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Hey friends, listen up!

I just supported #MAYDAYUS, a crowdfunded, kickstarted campaign to reclaim our democracy. You can check it out here:

MAYDAY.US is a superPAC to end all superPACs.

They are pushing for fundamental election reform to get money out of politics, restoring our democracy to one of the people rather than one of the fat cat political donors.

Their strategy is to support candidates who, once elected, are committed to getting money out of politics. The ultimate goal is eradication of the Citizen’s United decision and the unlimited political spending with it through a constitutional amendment.

Don’t think this is an issue? In the 2012 election 0.00042% of Americans donated three thirds of all money given to Super PAC.(Source: That is 132 Americans donating more than EVERYONE ELSE. This money has bought the lack of policy we have seen since then.

The MAYDAY movement is has single-minded focus of reforming our country’s election process, which will in turn make politicians responsive only to the public’s concern rather than to special well-endowed interests. This inevitable victory on election reform will be a windfall for every other movement with broad public support that has been stifled due to lack of billionaire backing, from LGBQ rights to gun control.

Here is a TED Talk outlining the inception of the MAYDAY movement: The passionate MAYDAY pitch begins at 10:30, but i encourage you to watch the whole video to capture the spirit of the movement.

Right now they are gearing up for the 2014 elections. While they are looking for donations, popular support is most important.

If the nation knows the strength and viability of this organization’s commitment to campaign reform it will only be a matter of time before our democracy is restored.

I have never asked anyone to advocate for my issues, but if everyone from Joseph Gordon-Levitt to Steve Wozniak is emphatically endorsing this movement, I think I too should help spread the word.

Spread the word, incite debate, make change.

If there are questions or comments post them here, I’ll do what I can to answer them:)