What is TalkTank?

This news site reflects my interests in the marginalized news; your news,  my facts, and global opinions.  Many of my posts are categorized as Spotlight.  These are concerned with everything revolutionary; that means that whenever there is a new development in every field, whether it is as small as cell phone for protesters or as large as a new evolution of a countrywide poverty program.  Other posts explore my Deep Thoughts; these articles are my interpretations of grand topics of our past and present that I have been mulling over.

I endeavor to make every post about issues with global implications.  Each event and movement I report on nudges the trajectory of the world to a slightly different future.   Some good, some less so.  I am just attempting to internalize as many as I can while having some academic fun while doing it

Your comments are greatly appreciated.

Note: This is a non-profit blog, all links are sources verifying what I write and miscellaneous advertisements are attributed to WordPress.com.



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