Terrorists Sprung: 1000 Criminals, Notorious Mai Mai Commander Gédéon Mutanga On the Lam In Congo

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MEDFLAG 2010, Medical Skills Exchange, Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, September 2010

2 Dead Following Disastrous Prison Break

Eight gunmen have sprung notorious Mai Mai Terrorist Commander Gédéon Kyungu Mutanga from death row in a Congolese prison.  At least one thousand inmates exploited the security breach, spilling out into the nearby Lubumbashi, the second largest city in the country.

National authorities are being mobilized  to contain the criminals, police are converging on the prison with close support by military forces.  Fast responses from authorities and local residences have recaptured 152 of the escaped convicts before the search had even begun.   United Nations spokesperson Madnodje Mounabai, from the mission in Congo to defeat roving bands of militants, has expressed great concern for this explosive development and urges national support for the country-wide manhunt.  Prospects are uncertain if the commander of the “triangle of death” will be brought to justice.

How was the Raid Conducted?

A miscellaneous minivan slipped by the security of a high security Congolese prison. Eight armed gunman sprang from the vehicle once it breached the walled perimeter, making a beeline for Gédéon. One guard and one visitor were killed before guards were able to retreat to safer position outside of the occupied jail.  Upon rescuing their leader, saving him from an imminent death sentence, the gunman encouraged all the other prisoners to make a break for freedom.  It is estimated that roughly 1000 escaped before the guards, reinforced by military and police, where able to secure the prison.

Why is Gédéon Dangerous?

During the Second Congo War, which officially ended in 2003, sporadic fighting destabilized Congo and central Africa as various countries vied for power and resources.  Mai Mai terrorists fought against the established government.  Since the war was resolved these militants have remain armed and dangerous throughout western Congo. Child soldiers, militants, and government forces have fought for power throughout the region since the official end of the war.  Mass rapes and firefights are commonplace.

Gédéon is a notorious terrorist; his name is associated with the Congolese “Triangle of Death” where Mai Mai militants wrought anarchy during the war and continued unrest since.  When he was captured it was a blow to their terrorism.  It was a landmark act of justice in Africa when he was convicted of crimes against humanity and sentenced to death.  If he was able to retake leadership of the militant organization again it may perpetuate more painful years of civil war.  This threat could cause the deaths and rapes of countless more innocents.


1667 Protesters Arrested: Malaysian Capital Seized By 20,000 Free Election Protesters of Bersih 2.0, City Became War zone when the “Yellow Shirts” were Met With Violent Riot Cops

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Protestors Rally in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Protest Lack of Election Reforms.

There is blood in the gutters and death in the streets of the capital city Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  Protesters demanded free elections and the right of assembly and they were met with the threat of a whipping police baton and cease and desist order; their Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections had been outlawed and their rallied declared an unlawful gathering.  Twenty thousand progressives, many wearing iconic yellow shirts, rallied nonetheless, marching on the central stadium for their rally.  Water cannons, tear gas grenades, thousands of bright red riot cops, and a determined government drove back the righteous revolutionaries and imprisoned a tenth of their number.  A grand revolution, declared, Bersih 2.0, of Oceania has begun, however it will be met with a stiff authoritarian resistance, code-named “Operation Erase Bersih.”

What Exactly are the Protesters Challenging?

Prime Minister Najib Razak is the current head of the United Malays National Organization, a political conglomerate that has ruled the country since its independence from Great Britain.  While his government has attempted economic progress political opponents have condemned his party’s widespread use of fraud, corruption, and racial discrimination to retain its failing authority.  Marginalized races form the base of the coalition, consisting of over 62 separate non government organizations across all ideological spheres.  They all want one thing; fair elections and reforms allowing new political parties into the ruling government of Malaysia.  They were denied, so they choose July 9, 2011, the 54th anniversary of Malaysian Independence for their social revolution, Bersih 2.0.

What Has Happened to the Demonstrators?

The authority’s militaristic action has largely broken up the rallies; now the crest of this current protest has receded they have begun releasing 1600 of the jailed civilians.  Reports from protesters of Bersih2.0 say that at least one man has died because of breathing problems related to the protests.  The police lack the capacity to quickly take on so many new inmates and it is speculated that executives want to mitigate the rioter’s fury.  A short stint in holding cools tempers, a long time behind bars sparks hatred and rage.

What About the Remaining Leaders of the Demonstration?

They are going to remain locked down for the foreseeable future.  Preceding the protest opposition political leaders have been targeted and silenced using aggressive police arrests.  Over one hundred were jailed for everything from distributing T-shirts to holding public rallies.  Human and democratic rights were trampled; many leaders of Bersih 2.0 were deliberately threatened, intimidated and brutally treated. An additional hundred were jailed throughout the city during the protest.  These important public leaders are in stasis; their fate has yet to be decided.  Some who were released were re-arrested.

How is the Government Reaction to The Rally?

Major fissures have emerged between the different political spheres throughout the government cast vastly different opinions on Bersih 2.0.  Many of the extreme conservative elements have denounced the protesters, accusing them of “tarnishing” the country’s image and sowing anarchy.  The police chief of the Kuala Lumpur has objected, sympathizing with to the demonstrators because of the harsh police conduct.  These opinions will be crucial in determining the future maturation of these righteous free election demonstrators.

Bersih 2.0 will, and must, succeed for the continuation of Malaysia; otherwise it is probable civil war will engulf the nation.  That is unthinkable for our interdependent economy and international relations; the global recession of 2011 will only get worse at snowball into more anarchy around the world.

Morale Gone: American Troops in Afghanistan Endangered More by Mental Disorders than Insurgents


Morale for the 100,000 troops, fighting the longest war in the history of the United States, is at an all time low.  The terror tactics of the guerrilla Taliban have killed dozens of Americans without firing bullets and have injured thousands with life threatening Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other mental disorders.  Suicides have risen and morale has plummeted.  All American troops are now endangered, both by psychological assaults and a weakening military.

Why is Morale Failing?

The psyche of the soldiers is under assault from a perpetual threat of terrorism; the psychological weight of the war puts soldiers at risk to themselves and their fellow combatants.  The mental stamina of American troops has degraded during this war.  Psychologists confirm (what common sense tells) that terrorism is linked to mental health disorders.  This naturally sinks morale

What Evidence Shows Morale is Falling?

Army psychologists have identified over 66,935 cases of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, a severe anxiety disorder which plagues soldiers with asocial tendencies and painful flashbacks, during the War in Afghanistan.  The number of cases grows with each year.  Further evidence suggests a generally low morale; there were 339 non combat related deaths of American personal 60, or roughly twenty percent, were suicides.  More soldiers have been injured by mental disorders than by insurgent encounters.

The battlefield is even more dangerous to the integrity of the soldiers minds. A vicious onslaught of terrifying assaults from Taliban back militants have killed more American troops in the spring of 2011 than at any point in the entire war, except the initial invasion.  In this last February there were twenty lost, in March there were 31 casualties, and during April 47 American troops who were killed in action.  Soldiers are under higher threats of death and injury; this knowledge burdens them.

In addition these American sacrifices, to restore democracy to a troubled nation and defeat the Al Qaeda, seem to be in vain.  Afghanistan remains one of the most corrupt countries in the world with an economy dependent on opium.  The Taliban are only growing in strength and Al Qaeda is threatening to take control over revolting countries in the Middle East.  Morale has fallen off a cliff.

Why Does Morale Matter? 

Morale dictates the soldiers willingness to fight.  A strong sense of nationalism and faith in the war gives soldiers a reason to fight and definitively gives them a better chance of wining any battle.  Soldiers with low morale are less likely to fight effectively, endangering themselves and the entire army.  In the worst situations, which it has not deteriorated to in Afghanistan, armies simply desert en masse.  Low morale aided American defeat in Vietnam, however high morale during World War Two succeeded in a one-sided two-front victory.  Morale wins wars.

How will Morale Be Restored?

It wont. Unless there are decisive social victories in Afghanistan

The infamous Osama Bin Laden Assassination in Pakistan was a single bright flare of hope for the troops.  Recently they have been clearing out the worst combat zones of Afghanistan; grueling and dangerous work as they search enemy territory for combatants and weapons caches.  The Taliban is stepping up the pressure at the same time, launching daring guerrilla raids and diabolical IED explosions.  The Defense Department has announced that it expects higher casualties because of these methods.  This will continue to erode morale.

American forces have planned to leave the struggling democracy in 2014.  At such times morale will rise, because soldiers are no longer fighting in a perpetual war in an unstable region of the world.  Morale will return after it is needed.

The IRA Rises Again: Terrorism in Northern Ireland Reignites

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Continuity IRA 2006

The Irish Republican Army

The IRA have recently reactivated, causing terror and chaos throughout Northern Ireland.  On April 3 they assassinated a young policeman, Ronan Kerr, with the detonation of a car bomb in Omagh, United Kingdom.  Today, an undetonated 500 pound bomb was discovered inside an abandoned van next to a major highway.  Fast reacting bomb squads disarmed the explosives before it detonated, doubtlessly saving dozens of lives and millions of dollars of damages.  Despite this decisive victory a dark, foreboding question has emerged in Northern Ireland: has civil war returned?

Why Have the IRA Gone on the Offensive?

They are copycats.

They are mimicking the violence seen around the world in the fallout of the Tunisia revolution.  When the non-humanitarian government of Tunisia was overthrown a domino effect rippled across the world.  The tyrants in Egypt and Algeria were overthrown and those nations are in the process of stabilizing.  Meanwhile, other revolts around the world sprang up; for example there were anti-corruption protests throughout Croatia, the prime minister of Bolivia was forced to flee Oruro when outraged strikers invaded the city, and the IRA emerged from hibernation in Northern Ireland.  The IRA’s actions were ignited by the sparks in the Middle East combined the yearning hope of a people’s revolution and what they believe to be a fair government.

Who Are the Modern IRA?

This recent spike of conflict was most likely initiated by splinter groups of the original IRA, such as the Continuity Irish Republican Army or the Real Irish Republican Army.

After the Belfast Agreement of 1998, which ended the century long struggle between Irish Separatists, Irish Loyalists, and the Her Majesty’s government the majority of conflict in Ireland ended.  Isolated incidents, caused without the approval of any recognized party, continued until 2001, dwindling steadily in number and magnitude; the attacks are attributed to these two groups, one or both of wish have gone on the offensive once again.

These smaller, radical groups never accepted the ceasefire or turned in their arms, unlike the majority of the Irish Republican Army did after the Treaty of Belfast.  They were still determined to bring Northern Ireland under Irish government, despite what the population want.  The people of Northern Ireland, as a whole, may want to reunify with Ireland, but not at the cost of war.

Will These Incidents Ignite A Large Scale Revolution?

No. The population is too heavily divided for a large-scale rebellion to gain momentum.

There are major portions of the population who would be favorable of the IRA, many North Irishmen did not sympathize with the police in regards to the recent assassination of Ronan Kerr.  However, these elements do not reflect the population as a whole.

Protestant minorities strongly favor the British Government and the Catholic majority in the region is heavily divided.  This largely silent majority is split between favoring Irish and British; however both most definitely want to avoid further conflict. The region suffered billions of dollars of damage in the concluding years of the conflict; nobody wants to return to guerrilla warfare.

More incidents of death and destruction will occur, however once the culprits are captured these bombings will cease.  Northern Ireland will return to its uneasy peace.

The Abusive Men of India : The Most Violent and Sexist Society in the World


India, a nation of engineers and doctors is on the forefront of every major technological innovation, severely lacks in fulfilling basic liberties concerns such as gender equality.  24% of Indian men have sexually abused their wives.  One out five have inflicted forced sex on their wives.  60% believe to violently discipline women is just and morally correct.  These rates are twenty to thirty times higher than most of the other surveyed countries.  This breach of sexism will inevitably stunt India’s economic and political growth and demote its international status if it has not already corrupted the culture beyond repair.

What were the Specific Results of the Survey?

Several other devolving countries were surveyed; Croatia, Chile, China, Mexico, Rwanda, and Brazil.  Croatia was the most progressive country, 82% of Croatians support gender equitability between men and women. China, Mexico, and Brazil had levels surpassing 50% of gender equitability while Rwanda reported only 30% of men treated women as equals.

The positive trends have also emerged from the several thousand men and women they surveyed across India.  Their rates of violent crimes, outside the home, such as robbery or physical fights were some of the lowest in developing countries.  Meanwhile Croatia and Mexico reported significant rates of violent crimes, each roughly around 20%.  However, these nations are the battlegrounds of fierce drug wars and bitter public protests fighting large scale corruption.  These nations inflated violent crime rates are acts of self defense and desperation; while the sexually depraved acts of the Indian husbands are that of lust influenced by a sexist culture.

Why Does This Happen?

The culture of India has never been favorable to women.  Historically, throughout rural India it is sociably acceptable that men who are dissatisfied with their wives set them on fire; this is a genocidal custom the Indian government has been unable to halt.  In some regions of India women are viewed as inferior creatures who are only useful for sex and taking care of the household.  In politics, despite one out of every three positions being designated only for female candidates the women who are elected are figureheads representing their male husbands or family heads. (9)  Women are generally seen as subservient, it is not surprising when it comes to sex these overall cultural trends dictate the terms of the abusive engagements.

Who Published This Survey?

The International Center for Research of Women published these awe-bringing findings.  There chief goals are to crate gender equality across the world and have done notable work in Africa and Southeastern Asia.  They also spread AIDS awareness to developing nations, set up food drives to feed starving women, and support abused women wherever they are found.  Their results here in India were most likely first hypothesized then bitterly actualized.

How will this Abusive Trend Affect India?

While other nations retreated from the credit tsunami during the 2008 recession India’s middle class stood firm and held back the tide.  Their economy suffered only a slight blip and continues to grow at a rate of roughly 8% per year and is only second in growing GDP to the Chinese.  With a well educated middle class erecting a stable economy in India while they are simultaneously pursuing international interests its economic stability is sound, allowing men across India to pursue careers in all walks of life.

While women are rarely officially forbidden they are continually persecuted, they are outnumbered by men in every employment field and are kept in the extreme minority.

Without major social reform India will not be able to continue this aggressive economic trend.  Compared to China, who has a similar population, India will only be able to staff roughly half the jobs that their gender equitable counterpart will be able to because of cultural sexism.  China pushes there remaining girls towards success, while the Indian girls are hidden from having an education.  India will continue to grow rapidly as long prospecting employees remains high.  Once they run out of applicants India’s economy will stagnate and enter a recession, while the gender equal countries such as China will continue to bloom.

It pays to treat your wife well.

EPA Under Fire From Renewed Republican Assault

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The Republican party is once again assaulting the Environmental Protection Agency; determined to vanquish is chiefly Democratic foe.  They claim that this wayward agency inhibits progress for America and should be swiftly done away with to benefit the economy.  Meanwhile the Democrats are fiercely defending their agency, rightfully claiming that it is one of the greatest protectors of American life.

What Controversy Has Reignited This Attack?

Recently, the Environmental Protection agency has been actively fighting Global Warming.  This ominous threat to humanity, taken from the greenhouse gases of the international industry, will result in higher sea levels, flooded cities, expanding deserts, and eroding farmlands. However, this crusade for the betterment of humanity has been met with stiff opposition from the Republicans, who control the House of Representatives.  Without their consent progress in defeating global warming will be brought to a standstill; the EPA has been increasing desperate and  demanding

In response notable TEA Party Republicans proposed 18% budget cuts that would paralyze the agency.  Should these measures pass all efforts to counteract global warming will be brought to a standstill.

Why are Republicans Opposed to Global Warming and the EPA?

The Republican party is a chiefly conservative party; their core values instruct them to shrink the government and allow laissez-faire to flourish in America, creating a “paradise” where each individual would dictate their own fate without being weighed  down by taxes that would benefit their lessers.  They are favored by the large corporations, who would greatly profit by deregulation of the government.  These deregulations have resulted in every single recession in world history. By eliminating government oversight of these companies expensive issues snowballed out of control, such as the dot-com recession or the sub-prime loam recession.

The EPA wants to place stringent regulations on polluting industry, using the Clean Air Act they intend to stem the emitted greenhouse gases and weaken the magnitude of global warming.  This will result in slightly higher costs for American industries, they will be taxed heavily for greenhouse gas emissions.  Through their political pressure they have delayed this rightful responsibility, using the Republican party as a shield to protect their own financial interests.  As long at these the reforms of the Clean Air Act are held up they will not be taxed, saving them millions of dollars today at the expense of trillions of dollars tomorrow.

What Will Be the People’s Response?

Outrage, riots, election of new senators (if they value their own lives).  Global warming will threaten the coming generations, and today’s innocent individuals.  Already America is suffering from the global warming; critical crops are in short supply, worsening weather conditions, in addition to increased pollutant poisoning our children.  The corporations have always been stood for money, the people must stand for their lives.  As long as the people vote in politicians that favor these corporations over them these tragedies will continue to strengthen, in number and magnitude.


Thailand + Cambodia + Ancient Temple = Border War?

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In the jungles of Southeast Asia, in the shadows of an iconic temple a new war has erupted.  Fueled by decades of strife and stifled hatred, gunfire exploded across the ruins of Preah Vihear between Thailand and Cambodia patrols.  Now it has escalated out of control into war around the ruins, mortars raining down on surrounding towns and numerous fatalities.

How Has the Conflict Escalated?

Both armies have mobilized, entrenching themselves on either side of the holy ruins.   This conflict, which was initially a small gun battle between two small patrols, have escalated out of control to involve the mass of both armies.  Despite United Nations pleas for peace renegade individuals from both sides have launched attacks.  One Cambodian village was mortared, six thousand Thai civilians have been evacuated and more than thirty Thai soldiers have been killed in action. More skirmishes, with growing magnitudes, are expected in the coming days.

What Was The Initial Battle?

The Thai have made a statement incriminating the Cambodians, who have remained silent for now, for instigating the conflict.  Two patrols from the opposing nationalities met in Preah Vihear and both fired on each other; it is unknown who fired first.  The spokesman of the Thai army spokesman announced that one soldier had been killed and an addition four were severely injured.  Both sides have mobilized troops in the region, suspecting that their rivals will make a move to secure the temple.  This resulted in numerous deaths following the initial skirmish.  As of now all units are on stand down orders; despite this the temples remain a flash point of war in Southeast Asia.

Why is Preah Vihear So Important to Both Nations?

These sacred ruins of Preah Vihear are disputed by both countries, each claiming it as their own.  This extensive temple complex is the second largest in the region, second only to Angkor Wat in size.  Built over a thousand years ago it is dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva, whom wish the numerous religious population on both sides of the border praise daily.  This region has been disputed ever since the first French explorers visited the region, since then there have been steadily growing conflicts culminated in the Thai reluctant relinquishing of the temple in the 1960’s due to international pressure.  Since then the conflict has been forgotten, except tempers were stirred up in 2008 when the United Nations Heritage council declaring that Cambodians had ancestral rights to the site, this stirred up controversy.  Since then there have been a series of escalating conflicts culminating in this emerging war that will rock the already unstable region.

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