HEADLINE: Motorola to Trash Apple; Releasing $150 Tablet

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Steve Jobs just had a metaphorical heart attack (I’d actually feel pretty bad if he had an actual one).  Motorola just released a tablet, the Gentouch 78, and it is wowing the world.  It is the brightest star in the tablet field, defeating the iPad on every front.

For one low payment of $150, you are all set to play with the Gentouch78 to your heart’s content.  There are no additional fees, ever.  Buyers also get all the apps that Apple offers.  In addition, Gentouch78 owner have access to apps banned on the iPad; more apps for one fourth of the price. You could by four of Gentouch78s instead of buying one iPad.

This issue deserves its own paragraph, it is that important.  Apple demands monthly payment for this feature, on the Gentouch78 it comes free.  Can you guess what it is?  I’ll give you a hint- FREE WIFI. Big enough hint?  That feature alone will save hundreds of dollars every single year.    Gentouch78 is overall a much better tablet.

Also, the name isn’t terribly confusing, (my girlfriend broke hers, I’m not explaining how)

Steve Job's Brain

To be fair, the Gentouch 78 is not as technologically advanced as the iPad.  It needs to be tapped slightly harder in order to function, since it has a plastic screen.  The Gentouch78 also has a stylus. Um… that is pretty much it.

Apple is going to rethink their entire iPad marketing ploy, perhaps they might withdraw it for a brief respite.  They will maintain the upper crust market, snooty rich boys and girls with more mansions than brain cells.  Everybody else will flock to this much cheaper model.  Motorola has exploded on the market.  Soon everyone will be rooting for them, capitalism you know.

You do know right?

*Blank Stare*

My dear friend it is CAPITALISM.  By undermining Apple’s partial monopoly (Amazon is also has a tablet, the Kindle) Motorola is putting enormous pressure on the market.  The more pressure the higher hurtles each company will have jump over to impress consumers, like you.  Prices will be slashed, quality of the tablets will improve; imagine paying half the price for a Gentouch78 that is twice as good.

Smile, your the winner of the capitalism race.


Disney’s Empire: Conquering Social Sites

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Soon Mickey Mouse will be duking it out with gangsters Minnie mouse will be spotted strutting around Social City.

Disney just bought out Playdom, for the whooping sum of $763 million dollars (that’s enough money to buy a small African country).  Such Facebook, Myspace, iPhone hits as Mobsters and Tiki Farm were produced by Playdom, now Disney hopes to cash in on that success.

For a long time now Disney has been absent from the gaming field, choosing instead to consolidate their resources in building up international hits television like High School Musical (ug) and Hannah Montana (the next Britney Spears, super ug).  What a fantastic legacy, setting such a great example for the kids.

With this move they will be sure to swamp all social networks with Disney games.  Some will be blatantly Disney, whole games dedicated to praising their cartoon gods.  Others will be more surreptitious about their origins, games slyly sliding in Disney references while maintaining a facade of being just another game.

However, is there a place for Disney in the world of social networking?  Currently there are dozens of small developers that each produce incredible games, enthralling millions of players.  Half of my Facebook wall is friends messing around on Farmville (if it were an option I’d set their barns on fire).  Is their room for a corporate giant?

Well of course, idiot, because they are the first.  Disney is perhaps the largest entertainment empire, with tentacles stretching from theme parks to radio stations.  There competition is tiny in comparison.  Nobody else has the capital to take advantage of this new field of games, massive social networking games.  Disney is the first and for a while will remain the only.

In the future Disney will dominate this field, most likely producing more than half of the successful games.  You will benefit, provided you can stand the taste of shameless advertising.  The games will steadily become better, wowing audiences and shattering expectations (just like this post).  The cost is Mickey Mouse and his demonic eyes staring at you from in game bill boards.

Fear Me

"Fear Me"

That is the terrible, terrible cost of free gaming.  Deal with it. *wink*

Flat Tire

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Sky turns from yearning gray to dismal blue.
Fireworks explode far away, eyes shift.
Yellow, red flack; bringing smiles anew.
In my hands, a poke-a-dotted wrapped gift

Below, a house, inside, a pretty girl
Heart quickens, walking slowly down the knoll.
Silver streamers hang, forgetting to unfurl
Watch chirps, a single monotonous toll.

Missed the sweet sixteen of my sweetheart
She’s with another, resting, on, shoulder
Stumble to ground, cannot see, soul departs
Dreary misery, cannot feel colder.

Israel: The Gestapo State

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There is a country out there in the world that continues to commit war crimes in this modern era.  Assassinating leaders on foreign soil.  Burning towns to the ground, arresting the minorities living there.  Walling off a city.  Blockading a neighboring nation.  This is the state of Israel.

Don’t believe me?  Here’s the evidence.

Assassination in Dubai:

Mr. Mabouh, executed in Dubai January 9,2010, by Mossad (Israeli Intelligence)

The remains of part of a burned Bedouin village:

This is an example of one of countless Bedouin communities that Israeli services systematically eliminates

The West Bank Wall:

This wall encircles most of Jerusalem, separating the Jewish population from the Muslim population

Blockading Gaza:

Gaza - After thirty eight years of occupation and five years of a blockade

The Israeli government was forged in war and is sustained by war; however a significant portion of these conflicts are incited by the harsh measures taken in every region of the country.   They are treating many of their own citizens, particularly the Muslims, like the enemy. This earns Israel more foes to fight.  Every time another atrocity is committed international support falls a little bit, while sympathy for the Muslims increases.  Israel is digging its own grave.

To be fair, they have always needed to fight with brutal efficiency in order to stay alive.  The Six Day War.  The October War.  Dozens of minor conflicts.  Had they not proven again and again that they are willing to fight to the last man there is a chance they would no longer be here.  To this day they still have enemies that will not bargain for peace: Hamas, Serbia, and Iran.  Perhaps these violent measures are all that is saving Israel from all out war; perhaps new polices will be more effective, peaceful polices.

Negotiation is the only path to salvation for Israel.  They lack the military muscle to war their way to peace.  Positive diplomatic relations need to be developed.

The path to peace is rocky and dangerous, each of their enemies needs something specialized before they will turn away from war.  Serbia will demand land, the Golan Heights, which they lost in the Six Day War almost fifty years ago.  Iran needs a regimen change, which may happen in a day or a decade.  The country is too unstable to currently negotiate with.  In both cases they need to be careful to never appear too weak, that would be asking for invasion

Hamas cannot be fought or negotiated with directly; they are a fanatical guerrilla organization that dreams only of eliminating Israel.  The solution is to buy the populace of Gaza, where significant Hamas resistance hides, giving them resources to rebuild and reconstruct their dismantled lives.  Without public support Hamas will be nothing more than a name.

These measures need to be enacted swiftly; Israel is already losing much international support.  Many have noted a growing divide between the Israeli government and the United States, their protector.  Each new incident, as seen above, increases tension between the two countries.  Should their alliance ever snap Israel will be doomed

While Israel currently possesses massive military power, necessary to defend itself, it lacks  the industry to rapidly replace destroyed units.  In the past they have relied on the United States to supply them with replacements.  When they lost dozens of aircraft and hundreds of tanks in the October War America replaced the lost units, giving them the stomping power to defeat both Serbia and Egypt.  In future wars Israel will continue to rely on its protector.

Should its protector leave, Israel will cease to exist.  The Muslim nation surrounding the Jewish country, desperate for their long awaited revenge, will pounce from all directions.  Since the alliance is broken the United States will not step in and it is doubtful any other countries will want to get involved in a massive war.  Israel will fight valiantly, but as it loses fighters and tanks they will be driven back. And back. And back.  Jerusalem will fall.

The aftermath of this loss will simply be known as the Second Holocaust.  While some Muslim governments will attempt to act civilly, others will execute all Jewish citizens that are found.  The only survivors will be the ones who flee.

This does not have to come to pass; Israel simply needs to enact new, peaceful, policies. They can save themselves, maintain good relations with the United States, and bring peace to the Middle East.  All they have to do is peacefully negotiate.


Assassination in Dubai-http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/8486531.stm

Burning a Bedouin village to the ground-http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-10777040

West Bank Wall-http://www.vtjp.org/background/Separation_Wall_Report.htm

Gaza Blockade- http://noorslist.wordpress.com/2009/01/14/5-minute-guide-to-gaza/

Chatroulette Clean? Impossible

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Myself and a friend enjoy going on a site called Chatroulette (http://www.chatroulette.com/).  All you need is a video camera and you are all set; the site randomly connects you with people from around the world. It is pretty cool, I have talked with people from London to LA.

However to find these people I needed to swim through a sea of … pythons.

That has always been the main drawback.  Nobody wants to see that, nobody.  The offenders have driven away valuable viewers away from the site.  However, today I noticed something peculiar on the homepage.

This actually startled me; a cure to the pandemic that has threatened the site? Perhaps there is hope, perhaps Chatroulette will become clean and a major social hub.

Maybe I will be officially recognized as King of the Flying Monkeys (damn the Wicked Witch of the West; she stole my minions)

After analyzing various articles concerning the intentions of Chatroulette I deemed the site is doomed, but valiant.  Essentially they intend, in the future through updated software, to trace anyone who breaks International Law and alert local authorities to deal with the snake problem.  On paper this sounds great, in real life it will never work.

Cracks begin to emerge at the very start of the plan.

The first crucial step is to identify offenders, there are two major ways to do this, and both cost money.  One possible method is to install a button that, when pressed, will tell staff members at Chatroulette to check out an offending screen.  The other way is to get viewers to rate the people they view, people who get too poor ratings get looked over by Chatroulette employees.

The problem with both of these is they both need employees, employees cost an absurd amount of money.  Either way they will need a staff of ten to twenty; either way it is doubtful Chatroulette will be able to support such a large number.  They simply lack the capital. Smaller numbers of employees will be ineffective of stemming tide of offenders.

Hopefully they will figure that out (perhaps a program specialized in identifying pythons of various sizes?) the next step, locating these criminals in real life, is easier.

The tracing part is pretty foolproof; a five hundred or so determined hackers will easily be able to conceal their locations, twenty thousand others will be located precisely.  The majority will be eliminated, that is all anyone can ask for.  Piece of pie.

Contacting the authorities should be easy, provided they are not too busy eating donuts.  Actually having the police to actually arrest the offenders is a completely different issue.

Getting the initiative to track down the criminals is questionable.  Sure, the cops want to take down these dastardly Snakemen.  But when the department is swamped homicides take a slightly high priority.  Other police departments might simply disregard the requests, casting them off as trivial and unimportant. Once again, you have got to have your priorities; donuts come first.

Finding the criminals will also be difficult despite have pin point their location.  Once a computer goes off Chatroulette they have no way to track it.  With the invention of laptops criminals can hide indefinitely in places like college dorms and crowded apartments.  Wild Life officers will never have a chance to ensnare the loose snakes.

The easy part will be identifying the offender; Chatroulette snaps a screenshot, police compare to the owner of the computer and other people who use it.  Simple.

Overall this sounds like a sound plan and it certainly will have repercussions.  The percentage of offenders will diminish drastically, perhaps great numbers will flee instead of risking being caught.  However there will always be a determined python network, using Python code to hide the location of their snakes.  They will never be conquered, they have all the odds stacked in their favor.

This plan needs to be thoroughly reformed, ironing out the kinks and filling in the cracks.  Then perhaps Chatroulette might have a shot.  Till then, Snake City.   Sad Face.

Apple and Their Failed Monopoly


EEF and the Dev Team just made it legal to jailbreak iPhones.

I’ll let you frolic for the next week.

Awesome. Essentially it is ruled this way for two major reasons-
1) Once an iPhone owner buys an iPod it is legally theirs to do whatever they want with. Apple does not have the ability to order them to do anything
2) They don’t want Apple to take over the world

I’ll let that sink in.

Apple is a corporate empire, slowly stealing more and more business from the prosaic Microsoft while it dominates the mp3 and phone fields. Their intention is to win the third computer race, the touch screen wars.  If that happens the will have a computer monopoly.

That is the equivalent of that really smart kid having a the first monopoly in the board game; he wins, everyone else loses

Microsoft won the first computer race, with their cheap (while ineffective) PCs. Apple was at the brink, managing by the skin of their death to stay alive.

The second computer race was the battle for the cell phone.  Starting with car phones, suitcase phones, cancer phones, phones that actually work, cool phones, and recently super cool phones.  The Iphone is a major contender in this race, but they cannot beat out the competition.

The third computer race has already begun the tablet race.  While Amazon’s Nook is officially the first out the door, Apple’s iPad (silly name much?) is the first multifunctional contender.  And it looks like they are going to be alone in this one.

No other company in the field has the capital to spend to build a competing product.  Sony and Microsoft are dumping billions of dollars into the console wars, while they let Nintendo win with their vastly inferior Wii.  IBM is staying out of the picture.  Apple charges ahead, unhindered.

This ruling is a major blow to Apple, and its iPad, as it lets third party apps onto all Apple product legally.

Essentially this will lead to cheaper, better apps, from companies other than Apple.  That is how capitalism works, by letting in a flood cheaper third party app builders Apple will no longer have complete control over its own products.

Without an iron grip over its iProducts Apple is reeling.  Now they will have to compete on every front, for every app, for every single byte in every iPod with vicious third party builders.  The iPad will become a haven for these programmers, they will pick away at Apples fortune, carving out their own little kingdoms.

Apple will still most likely win the third computer race, however they will be limping instead of spiriting.   The third part programmers will leech onto their products; they will actually make the iPad a better product at expense of Apple’s wealth.  Their programs are vastly superior than that of Apple, simply because they are more varied.

The real winner here is you.  You get better apps, the third party gets some extra cash.  Apple loses billions in business.  Don’t worry about them, they will still make a truck load.  It will just enough to allow other companies to get an edge in the market.  Imagine what  will happen in the next couple of years as more companies get into the fray.

The next couple of years are going to be pretty cool.

Wikileaks: Government’s Bane, People’s Champion

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At this exact second there is someone from the FBI damming Wikileaks.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the site (http://www.wikileaks.us/wiki/Wikileaks) it is a private nonprofit entity that seeks to unmask the dastardly ne’er-do-wells around the world.

The problem is with the shocking truth is often have gargantuan repercussions.

Wikileaks recently released a massive number of American documents concerning the Afghan conflict and nobody is happy.  The US is fuming at this breach of protocol; sensitive documents usually are not posted online for everyone (terrorists, KGB) to see.  It also puts enormous tension of Afghan-American relations.

The truth is important, but putting the United States at risk is not appreciated.

Should another international war begin to brew it is documents like these that will be used in the first assault, to demoralize all of NATO.  How will the troops and the citizens support governments who allowed hundreds of separate accidental homicides?  They will not. Wikileaks access to sensitive documents is a lethal force, right up there with nukes and other weapons of mass destruction.

However, Wikileaks is a necessary evil.

In the future, should it continue to release confidential documents, it will inevitably reveal various monstrosities.  The public does need to know about some of the secret working of its government, otherwise it will be able to act unchecked.  Governments of the world must obey their people; Wikileaks give those people the knowledge to act upon.

In the past it the newspapers that released documents that need to be read, now Wikileaks has taken over that role.  It is better than its predecessors; this informative site can transmit more information to a wider variety of people than the papers.

The major drawback of Wikileaks  is it has no accountability; while it currently maintains only the truth in the future that might change.  Perhaps because of a change of leadership, perhaps from determined hackers.  A single document could begin a war; it is quite dangerous.

Wikileaks is one of the strongest emerging online entities, it will eventually govern many opinions.  It will hopefully lead the people against government corruption and hopefully through that passive action it will also clean up governments around the world.  That is all one can hope for.

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