase the employment rates in America, therefore it will also be profitable or at least this program will pay for itself.  Americans need to wake up and take care of the national deficit, before it takes care of them.

Paris “Bombers”: Those Damn Kids (who will kill us all)

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Turns out that bombs kill people; I know this may come as a real shocker given the amount of bathroom graffiti I have seen lately.  Bomb threats every day of the week.  One even went as far as to threaten the world with the Apocalypse on December 21,2012.

Society has learned to deal with bombs, now they are just another part of pop culture and another weapon of disgruntled students and angry citizens.  False bomb threats are useless at getting any action done, however they are great at pissing off the authorities.  Every time one is called in whole areas have to be evacuated and police have to spend tens of thousands of dollars  searching for the bomb that never was.  Its like when we let three pigs into the school, labelling them 1,2, and 4; letting them run wild through the school.  Authorities quickly apprehended them, but were greatly perplexed when they couldn’t find the third pig.  They were pissed, we laughed.

Pig Number Three hid in his superb disguise, nobody guessed his actual identity

Authorities hate bomb threats; so when there was a particularly violent one in Paris today they were forced to take it seriously.  The target was the Eiffel Tower and the cause was clear.  The Lower House of France, it’s at the bottom of the hill, just pasted a controversial bill that raised the French pension age to 62.  On the upside this will help cut the French deficit by seventy-two billion euro, like two hundred billion dollars.  On the down side those poor Frenchmen will have to wait an addition two years before they start receiving pension checks. Sad face.

Such sadness. Such drama. I usually hate mimes, but she's kinda cute.

In response to this some idiot called in a bomb threat.  This is the part where it gets real.  Every time anyone calls in a false bomb threat police forces get a little more lax on their precautions.

If there was one bomb threat every ten years, police would act with extreme energy, searching every alcove with absolute efficiency.  There is a notable chance that the bomb, that is very, very real, will be deactivated and lives and property will be saved.

Suppose there was one a year, police would still take it seriously and they would probably get pretty good at doing their job.  Still though this is where people start swearing over lost sleep

Suppose there was one a month.  Police will hurriedly check their districts, then return to eating donuts.  Now they are up a magnitude of annoyance; someone stole their donut!

The Donut Police Force (DPF) was formed for the protection and equal rights of all donuts and bagels.

Once a week.  Once a day.  Every time something pisses you off.  Cops are eating donuts now, your frantic bomb threat will be dealt with right after they retrieve all the bicycles stolen in the last ten years and file the paperwork.  And that’s fine.  We all live merrily ever after and gorge ourselves on sugary delights, time to bring out the strawberry glazed.

Right?  Oh wait, that was a real bomb, SHI-


The moral of the story people have got to stop being so self-centered; whether they are upset about government policy or are distressed by the increasing numbers of mudbloods populating our school systems.  While the bomb threat will bring about immediate results those changes will be lucky to last longer than six hours.  Than the world returns to normal, twice as annoyed and half as wary.  Should an actual bomb be planted, the authorities won’t even bother sending someone to investigate. People will die if this trend continues; ironically the fools who called in previous false will die right along side those who are calling in real ones.  Deal with life; it’s better than embracing death (seriously, he’s all feathery.)

You have seen him before; where was he in this article.  If you can't, your normal.  If you can post it below, I'll personally congratulate you on being a super geek

This is death. Ain't he a cutie? He's a great kisser.

The Fantastic College Expedition: Take Advantage of Opportunities

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Straight simple, to the point. If opportunity bites you on the ass, just go with it. Today. I chilled with my best friend and my girlfriend for the afternoon. After running my energy well pass zero, I returned home wearily . I had planed to sleep, relax, and just take it easy.
I threw that plan out just now, listening to open tiny message of golden opportunity.
My church group is getting a bunch of people together and we’re all going to have a slumber party (I swear if any readers in our male audience get hard at the thought of slumber parties I will personally chop your python off with a rusty knife.) Smiles
On one hand I could stay home and sleep.
On the other I could have the might of my life; despite the fact it is a church group we have some pretty wild childs and little supervision.
Opportunity has arrived and is now whisking me away.
Lesson: Go where life takes you, NOW!

Chatroulette Clean? Impossible

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Myself and a friend enjoy going on a site called Chatroulette (http://www.chatroulette.com/).  All you need is a video camera and you are all set; the site randomly connects you with people from around the world. It is pretty cool, I have talked with people from London to LA.

However to find these people I needed to swim through a sea of … pythons.

That has always been the main drawback.  Nobody wants to see that, nobody.  The offenders have driven away valuable viewers away from the site.  However, today I noticed something peculiar on the homepage.

This actually startled me; a cure to the pandemic that has threatened the site? Perhaps there is hope, perhaps Chatroulette will become clean and a major social hub.

Maybe I will be officially recognized as King of the Flying Monkeys (damn the Wicked Witch of the West; she stole my minions)

After analyzing various articles concerning the intentions of Chatroulette I deemed the site is doomed, but valiant.  Essentially they intend, in the future through updated software, to trace anyone who breaks International Law and alert local authorities to deal with the snake problem.  On paper this sounds great, in real life it will never work.

Cracks begin to emerge at the very start of the plan.

The first crucial step is to identify offenders, there are two major ways to do this, and both cost money.  One possible method is to install a button that, when pressed, will tell staff members at Chatroulette to check out an offending screen.  The other way is to get viewers to rate the people they view, people who get too poor ratings get looked over by Chatroulette employees.

The problem with both of these is they both need employees, employees cost an absurd amount of money.  Either way they will need a staff of ten to twenty; either way it is doubtful Chatroulette will be able to support such a large number.  They simply lack the capital. Smaller numbers of employees will be ineffective of stemming tide of offenders.

Hopefully they will figure that out (perhaps a program specialized in identifying pythons of various sizes?) the next step, locating these criminals in real life, is easier.

The tracing part is pretty foolproof; a five hundred or so determined hackers will easily be able to conceal their locations, twenty thousand others will be located precisely.  The majority will be eliminated, that is all anyone can ask for.  Piece of pie.

Contacting the authorities should be easy, provided they are not too busy eating donuts.  Actually having the police to actually arrest the offenders is a completely different issue.

Getting the initiative to track down the criminals is questionable.  Sure, the cops want to take down these dastardly Snakemen.  But when the department is swamped homicides take a slightly high priority.  Other police departments might simply disregard the requests, casting them off as trivial and unimportant. Once again, you have got to have your priorities; donuts come first.

Finding the criminals will also be difficult despite have pin point their location.  Once a computer goes off Chatroulette they have no way to track it.  With the invention of laptops criminals can hide indefinitely in places like college dorms and crowded apartments.  Wild Life officers will never have a chance to ensnare the loose snakes.

The easy part will be identifying the offender; Chatroulette snaps a screenshot, police compare to the owner of the computer and other people who use it.  Simple.

Overall this sounds like a sound plan and it certainly will have repercussions.  The percentage of offenders will diminish drastically, perhaps great numbers will flee instead of risking being caught.  However there will always be a determined python network, using Python code to hide the location of their snakes.  They will never be conquered, they have all the odds stacked in their favor.

This plan needs to be thoroughly reformed, ironing out the kinks and filling in the cracks.  Then perhaps Chatroulette might have a shot.  Till then, Snake City.   Sad Face.

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