At this exact second there is someone from the FBI damming Wikileaks.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the site ( it is a private nonprofit entity that seeks to unmask the dastardly ne’er-do-wells around the world.

The problem is with the shocking truth is often have gargantuan repercussions.

Wikileaks recently released a massive number of American documents concerning the Afghan conflict and nobody is happy.  The US is fuming at this breach of protocol; sensitive documents usually are not posted online for everyone (terrorists, KGB) to see.  It also puts enormous tension of Afghan-American relations.

The truth is important, but putting the United States at risk is not appreciated.

Should another international war begin to brew it is documents like these that will be used in the first assault, to demoralize all of NATO.  How will the troops and the citizens support governments who allowed hundreds of separate accidental homicides?  They will not. Wikileaks access to sensitive documents is a lethal force, right up there with nukes and other weapons of mass destruction.

However, Wikileaks is a necessary evil.

In the future, should it continue to release confidential documents, it will inevitably reveal various monstrosities.  The public does need to know about some of the secret working of its government, otherwise it will be able to act unchecked.  Governments of the world must obey their people; Wikileaks give those people the knowledge to act upon.

In the past it the newspapers that released documents that need to be read, now Wikileaks has taken over that role.  It is better than its predecessors; this informative site can transmit more information to a wider variety of people than the papers.

The major drawback of Wikileaks  is it has no accountability; while it currently maintains only the truth in the future that might change.  Perhaps because of a change of leadership, perhaps from determined hackers.  A single document could begin a war; it is quite dangerous.

Wikileaks is one of the strongest emerging online entities, it will eventually govern many opinions.  It will hopefully lead the people against government corruption and hopefully through that passive action it will also clean up governments around the world.  That is all one can hope for.