Bradley Manning: Why did he Expose American War Crimes?

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Bradley Manning:Beleagured Whistleblower

Bradley Manning: Beleagured Whistleblower

After three years of arduous delays Bradley Manning has finally had his day in court.  The documents and videos that he made public to the world revealed thousands of unreported  killings and gruesome maimings of civilians throughout Afghanistan and Iraq during the American occupations.  Even an attempted attacks on journalists were publicized.  Manning’s Cablegate was the single largest disclosure of classified American documents in history.  Needless to say, many are interested why Manning would go to such lengths to deface American troops and her allies.

Here  is the answer.

Manning’s  leaked documents in Cablegate exposed a systematic under reporting of war crimes by Americans in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars.  Many of incidents Manning exposed were unreported killings of civilians, surrendering terrorists being shot to pieces, rapes and murders by unchecked local policemen, sadistic torture, and countless other acts of horror.  While often these incidents were noted by American troops, the war crimes were only reported internally; legal actions and reprimands were almost never carried out.  This transgression resulted in 15,000 unaccounted for deaths of civilians. These malfeasance were not deliberately masterminded  nor broadly coordinated.  They just happened; its part of war.  There has not been a war in history where such travesties have not occurred and it would be pretentious to assume otherwise

The gut-wrenching letdown is these crimes were allowed to go unreported.  To be hidden, to be wished away and forgotten.

The United States, backed by its NATO Allies, went into Afghanistan and Iraq to purge corrupt regimes and install unfettered democracies.  Yet they allowed widespread killings, just as the preceding governments did.  This conceited hypocrisy devalues the liberties and rights the Allied forces espoused.  What Afghan or Iraqi would trust the supporters of  rapists and murders?  The American-backed governments in these states lost hearts and minds whenever these war crimes went unpunished.  The global community may not have known about this secret slaughter, but the civilians on the ground did.  They were the ones who lost friends and loved ones.  They were the ones who justice was denied.  They were the ones who sided with jihadists to claim their righteous vengeance.

The United States has to hold itself to a higher standard.  It has to pursue the criminals in its ranks and flush their crimes out publicly.     It will be hard and painful, but it is right.  If the military can show purge itself of its fiendish criminals it can reclaim the virtue it stands for, winning back the support of the Afghans and the Iraqi nations .  As the sadists are rooted out there might be even fewer unintended killings.  This transformation was the goal of Bradley Manning’s Cablegate.  The cost of such a dream will probably be a life sentence in prison for Bradley Manning.  I hope his sacrifice will return righteousness to our armies.

Afghanistan thanks Manning

Afghanistan thanks Manning


Corrupt Croatia : Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor Has Been Unable to Halt Corruption, Citizens Protest for New Prime Minister


Tens of thousands across the beleaguered country of Croatia call for elections to oust their Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor, whose inaction has allowed corruption  and organized crime to spread unchecked.  The citizens of the Coating have been staging growing peaceful protests to express their outrage.  Their demands is for elections and general reforms have so far been fruitless.  Kosor is flatly refusing to hold elections or drastically change her policies.  The number of demonstrators grows steadily.

Jadranka Koser, Prime Minister of Croatia

What Types Corruption Is Takeing Place In the Government?

There are numerous failings in the legal aspects of Croatia.  The judicial system is heavily polluted, the European Union expressed dire concern about the effectiveness of the courts.  Judges, jurors, and even witnesses are often coerced to arrive at false verdicts due to lack of effective government oversight.  In addition, according to Amnesty International Croatia continually fails to protect war crime witnesses.  Croatia has not been able to clear itself of many significant war crimes that are nearly two decades old.

Illegal property seizures and other property concerns also go unchecked.  Sly politicians and criminals have rigged Croatia to funnel even more riches, in the form of real estate, into their pockets. They simultaneously block suits and legal complaints.  There are currently over a million backlogged property disputes in Croatia.

The border checkpoints are also poorly administered, allowing unchecked contraband and rampant smuggling to permeate the country.  An activist staged a sting operation in which he videotapes himself bribing multiple officials.  These breaches of law seem almost commonplace.

How is This Corruption Being Fought?

Efforts to combat the corruption have been counter productive.  Kosor promised to rid Croatia of corruption when she gained power in 2009.  Since then the governments corruption probes have actually aided corruption rather than fight in.  Money spent to find the criminals have ended up in the pockets of fraudulent corruptions and the suspected politicians. This complete rout of reform has forced the Croatians to actively demand a new prime minister, one who is more effectively hopefully. Thousands have turned out for protests.

How Are the Croatians Reacting?

They are peacefully protesting, demanding new elections that will replace Kosor with someone who can enact reforms.  Despite the growing crowds of protesters she continues to refuse to hold elections.  She has instead targeting her efforts to help Croatia enter into the  European Union.

Meanwhile record numbers of unemployed citizens parade in the streets. It is reported that there are as many as 330,000 unemployed in Croatia. Many of their brethren, who are outraged with the civil and legal rights issue that plague the country, also protest peacefully.  There has only one incident of violence, by the renegade Dinamo Zagreb-soccer club fans have fought against police.  Their actions have been widely condemned by the protesters.

Why is Corruption A Problem in Croatia?

In recent years economic conditions in Croatia have decayed leading many ordinary citizens taking bribes and carry out illegal actives just to get by.  Many politicians have exploited this desperation, pocketing fortunes.  One infamous example is Ivo Sanader, the former prime minister of Croatia preceding Kosor.  He initially fled the county in 2009, just before it became known he had been arranging generous loans for illegal kickbacks.  He currently is slowly being extradited from Austria and being declared an alleged war profiteer.

In addition organized crime runs unchecked throughout Croatia.  The country serves as a highways for the drug trade; many illegal shipments make their way through the region unchecked every year due to the corruption.  Activists and their love ones are targeted and killed, the criminals have used everything from car bombs to public assassinations. Progress against organized crime has mostly stagnated.

EPA Approved Honey Bee Genocide: Endangering American Farms

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The Humble Honey Bee: Cornerstone of American Agriculture

The Environmental Protection Agency is on the back foot as it defends decisions that have endangered the humble honeybee.  Classified documents were released to the public which announced that the EPA knew they were risking the continued existence of the bee, valuing lethal insecticide results over future of American agriculture.

The issue of contention is a synthetically made chemical called Clothianidin.  This chemical was never properly tested by the EPA with regards to how it may effects insects like bees.  Studies focused exclusively on how quickly it could kill insects such as grasshoppers, flies, and ants.  It was very effective at killing these insects.  Information concerning how it affected, and killed bees, was omitted from the study and severely played down.

The world’s economy depends on a handful of key services, products, and animals; bees are one of these.  Nearly all pollination of plants are done by bees, pollinating is the only way that the vast majority of plants can produce.  If plants, such as key crops like corn or rice, do not reproduce and  crops die.  Bees keep the American Midwest an economic world center because they allow massive fields of crops to flourish.

Now bees are dying in droves during an onslaught of what scientists call Colony Collapse Disorder.  This disorder boils down to the scientists speculating that some crop chemicals and some forms of radiation are killing bees, but that is pretty much is.  If the bees die out then so to do the crops.  Without bountiful crops we are going to be forced to face mass food riots; crop prices will rise because there are fewer crops.  Some more unstable regions of the world are already suffering from this food like the ones plaguing Tunisia that helped spark a revolution that resulted in the president fleeing the country.

EPA analysts look at this situation with cold and uncaring hearts and short term tunnel vision.  What they see is an unfortunate secondary consequence of Clothianidin, which is an insecticide that in their opinion is critical to the current healthiness of the American crops.  Few of the other worlds farmers use this chemical; Germany banned the chemical in 2008 because it quickly became evident that it killed the crop bringing bees.

Farmers and bee keepers look at this as a growing epidemic and one of the great problems of the agriculture industry that desperately needs to be dealt with.  While the explicit costs few and favorable the implicit costs of this massacre are beyond comprehension.  How does one value decimation of the world’s crops, the potential for mass civil war, and extinction of a class of species?

The EPA approved this drug, yet it was the “enemy” of the American of the people, Wikileaks, who published the classified EPA documents that clearly outlined that Clothianidin will kill the bees.  Many people have criticized the shadowy organization for its revealing of affairs such as this.  There are so reasons to support Wikileaks; the first and primary is the continuation of food on your plate.  It is concerning that so many people have forgotten this fact; it is even more concerning that so few people knew in the first place.

Swiss Bank’s Confidentially Breached: Wikileaks Grows Stronger

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The arsenal of Wikileaks grows quickly; today a disgruntled employee of a major Swiss bank handed off two thousand confidential bank portfolios and account details to Julian Assange, the leader of the controversial whistleblower organization Wikileaks.  These files concern politicians, corporate leaders, successful stock traders, and possibly terrorist organizations.

What Information Has Been Released?

Rudolf Elmer, Chief Operating Officer of the Cayman Islands of an unnamed bank, was fired  in 2002 because he was outraged by very information he gave Wikileaks.  At Elmer’s site he announced that he had information connecting the Swiss bank to illegal offshore accounts of “high net worth individuals”.  These two thousands documents may pave the way for dozens of tax evasion charges across the world of important figures; there are at least forty noteworthy politicians in these files.  He has since remained silent on the subject, determined to given the information to Wikileaks so the world could judge the unnamed Swiss bank.

These vague claims have countless potential implications.   Most likely these claims concern tax evasion; wealthy internationals may have broken laws of their countries by hoarding their wealth in Switzerland.  Some theorists have darker worries; they believe some of these files might concern the bank accounts of drug or terrorist organizations.

One potential organization that might bank in Switzerland is FARC, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia.  It is known they have massive income from selling drugs like cocaine and heroin illegally to American and European clients.  Some of this wealth is used to outfit the guerrilla organization, which is better armed than it’s Columbian counterparts.  However, international security organizations have always feared that excess money was banked in Switzerland and is being used to finance their prolonged revolution.  There are other terrorist organizations that might also have done the exact same thing.  These files might just verify these claims.

How Much Damage will this Information Do?

It will completely shatter the security of the Swiss Banks and cause irrevocable financial damage to Switzerland.  Before this event Swiss banking was considered the safest in the world.  The country is fiercely neutral, defending the confidentiality of banks in order to remain above international politics.  The banks are the greatest resource of Switzerland, they house much of the world’s wealth and valuable objects.  Valuables are collected here because Switzerland is considered to be the safest place on Earth, nobody will know the money is there and nobody except the clients are suppose to be able to access any information about it.

The implicit costs of this disaster are immense.  Economists are already declaring that these actions have cost the entire Swiss banking system hundreds of millions, if not billions.  If the people who work at the banks are actively giving away private information then these wealthy accounts will flee Switzerland, looking for safer locations.  If this unnamed bank is supporting drug or terrorist organizations it will be dismantled and Swiss laws will be completely rewritten to deal with future scandales.  Not that it will matter; if this unfortunate possibility arises nobody will bank in Switzerland and a way of life will be cut short.

The upside of this disaster is other financial centers will be bolstered by this disaster; the money has to go somewhere.  In the mind of Switzerland this disaster verges on the category of war crime, to the rest of the world it is simply some very profitable schadenfreude.

What Does This Mean for Wikileaks?

Wikileaks is gaining a scary amount of power these days, it has emerged as perhaps the strongest shadow organization in the world.  They have broken into the heart of the American government and are in the process of posting hundreds of thousands of embassy cables.  When the United States government attempt to track down some of the Wikileaks twitter posters, they got a hold of the sealed court order.  Now they have gained intelligence of billions of dollars and made fools of some of the toughest banks in the world.  They are much more powerful than many countries and continue to thrive on the internet, evading many government attempts to bring the organization down.

I am all for free speech, but not at the expense of international security.  So far Julian Assange has not done that, although he has heated international politics and infuriated every powerful government on Earth.  Nobody has died because of Wikileaks action, no wars have started because of anything that has been posted on Wikileaks nor have any politicians been ousted.  Until an unjust war is declared because of Wikileaks actions I will continue to support the rouge, shadow organization. Cuba’s Wikipeida

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Wikipedia has been hailed as perhaps the single greatest depository of knowledge; Cuba wants a piece of the pie.  They created Wikipedia’s communist counterpart; Ecured.Cu.

What is Ecured.Cu?

It is a nearly 20,000 article database that was created, edited, and hosted by the government of Cuba.  Cuba is one of the few purely communist countries in the world; all resources of the population are pooled and then appropriated by the government.  The recognized the genius of the Wikipedia system, they also wanted an online database of their own.  Cuba opted to construct their own database, rather than simply using Wikipedia, because they do not want the bias of the international community to poison their articles against their communist ideology and leaders.

Why is their Bias against Cuba?

In 1956, midway through the Cold War, a demagogue named Fidel Castro began a revolution on Cuba, eventually overthrowing the tyrannical Cuban government in 1959.  The USSR backed Fidel Castro, who installed a communist regime in Cuba, until Soviet mid range nuclear missiles were discovered by the United States,  This led to The Cuban Missile Crisis; after a series of gambles and feints, with the world on the line, the USSR removed their nuclear missiles and cut all economic and political ties with Cuba.

Apparently they forgot to tell the Cubans; almost twenty years after the USSR fell Cuba still exists today as a communist state.

The United States, not being a fan of almost being wiped out by a country the size of Connecticut, imposed a trading embargo on Cuba.  They poisoned the international view of Cuba and it leader Fidel Castro, who they have attempted to assassinate as many as eight times.  Today many nations still have negative opinions regarding Cuba and have not opened up embassies or economic relations.

There is still much bias and anger targeted at Cuba; any attempts to build Ecured.Cu like how Wikipedia was built would have failed miserably.  So they wrote the articles themselves.

Is Ecured.Cu Biased?

There has been no information to indicate Ecured.Cu that facts have been fabricated.  Some critiques have pointed out major differences between Cuba’s online encyclopedia and other educational resources.  However, most of these differences are explained by differences of opinion.

While Cuba is communist the majority of the world is capitalist; this singular difference radically changes perspective and the facts are interpreted differently.  Capitalists favor the individual making economic decisions; the communists favor the government making economic decisions.  This difference of opinion was a major factor in precipitating the Cold War, so it is quite important.

Can I Access Ecured.Cu if I am not in Cuba?

Yes and no.

The servers of Ecured.Cu have either been overloaded or suffered a major failure; Latino Fox News announced nobody is accessing the site currently.  This will change soon, once the Cuban government figures out how to fix the problem.  It is unknown when the site will be up.

After Ecured. CU is back online anyone will be able to access it from anywhere in the world. Instead of the one sided capitalist stance on the issues there will now be a second communist perspective.  This second opinion will concern 20,000+ articles, giving knowledge a second dimension.

I am a support of Ecured. Cu; while I almost always disagree with communist stances I do support new perspectives.  Censorships is an epidemic throughout America; numerous expose sites such as Wikileaks have been blacklisted by the American government and are no longer available to the public.  This is a tragedy; America was founded on the idea of free speech.  How can censorship of this, or any, magnitude be supported?



Wikileaks: Government’s Bane, People’s Champion

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At this exact second there is someone from the FBI damming Wikileaks.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the site ( it is a private nonprofit entity that seeks to unmask the dastardly ne’er-do-wells around the world.

The problem is with the shocking truth is often have gargantuan repercussions.

Wikileaks recently released a massive number of American documents concerning the Afghan conflict and nobody is happy.  The US is fuming at this breach of protocol; sensitive documents usually are not posted online for everyone (terrorists, KGB) to see.  It also puts enormous tension of Afghan-American relations.

The truth is important, but putting the United States at risk is not appreciated.

Should another international war begin to brew it is documents like these that will be used in the first assault, to demoralize all of NATO.  How will the troops and the citizens support governments who allowed hundreds of separate accidental homicides?  They will not. Wikileaks access to sensitive documents is a lethal force, right up there with nukes and other weapons of mass destruction.

However, Wikileaks is a necessary evil.

In the future, should it continue to release confidential documents, it will inevitably reveal various monstrosities.  The public does need to know about some of the secret working of its government, otherwise it will be able to act unchecked.  Governments of the world must obey their people; Wikileaks give those people the knowledge to act upon.

In the past it the newspapers that released documents that need to be read, now Wikileaks has taken over that role.  It is better than its predecessors; this informative site can transmit more information to a wider variety of people than the papers.

The major drawback of Wikileaks  is it has no accountability; while it currently maintains only the truth in the future that might change.  Perhaps because of a change of leadership, perhaps from determined hackers.  A single document could begin a war; it is quite dangerous.

Wikileaks is one of the strongest emerging online entities, it will eventually govern many opinions.  It will hopefully lead the people against government corruption and hopefully through that passive action it will also clean up governments around the world.  That is all one can hope for.

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