China Arming Gaddafi: $200 Million Dollar Arms Deal Jeopardizes Future of Libya

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Libyan Rebels Discover the Chinese Have Been Arming Gaddafi

Beijing has hastily covered up of a $200 million arm deal with Gaddafi and his militant regime.  The deal took place to prop up the illegitimate regime. Libyan rebels have been capturing modern weapons with Chinese origins, it is speculated that they were secretly shipped to pro-Gaddafi force through Algeria. Papers found in the rubbish of pro-Gaddafi leaders confirmed the deal.   International ire has been raised; Beijing’s Gaddafi gamble has cast a shadow over their credibility and doubtlessly killed hundreds of rebels.

What Comprised of The Weapon Deal?

Everything to outfit a brand new army.

The papers revealing the weapons deal stated that rocket launchers, anti-tank, anti-aircraft missiles would be shipped in addition to assorted small arms.  Many good Libyans died to these advanced weapons.  Perhaps more will.  Gaddafi forces have retreated into Niger, it is speculated they will wage a terrorist war against Libya to attempt to regain control.  China did not score a strategic success, only pools of more bloodshed.

How is China Reacting To the Exposure?

China has now officially admitted that there were arms talks.

To make up for their failing the Chinese are stepping up regulation of private Chinese weapons manufactures.  This feint probably will not halt international outrage.  China has already overstepped its bounds in foreign affairs on many occasions.  Some examples including supporting the tyrannical North Korea or annexing Tibet.  This flair for violence has so far been tolerated; however it is poisoning the world against Beijing.  Libya’s Transitional Council is investigating this incident as anger flares throughout their supporters.  Libya will not be a fan of the Chinese.

Why Would China Fight the Rebels?

Beijing is posturing for a Second Cold War.

Arming America’s enemies is reminiscent of previous Chinese interventions, such as Vietnam; they perpetuated a twenty war with tens of thousands of American casualties by arming the Vietcong and NVA covertly.  The goal was to win influence for China through killing its enemies, the Americans, through indirect means.  Their objectives are met and China is not publicly threatened.

The Western powers have aligned with the rebels.  China seeks a world empire to match that of the Westerners.  Damaging new additions to Western Coalition will weaken NATO, the European UN, and the United States. Libya has oil, China views it as a valuable player should war evolve.  Weakening this hapless state, while they are violent civil war, reinforces their position.

Calculated moves such as this have already set the Second Cold War in motion, only historians will mourn our loss of peace.


War in Sudan: The Korea of Africa (How a Demilitarized Zone Will Spawn War across Africa and the Second Cold War)

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War between the Sudans threatens to engulf Africa as border conflicts over valuable regions spark firefights and troop occupations.  Abyei, a region with lush farmland and oil deposits, became the hotspot as fighting ignited over the last couple of days.  Northern tanks and infantry occupied the region, driving out any Southern troops and sympathizers.  Negotiations over this disputed region took place in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa.  The resolution agreed upon was to declare the territory a demilitarized region for the moment and to have it policed by Ethiopian troops until a national vote can be taken to decide the fate of the region.  It has yet to see if these negations will be observed or abandoned.  This unstable situation could easily explode into an international conflict, as China defends its oil reserves in Northern Sudan as the humanitarians and Africans rally around Republic of Republic of South Sudan and its struggling call for freedom.

How Has This Incident Affected the Region?

Tensions in one of the most dangerous regions of the world have only been risen higher and sparked more battles.  In recent days the conflict between the nations has manifested in aircraft raids on Republic of Republic of South Sudan and widespread famine.   The surrounding Africans nations are concerned that this war could spill over into their territory or create a new militant state rather than a new democratic one.  This could result in the country becoming a haven for criminals and terrorists, something that no region of the world wants.  Military units are being deployed to all surrounding borders as the Ethiopians head an effort to negotiate a truce in the region.  The outlook is dim, it is almost certain a full-scale war is on the horizon.

How Could This Blossom Into A Battleground of the Second Cold War?

Chinese conglomerates import large amounts of oil and gold from Northern Sudan.  Republic of Republic of South Sudan, oppressed by its northern largely autocratic government, will look to other superpowers to fund its development.  Geologists, once they are allowed into the region, expect to find large pockets of oil and rare minerals in the Republic of South Sudan.  America, Russia, India, and the European Union will all be interested in reinforcing their decaying reserves of oil.  While the North is largely Islamic the South still largely has traditional African cultures, which may result in African nations supporting the weaker southern nation rather than the alien northern one.  Tense relations between the nations, based on a history or genocide, could easily spark off a conflict.  The ensuing global incident would resemble the Korean War where over thirty thousand Americans were killed.  Neither side would back down when oil, the life blood of the economy, is on the line; this was seen in the Persian Gulf War.

Why Was the Republic of South Sudan Founded in Such a Toxic Position?

Earlier this year, on January 21, 2011, a landslide vote severed Sudan into Northern and Southern countries based on cultural and religious differences.  This landmark achievement, planned to officially separate the new nations on July 7, 2011.  Widespread border conflicts have marred the stability of the region, refugees and insurgents throughout the region have complicated the issue to the point of violence.  Republic of Republic of South Sudan lacks the infrastructure and coordinated military forces to police this and the Northern Sudanese could not care less about their castaway state.   A situation like this was inevitable.

How Does This Relate To the Sociology of the Region?

Sudan was an autocratic state ruled by President Omar al-Bashir, an Islamic extremist, who took control of the state after a coup more than twenty years ago.  Since then he has committed genocide in Darfur, skimmed hundreds of millions from taxpayers, and charged with five accounts of crimes against humanity.   His totalitarianism state has been pushing towards Islamic law for the whole country.  Religious and cultural differences with the Southern half of the country led to their expulsion in the January 21, 2011 election.  His rational-legal authority has killed millions and oppressed the rest of the country; the increasingly evident region that he set free Republic of South Sudan was to cut off the center of resistance against him.  In the future, he may move in with more armed troops to silence that voice of freedom for forever.

Portugal in Recession: Case Study of the Failed Economic Policies of Europe and America

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Today, a prime minister resigned.  He was Jose Socrates of Portugal; he had been valiantly fighting for austerity measures that would have saved Portugal from seeking bailout.  He was denied by the Portuguese Parliament, in reaction he promptly resigned.  Now Portugal is in political gridlock as a new government is established.  With the failure of the austerity measures Portugal prepares to take on 140 billion dollars of bailout in the coming months.  The people are outraged and disheartened that their government has given them this economic headache for years to come.  Surprisingly, the fallout of the demise of Portugal had little impact on the European financial systems.  The Euro has continued to maintain a value above $1.40 dollars.  Spanish bonds, of which 100 billion are invested in Portugal, similarly were unaffected.  Europe will soldier on despite another country being gripped by recession.  However, many analysts agree unless policies are revised the European Union will suffer future crippling disaster across multiple nations.

Europe is an interdependent set of countries, when one is harmed they are negatively effected.  The damage from Portugal was minimal, however if larger countries fail the effects could be catastrophic.  Despite the many statistics that have determined that lower the taxes in times of recession actually hurts the economy, the industrial powerhouse Germany continues to push for sweeping, aggressive tax cuts which they call their “competiveness pact”.  These were the same tax cuts that played crucial roles in the painful recessions in Greece, Belgium, Italy, and Ireland.  This directly relates to macroeconomics; over the next several months we will see several more minor countries, possibly such as Estonia or Latvia, declare a desperate need for bailout as well.  Additional millions will become unemployed, some counties like Spain already have one out of every five workers being unemployed.  Europe will continue to be economic fertile as long as one of the major nations, France, Germany, or Britain, do not collapse.  There is no reason to believe any will at this current date.  There is a rocky road for Europe to climb, but they will pull through.

This financial conundrum that has enveloped Portugal is exasperating.  They are one of the euro-zone’s poorest countries, however at the same time they have no large unnecessary expenses.  They are comparable to America, who is one of the world’s largest countries economically but runs at a ten percent financial deficit.  In both cases harsh actions need to be taken to counteract the gathering storm of debt.  In Portugal they must take this dose of bailout and them strive to run a debt free government.  America, with nearing 15 trillion dollars in debt, has the same issue on a much larger scale.  A healthy government should only have debt if there is a direct threat to the continued survival of the nation, such as a painful recession or war. Portugal and America do not have healthy economies so they are both destined for an economic collapse.  The only hope is that policy makers take action against the tsunami of debt before it annihilates their countries.

(Irrationally) Protesting Nuclear Power: 100,000 Demonstrators Against Nuclear Reactors in Germany


The international consequences of the Nuclear Powder Keg that threatens Japan have spanned the globe, protests have cropped up around the world as all governments scrutinize their own nuclear reactors.  Many of these demonstrations numbered in the tens of thousands as petulant environmentalists and myopic citizens called for a swift end to the nuclear power, ignoring that without nuclear power the world would grow dark.

Where are the Protests?

Berlin, Germany and Stuttgart, Germany have the largest demonstrations with 100,000 protesters.

Germany has the second largest concentrations of nuclear power plants in Europe with 17 aging reactors.  Today, protesters at Stuttgart formed a 45 kilometer chain to call attention to failings at Germany’s oldest reactors. Craving to demonstrators demands demands the German government has ordered the nuclear power company Merkel to shut down 7 of the oldest reactors for the next three months.  Many celebrate this landmark decision, however skeptics are wondering where supplement power will come from.  By closing those seven plants over three percent of German power will need to be bought from surrounding countries or made in wasteful auxiliary generators.

Meanwhile major protests rocked France, a country that runs on over 80% nuclear power.  French officials remain unrelenting defenders of French nuclear power, with an impeccable record of  having no major or minor meltdowns.  In addition they are joining all European Union nations is stress testing their nuclear reactors.

American anti-nuclear protests were centered in California, where protesters fear radiation from Japan infecting American shores and the potential of meltdowns at California’s two aging reactors.  Activists call for a swift and immediate closer of the power plants, favoring environmentally friendly wind and solar power sources.  Obama has announced his protection of nuclear power in the United States, stating that America’s reactors are safe from all common natural disasters.  Demonstrators ignored his statements and continue to protest in California and in every major city in the United States.

What will This Mean For Nuclear Power?

The nuclear industry has not been negatively impacted by the Japanese disaster.

Construction of new nuclear reactors has continued despite the wave of protesters calling for reevaluation of power options.  Canada has decided to continue with a nuclear reactor in Vancouver.  Russia and Belarus have just announced signing a nine billion dollar deal that will lead to construction of a nuclear power plant in Belarus, adding their first nuclear reactor to supplement traditional sources.  It is collectively agreed that the Japanese Nuclear Powder Keg is a perfect example the danger of nuclear powers; in addition many claim that since there has not been a full meltdown that humanity is successfully defeated the worst nature can dish out.

Besides, the tsunamis of this magnitude occurs only once every thousand years.

Is Nuclear Power Good or Bad (or Necessary)?

Fossil fuels are running dry while wind, solar, and hydrogen cannot support the demand; Nuclear power is necessary for the modern world. 14% of all power produced in the world is produced by nuclear reactors.  In addition, the most dangerous sources of power continue to be coal and oil; hundreds of workers die each year in explosions and collapses.  There has only been one major nuclear disaster in history, Chernobyl, a disaster that could have been easily prevented or mitigated.  The only problem in this tragic disaster was human failings.

In order to progress into the future humanity will need nuclear power, there are no reliable, efficient, or healthy alternatives.  The nuclear Renaissance will soldier on throughout the world, simply because there is no other choice.  This means the nuclear industry will continue to flourish, leading to a more prosperous international economy with reduced energy dependence.

Corrupt Croatia : Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor Has Been Unable to Halt Corruption, Citizens Protest for New Prime Minister


Tens of thousands across the beleaguered country of Croatia call for elections to oust their Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor, whose inaction has allowed corruption  and organized crime to spread unchecked.  The citizens of the Coating have been staging growing peaceful protests to express their outrage.  Their demands is for elections and general reforms have so far been fruitless.  Kosor is flatly refusing to hold elections or drastically change her policies.  The number of demonstrators grows steadily.

Jadranka Koser, Prime Minister of Croatia

What Types Corruption Is Takeing Place In the Government?

There are numerous failings in the legal aspects of Croatia.  The judicial system is heavily polluted, the European Union expressed dire concern about the effectiveness of the courts.  Judges, jurors, and even witnesses are often coerced to arrive at false verdicts due to lack of effective government oversight.  In addition, according to Amnesty International Croatia continually fails to protect war crime witnesses.  Croatia has not been able to clear itself of many significant war crimes that are nearly two decades old.

Illegal property seizures and other property concerns also go unchecked.  Sly politicians and criminals have rigged Croatia to funnel even more riches, in the form of real estate, into their pockets. They simultaneously block suits and legal complaints.  There are currently over a million backlogged property disputes in Croatia.

The border checkpoints are also poorly administered, allowing unchecked contraband and rampant smuggling to permeate the country.  An activist staged a sting operation in which he videotapes himself bribing multiple officials.  These breaches of law seem almost commonplace.

How is This Corruption Being Fought?

Efforts to combat the corruption have been counter productive.  Kosor promised to rid Croatia of corruption when she gained power in 2009.  Since then the governments corruption probes have actually aided corruption rather than fight in.  Money spent to find the criminals have ended up in the pockets of fraudulent corruptions and the suspected politicians. This complete rout of reform has forced the Croatians to actively demand a new prime minister, one who is more effectively hopefully. Thousands have turned out for protests.

How Are the Croatians Reacting?

They are peacefully protesting, demanding new elections that will replace Kosor with someone who can enact reforms.  Despite the growing crowds of protesters she continues to refuse to hold elections.  She has instead targeting her efforts to help Croatia enter into the  European Union.

Meanwhile record numbers of unemployed citizens parade in the streets. It is reported that there are as many as 330,000 unemployed in Croatia. Many of their brethren, who are outraged with the civil and legal rights issue that plague the country, also protest peacefully.  There has only one incident of violence, by the renegade Dinamo Zagreb-soccer club fans have fought against police.  Their actions have been widely condemned by the protesters.

Why is Corruption A Problem in Croatia?

In recent years economic conditions in Croatia have decayed leading many ordinary citizens taking bribes and carry out illegal actives just to get by.  Many politicians have exploited this desperation, pocketing fortunes.  One infamous example is Ivo Sanader, the former prime minister of Croatia preceding Kosor.  He initially fled the county in 2009, just before it became known he had been arranging generous loans for illegal kickbacks.  He currently is slowly being extradited from Austria and being declared an alleged war profiteer.

In addition organized crime runs unchecked throughout Croatia.  The country serves as a highways for the drug trade; many illegal shipments make their way through the region unchecked every year due to the corruption.  Activists and their love ones are targeted and killed, the criminals have used everything from car bombs to public assassinations. Progress against organized crime has mostly stagnated.

Putrid Chaos: Californian Coast Contaminated (is Global Warming at Fault?)

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Many Californians spend Christmas day on the beach, surfing, building sand castles, and frolicking in the warm Pacific waters.  This tradition takes a rain check as torrents of water nearly drown the Southern California and have forced miles of beached to be closed; overflowed sewer systems have dumped massive amounts of sewage into the oceans.  This sewage contains everything flushed away, everything from hair chemicals to fecal matter.

Now authorities have announced the sewage has made a return trip, collecting on the beaches all along the coast.  Health experts verified the beaches were fully covered the sewage and to so much as visit the beach would be hazardous to anyone’s health.  Swimming and sunbathing in human filth tends to do that.

Governor Schwarzenegger declared a state of emergency for six counties worst affected by the fecal fallout of these sewage menace and cautioned all Californians to stay away from the beaches.

How did Rainfall Force Beaches to Close?

According to BBC the Los Angles Metro Area and all of San Diego Country has received half of its annual rainfall in less than a week.  The city was nearly brought to a standstill, as traffic was detoured around swollen rivers and overflowing sewer system.  Out of the sewer grates debris, trash, and sewage swashed across the streets and into all major water systems in the area.  This rubbish and semi toxic chemicals were washed down stream, out into the murky Pacific.  Now that same sewage is being washed back up on the Californian shores.

One of the hardest hit regions was Orange County.  Their beaches are strewn with excess pieces of debris and the shores reek of unspeakable smells.  Laguna Beach has been closed, inciting outrage in the surfing community.  They are not angry at  the country closing the beach, they are furious that the beach had to be closed.  It could be as long as a week till the beach is clean.

Why Has There Been So Much Rainfall?

Weather experts have remarked that this unusual rain system is the primary culprit in contaminating the beaches.  Usually rainfall is dealt with in small drizzles or storms, not six day long cloud bursts that nearly drown the southern half of California.  Some are saying that it is just and amorality, unlikely to be repeated.  Others point to global warming the chief ringleader in this natural disaster.

In the past California has never dealt with rainfall of this magnitude.  Neither has Africa been forced to deal with rapidly advancing Sahara desert; farmers are finding it harder and harder each year to maintain crops as water becomes scarce.  Islands throughout the Pacific have never dealt with the inevitable rise of the ocean and the elimination of their countries.

All around the world water issues are arising, in some places there are too much precipitation and in others there is an absence of precipitation.  There is no reason that California, or anywhere in the United States, to be exempted from this trend.  As long as the four largest emitters of greenhouse gases, China, United States, Russia, and the European Union, this disastrous trend will continue as they release more than 75% of all greenhouse gases.

The best defense for Californian beaches, and the world’s countries, is to take a stand against global warming.  Before we are all washed away.

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