Occupy Forever: 3 Principles For The Future of America and OWS

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What is Next For Occupy Wall Street?

The Occupy Wall Street Movement is a bold and indecisive mess.

Public opinion is split between agreeing with their ideals and being annoyed by their gridlock of commuter traffic.  More and more people are turning against the Occupy Movement simply because the movement is more of an inconvenience than a friend to the common man.  In order for the movement to succeed, rather than be viewed as a disorganized TEA Party of the left, they need to embrace key principles that everyone can see the merit in.  After winning general support, these principles need to made reality.

In order to win popular support Occupy Wall Street needs to embrace and express their following ideals:

A Job For Every Man

Unemployment among the Occupy Wall Street protesters is six percent higher than the national average.  Having a job is not only a requirement for stability in also plays a key role in self-esteem, lifestyle, and happiness.  Everyone is better off when people have more jobs; corporations make a higher profit, the government collects more taxes, and there is food on the tables of the new employees.  Everybody wins.  This route for this change is through Congress, the senators should support jobs bills because it supports their own constituencies.  The protesters of Occupy Wall Street wants jobs, if they can find forums to actualize this simple vision they will gain public support and make a real difference in everyone’s lives.

One Person, One Vote

America is based on the idea of equal representation for all people; however, I truthfully doubt anyone reading this article has ever given money to a lobbyist.  I know I have not and even if I did my life’s savings would not even be accounted as a rounding error in comparison to corporate expenditure or financing from the richest one percent.  Currently in America those with the most money have the greatest political power; that is why many of the richest Americans have no problem dodging taxes while the middle class buckles under flat wages and massive debt.  This gulf in political power illustrates the decay of the American integrity.

Lawrence Lessig, answers this dilemma in his book Republic, Lost: How Money Corrupts Congress–and a Plan to Stop It, with legislative subsidies.  Currently corporations and the plutocrats have excessive power because they have a disproportionate savings of money to finance their political campaigns.  The legislative subsidies would give every American a tax rebate to give to political organizations or candidates of their choice.  Each person is given the exact same amount of political dollars.  This levels the playing field and gives every American an equal voice in the ballot box and in the campaigning.

The Senate is too polarized to embrace this radical change and the Supreme Court would also be divided because of its questionable censures of the first amendment.  This change would have to come from the executive branch and a powerful president willing to sacrifice everything, perhaps including his presidency, for the good of America.

Corporation are Not People

The Civil War was fought to bring the fourteenth amendment, declaring that all people are people, has used approximately 150 times during the nineteenth century; 15 of those cases protected the rights of blacks, the remaining 135 were used to protect corporation.  In the eyes of the law corporations are artificial persons and are entitled to all the rights that people are.  This includes unlimited campaign donations and investing in lobbyists to secure contracts for them.  The legal basis behind the fallacy is that since corporations are organizations of people and since peaceful assemblies are clearly protected in the constitution then corporations are as well.

Artificial people are not humans, people are people.  A collection of algorithms, buildings, products, and data charts should not have larger voice in my government than any tax paying citizen.  Our founding fathers declared no taxation without representation.  Occupy Wall Street proclaim that there is no representation for those under taxation.  Amending this mistake, along with its subsidies such as Citizen United v. FEC, will come down to the Supreme Court declaring corporations are not people.  The people within corporations can still make their opinions known; however, since the chief job of corporations is to make money that should be the field they are confided to.  Non-profits, activism groups, and other like-minded organizations who are genially interested in the future of America, not including lucrative contracts, should have a voice in Washington DC.

And In Summary…

To make real change on this front Occupy Wall Street needs to either put its own supporters in the Senate, such as Elizabeth Warren, who believe in protecting the common man.  We need to restructure how voting is done in this country so the party with the most support, not the politicians with the best financing.  The Occupy Wall Street also must make amendments to the Constitution to secure human rights only for humans.  We are in a Second Gilded Age today, where the plutocrats and corporations run the show at the expense of you and me. This must change.  Occupy Wall Street is the unrefined  vehicle for progressive change in America, with a little hard work she will dazzle the world and change history.


Terrorism 2.0: Al Qaeda’s Terrorism Disseminated To New Independent Radicals (The TEA Party of the Middle East)

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20110729 Jihadist websites tempt Mauritanian boys | المواقع الجهادي تغوي الشبان الموريتانيين | Les sites web djihadistes, une tentation pour les jeunes Mauritaniens

Featured: The Recruiting Office For New Terrorists

The Arab Spring is a double-edged sword: on one hand it lays the groundwork for democracy in the Middle East while in other regions untraceable terrorism is proliferated.  This dark threat is Terrorism 2.0.

What is Terrorism 2.0?

Moroccan authorities recently broke up two terrorist cells who were planning to attack police stations, French journalists, and Jewish businesses in Casablanca.  Saudi authorities have worked tirelessly over the last several years and have captured over 149 terrorists as well.

These arrests are notable because these cells never trained with or contacted Al Qaeda.  The only linking thread between the two is their terrifying ideology.  The zeitgeist of terrorist threat has become more nebulous as more independent cells threaten international stability.

Who Are These Independent Terrorists?

They are the foot soldiers of Terrorism 2.0.

Regardless of where new terrorists crop up all recruits have several similar characteristics.  First, they are indignant and horrified by perceived Western aggressions against Islam.  Second, economic, political, and social woes are largely attributed to the “Western menace.” Finally, converts join with fanatic groups to carry out plots of death and destruction.  That is what makes them terrorists.

Al Qaeda previously scooped up these radicals, crafting them into walking bombs.  That was Terrorism 1.0; today we live in a brave new world.  After a decade of full-fledged war against Al Qaeda new converts now have to train themselves because Al Qaeda is too weak to train them.  Members of Terrorism 2.0 plot in Internet forums and work independently from any central organization.

New terrorists have little training, but they are hard to pick out of the larger population.  Al Qaeda is now more of a social movement than a structure organization.  These independent terrorists are just well publicized guerrillas.  Regardless, they are still a notable threat.

Is Islam a Religion For Terrorists?


Islam is inherently a good and ethical religion.  For example, one of the core values Islam stresses alms giving.  Islamic priests preach the same moral qualities that their Christian counterparts do.  The only major distinction between the religions is that Islam believes in religious prophets after Jesus, culminating with Muhammad, and Christians do not.  The majority of followers of the Islamic faith, Muslims, do not subscribe to any part of the extremist philosophy that has made Islam infamous.

Many uneducated critics point to the term of Jihad to justify contempt of Muslims.  Jihad not a reason to hate Islam, instead it is a core justification behind why the faith is a good.  This term has many definitions, ranging from a tough internal struggle to a secular war in the defense of Islam.  At its heart, Jihad is the goal of every Muslims to aspire to do the right thing despite external coercion and internal desires.  This is the same value taught to kindergarteners.  There is nothing inherently threatening about Jihads.

How Should We View Terrorism 2.0?

The independent terrorists are the TEA Party of the Middle East.

Both are simply religious fanatics acting on rampant bigotry.  For example, both share anti-Semitic targets and religiously conservative methodologies.  Only the specific religion of the two is different; the TEA Party has Christianity while the Muslim terrorists have Islam.  Both faiths are equally dangerous in these wrong hands.

Only once Jihad is polarized to the point of suicide bombings does it become dangerous.  Of course, Christianity is also dangerous once it has been weaponized by the TEA Party and fired upon minorities, such as the homosexual population.

Terrorism 2.0 is already epidemic in the Middle East.

My question is will Terrorism 2.0 develop in the TEA Party? Many speculate it already has.

7 Reasons Why Herman Cain Will Never Be President: Part 3: The 999 Tax Plan

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What is Reason Number Three?

Evidently, Herman Cain read Part 1 of this series and has revised his “Fair Tax” policy, because of its catastrophic failings.

Cain’s new proposed tax reform plan is call the 999 Plan.  Each nine represents one of three theoretical tax rates within the future economy; a 9% business flat tax, 9% individual flat tax, and a 9% sales tax.  Everything else is untaxed.  These three central reforms eliminate the existing tax code, only Herman Cain’s vision would continue.

How could This Plan Help America?

The core ideology behind the plan is that people are better about allocating their money than the government.  These skimpy taxes would support a utilitarian government, one that deals exclusively with national defense and legal issues.  “Unnecessary” programs like Medicare and Social Security would be phased out.  The economic boom would create prosperity across the nation.

Why Will This Proposition Decimate the Economy?

Lets give Cain the benefit of the doubt, this plan actually sounds highly innovative.  Elements of it, such as his strong dollar policy could be perceived as beneficial.

I will write some fiction now: Herman Cain wins the 2012 election, thanks to a series of freak accidents eliminating the other candidates.  Congress was so dumbstruck by the fatalities they pass the 999 Tax plan.

Americans everywhere rejoice; on Wall Street stock transactions are no longer taxed, on Main Street shop owners frolic as new customers spend money from the tax breaks, even Grandma down in Florida smiles as her family can now afford to visit her.

Store owners rush out to buy new goods to sell.  Sure, costs are up with the strong dollar, but higher prices more than balance that out.  Wall Street is growing in leaps and bounds, without the government taxing profits what so ever.  Governments spurting funds are replaced with a growing private sector.

A hurricane spells doom for this economic salvation.  Florida receives a direct hit from a Category 3 storm, there have been dozens previously.  Property and investments, from the private sector, are demolished.  Insurance companies cover the losses; they are stretched thin, but still afloat. So is Grandma, her house is underwater from the hurricane.

FEMA and the National Guard launch a joint operation and save Grandma and many other stranded family members.

The funeral was nice, at least.

Wall Street crumbles; the revelation that the underfunded government will provide underfunded service must have slipped their minds.  After all 9% of taxes of the nation, a significant drop because the top 1% receive a 23% tax break and contribute the most, are significantly less the $3456 billion dollars currently collected annually.  Some services, critical services, will be chopped or watered down to nothing.

Without more than half of its funds the government will break down.

Wall Street, now the solitary investor in the America, will first fear an economic depression and then create one, by selling off all and any American stocks.  Herman Cain’s strong dollar policy will work against the system as foreign investors and corporations will be unwilling to sell to America because it will be more expensive for them; that is the dark side of a strong dollar.

Use your own imagination to predict the continuation of Cain’s Recession.  I would be interest in any responses, both colorful spirals of decay and ardent defenses for the destructive 999 Tax Plan.

If you are  new feel free to read Part 1, Cain’s (un)fair tax structure, and Part 2, Cain’s misguided Attack on Islam

The Holy Right Fist: The New Apostolic Reformation, Sarah Palin, and American Theocracy

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New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) has been hailed by some as a holy coalition of Christian warriors. Personally, I believe the NAR is bigoted organization, threatening the United States and the world with militant theocracy and fascist politics.

Sarah Palin at Missouri McCain Rally

Sarah Palin, New Apostolic Reformation Convert and Theocrat

What is New Apostolic Reformation?

They are a radical religious arm of the republican TEA party. While politically they press forward with hyper radical agenda of shrinking the government religiously they push for far more dangerous government alterations.  It was conceptualized first by C. Peter Wagner, who wrote numerous books concerning spiritual warfare. Their leaders, self-declared prophets and apostles, have declared their objective; “eradicate denominations and form a unified church that will be victorious against evil in the end times.” Translation: Eliminate competing religions and establish a theocracy.

War is not only made on religion, put on common people as well. Dismissing Mormons and Catholics as demonic they also plan Strategic Level Spiritual Warfare, converting or eliminating whole communities with demented logic and demands. Gays, Buddhists, and any non-protestant community is targeted. Even Protestant churches will fall under attack, after all they too are not part of the “one church.”

The New Apostolic Reformation is dangerous for America. If this organization is successful, as outlined in their Seven Mountain mandate, will end to modern government and abolishing constitutional freedoms. There some skeptics who, in the light of the our governments inability to act on such critical events as the debt-ceiling, might voice support for these acts. These opinions are misinterpreting the information, abolishing modern government does eliminate regrettable aspects as it demolishes all freedom’s. Theocracy rule with fear and death, using secret police like the Spanish Inquisition or mass famine in North Korea. Allowing theocracy to take root permits a Gestapo State to flourish.

What Does Sarah Palin Have To do with this?

She is an ardent NAR member, a theocrat. Sarah Palin actively pursues a New Apostolic Reformation agenda.  She stands among prayer warriors, preparing to make “spiritual warfare” across the fifty states.  In the beginning of her 2008 campaign, Palin called on Kenyan Witch Hunter Bishop Thomas Muthee to anoint her, to protect her from witchcraft. Later, when Arizona Democrat Gabrielle Giffords was in the ICU after the attempted assassination and multiple homicides used aggressive “blood libel”  language, that greatly concerned the threatened Jewish community.

How Is the New Apostolic Reformation Relevant to Me?

Chances are you are in the crosshairs of the New Apostolic Reformation.  Some minor trait, perhaps something you are not even aware of, places you in the dammed and demonic category of these theocrats.  This is a tragedy that will manifest in misery if not halted.

Do your research on candidates, inform your friends about revealing articles like this, and keep America American.

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