Taking In Tyrants: Yemen Manslayer Flys to United States For Medical Aid

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The Arab Spring in Yemen Takes a Dangerous Turn, for America


Yemeni President Ali Adbulla Saleh is adamantly insisting that he will receive medical treatment in the United States for his war wounds.  President Obama’s decision to allow or reject Saleh will either anger millions or send recruits directly to Al Qaeda.

While attempting to quell the Arab Spring in Yemen Saleh kill hundreds, risked civil war, and was nearly killed by an improvised explosive device.

The revolution is still struggling to gain power against Saleh’s loyalists; however, they have forced concessions.  Saleh recently resigned from his presidency.  This is only a token move: his son still controls the army and his vice president is almost certainly going to succeed Saleh.  The Arab Spring Movement in Yemen has won a major battle, there is still a long war ahead of them.

Now Saleh is demanding medical attention in the United States, cornering the United States into a lose-lose situation.

If the government allows the tyrant to receive medical treatment this will be a stunning blow to the Arab Spring.  Saleh has killed nearly two thousand of protesters and soldiers fighting for a more honest government.  By providing medical treatment, rather than arresting, Saleh the United States is condoning his actions.  Just allowing him into the country communicates to the world that America is okay with those who orchestrate genocide.  The revolutionaries, American peace activists, and American Muslim community would all be outraged.  These groups are gaining more power every year, while doing good, it would be disastrous to take this humanitarian route.

However, America also is endangered if Obama blocks Saleh’s visit.

American investment in the Arabian Peninsula is critical to our national security.  Al Qaeda splinter cells have nested and flourished in Yemen during this last year of strife while the separatist Houthis are forming a small nation-state in northern Yemen.  The country is the very definition of destabilized.

If America rejects Saleh it aggravates the country.  Loyalists across Yemen will be aggravated by their president’s rejects.  Al Qaeda will utilize the incident for recruiting.  After the rejection many Yemenis will have a lot of undirected anger at the Americans.  Who better than Al Qaeda to take advantage of anti-American sentiments.

Like I said, this is a lose-lose situation: either Obama antagonizes the Muslim world or arms Al Qaeda.

This microcosm of the results of the Arab Spring reflects the part the Western World will play after the tyrants from Bahrain to Syria are cast out.  Governments in exile, royal families, and other unwanted pre-Arab Spring structures will flee to Europe and America for safety.  This incident displays the question: should we take in butchers while angering own citizens or reject killers and build a more fearsome terrorist threat.  There are no easy answers.

Personally, I believe all dictators of genocide should have access to medical treatments, such as electric chairs and firing squads.


Chengguan: China’s Rouge Gestopo

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PAP Guard in front of Tiananmen Square

In China, criminals arrest the police.

The Chengguan, known officially as The City Urban Administrative and Law Enforcement Bureau, is not as orderly as their name would suggest.  Across China they are scorned because of their ruthless and violent tactics they use against illegal housing and unregistered street vendors and anyone who blocks the path of their perception of the law.

Their actions are similar to barbarians than public servants.  The lists of atrocities they have committed known no end.  A one-legged street vendor was brutally beaten to death in broad daylight.  Western foreign exchange students were stalked and forced off a food stand they were operating. A police officer, aiding an old man who was being beaten by the Chengguan, was chased down, strangled, and arrested.

The Chengguan are above the law.  Even in the incident with the brutalized police officer the Chengguan escaped unscathed.  There was no follow-up investigation, police were report they have little knowledge of the incident, and the assaulted police officer refused to meet with the reporters.

This suppression of justice is commonplace in China.  Even their twitter counterpart has administrators dedicated to rooting out any “polluted” information concerning the true face of the Chinese government.  Radical artists, such as Al WeiWei, are mercilessly persecuted and arrested on downright false charges because of their antigovernment messages.

China aspires to be a world leader.  Currently they are acting like a radical and destabilized country.  Their human rights practices are more comparable to Syria, who has also been rightfully accused of butchering its own citizens.  While racism and income and economic inequality persist in the developed countries their human rights violations are sporadic and severely mitigated.  The single worst incidents of the Occupy Wall Street protests involved pepper spray.  Isolated incidents of police brutality and violent discrimination taint the image of the Western World on the whole these are stable countries with honorable police.

China is the emerging superpower.  This is fact.  However, they will only be treated like an equal country once they treat all of their citizens equally and fairly.  As long as rampant breaches of human rights, such as this state sponsored brutality, their widespread environmental disasters, and suppression of minorities, they will not be treated as an equal member in the developed world.

They have made it clear they want to be treated with respect.  I say let them earn that respect by correcting these mistakes.  That is how America got to where it is today. Fractures in that american integrity, such as widespread anti-immigration racism, are one of the great threats to that stability.

The Revolutionary (Cell) Service: Katrin Verclas Invents Phone Application To Protect Leaders of the Arab Spring

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Samsung CDMA Phone

Do encrypted and safe phones mean the Arab Spring uprisings are In the Clear?

The American Government is funding cell phones designed to guard grassroots rebellions; don’t worry; these measures are not counter intuitive.  This technology was designed to empower the rightful leaders in oppressed countries to coordinate victorious revolutions.  Grants from the State Department have now launched this cell phone application called In the Clear.

This initiative gives the people’s leaders quick disposable communication that could be electronically wiped at the flick of a switch.  This function protects everything that would be endangered if the phone fell into enemy hands;  list of critical contacts, locations of weapon caches, and planned actions. In addition rudimentary encryption provides a powerful shield against cyber warfare and government snoops.

Previously, caught rebels were forced to swallow their SIM cards to protect their friends, now they can save freedom without the toxic indigestion.  These phones are already in use in Arab Spring battlegrounds.

Why Are Cell Phones Critical to Revolutions?

The keystone to the fall of Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya has been one innovation: instant communication.  Cell phones and social media networks have allowed public rebellions to ignite, flourish, and defeat oppression.

Uncensored slaying videos circulating over YouTube, massive coordinated protests through Facebook, and revolutionaries are mobilizing protesters, and militias, through cell phones.  Without being able to quickly react and take advantage of opportunities not only would have these righteous revolutions lagged, they might have even been crushed.  The Libyan rebels have been using cell phones since the beginning of their rebellion to battle Gaddafi.  In the coming revolutions in Syria and Yemen the handheld technology will continue to play a crucial role in mitigating bloodshed in the transfers of power.

Who Innovated These Phones?

The mastermind behind In The Clear is Katrin Verclas.  She runs an inventive activist group called MotiveActive, whose primary goals surround easier access to instant communication and knowledge proliferation.  The technology behind In the Clear was funded by grants from the State Department in association with a rapidly expanding Internet Freedom and accessibility.

Internet access is a basic human right, according to the United Nations; these cell phones are a crucial step in defending this right in unstable nations. Verclas’s phone application will play a major role in empowering the people where they need it most.

Perhaps they will be used domestically in the future, hopefully not in violent forums.

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