Putrid Chaos: Californian Coast Contaminated (is Global Warming at Fault?)

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Many Californians spend Christmas day on the beach, surfing, building sand castles, and frolicking in the warm Pacific waters.  This tradition takes a rain check as torrents of water nearly drown the Southern California and have forced miles of beached to be closed; overflowed sewer systems have dumped massive amounts of sewage into the oceans.  This sewage contains everything flushed away, everything from hair chemicals to fecal matter.

Now authorities have announced the sewage has made a return trip, collecting on the beaches all along the coast.  Health experts verified the beaches were fully covered the sewage and to so much as visit the beach would be hazardous to anyone’s health.  Swimming and sunbathing in human filth tends to do that.

Governor Schwarzenegger declared a state of emergency for six counties worst affected by the fecal fallout of these sewage menace and cautioned all Californians to stay away from the beaches.

How did Rainfall Force Beaches to Close?

According to BBC the Los Angles Metro Area and all of San Diego Country has received half of its annual rainfall in less than a week.  The city was nearly brought to a standstill, as traffic was detoured around swollen rivers and overflowing sewer system.  Out of the sewer grates debris, trash, and sewage swashed across the streets and into all major water systems in the area.  This rubbish and semi toxic chemicals were washed down stream, out into the murky Pacific.  Now that same sewage is being washed back up on the Californian shores.

One of the hardest hit regions was Orange County.  Their beaches are strewn with excess pieces of debris and the shores reek of unspeakable smells.  Laguna Beach has been closed, inciting outrage in the surfing community.  They are not angry at  the country closing the beach, they are furious that the beach had to be closed.  It could be as long as a week till the beach is clean.

Why Has There Been So Much Rainfall?

Weather experts have remarked that this unusual rain system is the primary culprit in contaminating the beaches.  Usually rainfall is dealt with in small drizzles or storms, not six day long cloud bursts that nearly drown the southern half of California.  Some are saying that it is just and amorality, unlikely to be repeated.  Others point to global warming the chief ringleader in this natural disaster.

In the past California has never dealt with rainfall of this magnitude.  Neither has Africa been forced to deal with rapidly advancing Sahara desert; farmers are finding it harder and harder each year to maintain crops as water becomes scarce.  Islands throughout the Pacific have never dealt with the inevitable rise of the ocean and the elimination of their countries.

All around the world water issues are arising, in some places there are too much precipitation and in others there is an absence of precipitation.  There is no reason that California, or anywhere in the United States, to be exempted from this trend.  As long as the four largest emitters of greenhouse gases, China, United States, Russia, and the European Union, this disastrous trend will continue as they release more than 75% of all greenhouse gases.

The best defense for Californian beaches, and the world’s countries, is to take a stand against global warming.  Before we are all washed away.


Haiti Dissolving into Anarchy, UN Presence Nonexistent


Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

Haiti, a luckless country located on one half of an island in the Caribbean.  The country is currently in a state of anarchy, the capital Port-Au-Prince is a decimated collection of shacks and ruins while cholera mercilessly kills civilians in all regions of the country.  The UN’s efforts to reestablish control have been routed by armed civilian, now international forces have mostly pulled out of the country

Why is Haiti Currently Unstable?

Haiti was initially a French colony, which gained independence during a massive and costly slave rebellion.  As a country it never really evolved past dictatorship, being ruled by tyrants such as Toussaint L’Ouverture or Jean-Bertrand Aristide.  The government of Haiti has ruled with an iron fist since its creations and has never held high regard for human life. Today it persists an unstable “democracy”; the UN commented that it was one of the most corrupt countries in the world.

This conundrum was further complicated by one of the most devastating Earthquakes in human history.

On January 12, 2010 at 7.0 magnitudes Earthquake ripped though Port-Au-Prince, the capital of Haiti.  Most buildings, including almost all government structures, were leveled.  The slums that dominated the city were flattened, the ports cranes were knocked down, and Haiti’s singular airport virtually disintegrated.

Since this time the country has become a state of anarchy.  There have been minor attempts by whats left of the corrupt government to regain control but currently they have not even been able to maintain control of the capital.  In a CNN IReport Video burning cars, unsanitary conditions, and public outrage were evident throughout the capital.  There is no evidence that the Haitian government is regaining control.

There is also evidence that the United Nations, who went in to stabilize the country, has not only failed in their attempts, but have practically been driven out of the country.

Why has the UN Failed Haiti?

Initially the UN forces were called in to attend to medical needs and reestablish a government in Haiti.  Progress was slow; it was hard to move resources or personal into the country.  The ports and the airport were both demolished so nearly everything had to be airlifted in by helicopters.  Many of these helicopters were initially unable to land, because they were mobbed by impoverished Haitians upon arrival.  Despite these setbacks, and thanks to large international aid, the first couple of months they were mostly successful.  The airport is now up and running and some level of stability had been installed by the UN.

Then Haiti was rocked by a cholera outbreak, a disease notorious for striking at the most inopportune times.  Dozens began to die and the Haitians fear boiled over into anger.  Instead of targeting the disease they instead target the UN, blaming them for the cholera epidemic.  UN forces were target and beaten back wherever they tried to help.

The UN compound was overrun by violent protesters.  UN soldiers were forced to use their firearms in order to defend themselves; it is unknown how many   Efforts to rebuild the airport were put off indefinitely. Most UN personal have been recalled, leaving only a small standing army of soldiers to maintain a facade of stability.  UN power in Haiti has been completely neutralized; they are no longer to provide aid to the people who so desperately need it because to do so would be to risk the lives of the UN personal.

What is the Future of Haiti?

The future of Haiti has a bleak outlook with no good options.  The international community has generally abandoned the country.  International Aid, that had overwhelmed the UN’s means of helping the country, has petered out and is now nonexistent.  The world has moved on to other issues and problems, forgetting about Haiti.

The only authorities that remain in the country are the UN, who simply lacks the man power or the public support to maintain control.  Haitians are actively trying to drive them out, most UN forces have been recalled.

The cartels are gaining control of the country, in the future they will take over the roll of government.  This is a bad thing; it will lead to only more crimes against humanity.  The warlords that control the cartels are focused more on gaining control than helping their followers and those that have usurped their control have been dealt with violently.

Haiti will become a haven for warlords, and most likely the drug lords often are paired with these warlords.  Dictatorship will reign; the people will be at the mercy of their uncaring and violent rulers.

There is no hope for Haiti, unless there is renewed international interest for aiding our fellow man.

Mission Hill Mystery: Human Skulls Discovered in Boston

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Skulls Discovered at 760 Huntington Avenue, Boston.

Today, janitors discovered two skulls while they were cleaning up a basement in Mission Hill, which is a lower class neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts, at 760 Huntington Avenue.  The skulls had been hidden inside a cardboard box, which was disclosed.  The horrified janitors brought the skulls up to the street and immediately notified police.

Subsequently, college students arrived at the sight of the discovery, sickened and amazed by the discovery.  Police were quick to mobilize, calling in units to secure the apartment complex and the skulls.  The medical examiner also arrived on the scene.  It was discovered that one of the skulls had a circular hole in one side of the head; this will most likely be declared a double homicide investigation.

Despite a through searching of the basement and numerous areas of the apartment complex none of the other body parts have been found.  As news of the skulls spread through the neighborhood and the nearby universities many were gripped with panic.  More officers were called in, to create a facade of security and to calm the public.

It is speculated that these two skulls are trophies of the killer.  After disposing of the bodies the killer kept the skulls, that way he would have a tangible reminder of his accomplishments.  Whoever killed the deceased is a complete sociopath, who does value human life or human decency.  They are also probably willing to kill again to keep their identity a secret.  However, there is still no solid evidence to support this case so it is highly questionable.

Another theory is that these skulls are merely left over Halloween decorations.  There are multiple medical colleges throughout mission hill, along with a major medical district.  There are literally thousands of registered dead bodies through out the neighborhood.  It is plausible that as a sick joke; a doctor, mortician, nurse, medical student, or a member of the medical staff used these skulls in a Halloween party.

This would explain the lack of bodies, which are either shelved or displayed elsewhere.  The skulls would have been used for the party then stored, where they were found in the basement, until they could be safely returned to the hospital or disposed of.

If these second theory is valid the thief is still not to be messed with; there are strict laws concerning transporting dead humans and body parts.  In prescient cases the guilty have served between 18-54 years.  The thief would still remain disinclined to turn himself into the authorities.  There have also been no reports of missing body parts in Mission Hill recently, so this theory is also questionable.

Police continue to talk to locals throughout Mission Hill, in hopes of finding a clue about the killings.

Sources: Boston.Com, Boston Police Department , Photo Courtney of Boston.Com

Ecured.cu: Cuba’s Wikipeida

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Wikipedia has been hailed as perhaps the single greatest depository of knowledge; Cuba wants a piece of the pie.  They created Wikipedia’s communist counterpart; Ecured.Cu.

What is Ecured.Cu?

It is a nearly 20,000 article database that was created, edited, and hosted by the government of Cuba.  Cuba is one of the few purely communist countries in the world; all resources of the population are pooled and then appropriated by the government.  The recognized the genius of the Wikipedia system, they also wanted an online database of their own.  Cuba opted to construct their own database, rather than simply using Wikipedia, because they do not want the bias of the international community to poison their articles against their communist ideology and leaders.

Why is their Bias against Cuba?

In 1956, midway through the Cold War, a demagogue named Fidel Castro began a revolution on Cuba, eventually overthrowing the tyrannical Cuban government in 1959.  The USSR backed Fidel Castro, who installed a communist regime in Cuba, until Soviet mid range nuclear missiles were discovered by the United States,  This led to The Cuban Missile Crisis; after a series of gambles and feints, with the world on the line, the USSR removed their nuclear missiles and cut all economic and political ties with Cuba.

Apparently they forgot to tell the Cubans; almost twenty years after the USSR fell Cuba still exists today as a communist state.

The United States, not being a fan of almost being wiped out by a country the size of Connecticut, imposed a trading embargo on Cuba.  They poisoned the international view of Cuba and it leader Fidel Castro, who they have attempted to assassinate as many as eight times.  Today many nations still have negative opinions regarding Cuba and have not opened up embassies or economic relations.

There is still much bias and anger targeted at Cuba; any attempts to build Ecured.Cu like how Wikipedia was built would have failed miserably.  So they wrote the articles themselves.

Is Ecured.Cu Biased?

There has been no information to indicate Ecured.Cu that facts have been fabricated.  Some critiques have pointed out major differences between Cuba’s online encyclopedia and other educational resources.  However, most of these differences are explained by differences of opinion.

While Cuba is communist the majority of the world is capitalist; this singular difference radically changes perspective and the facts are interpreted differently.  Capitalists favor the individual making economic decisions; the communists favor the government making economic decisions.  This difference of opinion was a major factor in precipitating the Cold War, so it is quite important.

Can I Access Ecured.Cu if I am not in Cuba?

Yes and no.

The servers of Ecured.Cu have either been overloaded or suffered a major failure; Latino Fox News announced nobody is accessing the site currently.  This will change soon, once the Cuban government figures out how to fix the problem.  It is unknown when the site will be up.

After Ecured. CU is back online anyone will be able to access it from anywhere in the world. Instead of the one sided capitalist stance on the issues there will now be a second communist perspective.  This second opinion will concern 20,000+ articles, giving knowledge a second dimension.

I am a support of Ecured. Cu; while I almost always disagree with communist stances I do support new perspectives.  Censorships is an epidemic throughout America; numerous expose sites such as Wikileaks have been blacklisted by the American government and are no longer available to the public.  This is a tragedy; America was founded on the idea of free speech.  How can censorship of this, or any, magnitude be supported?



The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act Signed: Excellent Reform (That Some Hate)

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Michelle Obama was right when she denounced this childhood obesity as “national security threat.”  The Center for Disease Control and Prevention recently announced one of every three American children are overweight, one out of four are “obese.”  Those that are obese at age 10 will be suffering from hypertension while being a significant risk of having a stroke, diabetes, and heart attack by age 40.

Her unbreakable resolution, campaigning relentlessly for nutrition, has culminated in her husband, President Obama signing The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, which will designate $4.5 billion dollars to improve the standard of nutrition in schools throughout America.

What is The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act and What Effects Will it Have on My Kids?

In the developed world America has the lowest standard of living; while an American will live roughly till age 75 the average Japanese man will live to 85.  I did a survey and every American I talked to said that they wanted to live a longer life rather than a shorter one.  This act is pursues this simple, ancient wish.

There are a number of specific policies that this legislation will enact:

– Reimburses schools significantly more for each free lunch they give out.  These free lunches are exclusively given to kids below the poverty line and cannot afford to buy lunch.  This will allow lower class students to

– Requires all public schools to have “science-based nutrition standards.”  School lunches will move away from deep-fried carbohydrates  towards nutritious and varied meals

– Communal eligibility for free lunches; if 40% of the student population cannot afford food then all breakfasts and lunches for the entire student population is free.  If 2/5 students cannot afford lunch in nearly all situations the other 3 kids desperately need their lunch money as well.

– Foster Children are Automatically Eligible for free lunches.  Many foster kids fall through the cracks of the public lunch system, starving because of their unstable home life.  This gives them the opportunity to get one or two good meals five days of the week, regardless of how much they are moved around

– Children on Medicare get Free Lunches; if these children are on Medicare they have more important  issues than worrying about their lunch.  Now they no longer have to worry.

– New reforms on educating low-income children about the effects of obesity and how they can stay healthy.  It will educate them specifically about  the advantages, both socially and medically, of sports, why they should eat healthier food over less healthy food.

Some legislators  are praising this bill as an example to follow; others are denouncing this bill as an infringement on American constitutional rights.

Who is Rejecting this Act?

There are two separate camps that are resisting and actively trying to weaken these reforms, despite the bill already being signed by President Obama.

The Democrats who are critical of this act are outraged by the $2.2 billion dollars that are transferred from the federal food stamp program to The Health, Hunger-Free Kids Act.  Kids who have dropped out of school will have a significantly harder time getting food stamps to get meals.  Many dropouts have unstable home life and by cutting off these food source will drive some to crime, to support themselves, and the shelters, putting an even heavy burden on the overworked shelter system in America.

The Obama Administration justifies this transfer of capital to help counter the dropout problem.  They reason that if these wayward youth do not have a stable meal plan outside of school it will give them another reason to come in and get lunch.  In this manner they have a much better chance of rejoining the education process.

Republcians critical of this act, notably Sarah Palin, claim it is an infringement on these children’s constitutional rights.  These conservatives claim that if these kids want to eat unhealthy food it is their god given right.

I disagree; I do not support any form killing my fellow citizens, even if is tasty.  Is there anyone who would say differently?

(Full Text of  The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act)

The Rise of American Plutocracy


Recessions have plagued America for the last forty years because of reckless behavior by the rich.  In the latest recession major corporations swindled innocents out of billions of dollars with faulty stocks, derivatives, and sub-prime loans they knew were going to fail.  After the economy failed these men were generally unaffected, still receiving million dollar bonuses despite the economic distress of the rest of the population. These men are plutocrats, the ruling class in America.

These financial titans still remain largely unrecognized despite the fact they have been ruling the United States, a plutocracy where governmental policy is determined by those with the most money, since the Gilded Age.  it is during that time period that the plutocrats first rose to power.  The laissez-faire mindset ruled the American economy in the late nineteenth century, launching massive industrial expansions and technological revolutions; this formed largely unregulated industries with purely capitalistic purposes that dominated the industrial, financial, and political spheres of America and made the country a plutocracy.

Laissez-faire conducted economic activity in America during the late 1800’s. The first factories in America were rare, but they created colossal quantities of goods at cheap costs.  Audacious entrepreneurs and sage investors recognized that factories had greatest potential for mass profits, but they also knew any level of government regulations would hurt their incomes.  Government inspectors would prevent installation of innovative technologies that would increase outputs but endanger workers.

To protect their interests and investments the upper class pushed for deregulation of industry throughout the Gilded Age, both though legal and illegal methods.  The presidents of this era are often referred to as the “do-nothing presidents” because they did not create any major changes.  The first roots of plutocracy arose here during this inaction.  Unwritten agreements were made by politicians and these emerging industrial leaders.

Those industrial leaders who funded politician’s campaigns, to get them into office, would be favored by these politicians once they were in office, instead of these politicians exclusively looking out for the Americans who voted them into office and who they are supposed to represent.  As time wore on plutocracy continually eroded democracy in the American government, with each passing election allegiances of numerous politicians switched from their people to their sponsors.  Laissez-faire served as a front for big business and plutocracy to expand rapidly in America.  Meanwhile the common man was learning that he did not like this new system of government, despite the fact he did not yet know it exists.

As the corporate leaders became millionaires, people across America suffered and were regularly injured in the factories. Industrial giants greatly profited from the lack of regulations, expanding industry in America to rival that of the European superpowers like Britain, France, and Germany.  In order to maintain high volumes of production safety standards were removed.

The Jungle, by Upton Sinclair, was a novel written in the Gilded Age which muckraked conditions of meatpacking factories in Chicago and exemplifies the best and the worst of industry in America.  The factories had terrible working conditions, in one meatpacking factory, “the place ran with streaming hot blood – one waded in it on the floor.  The stench was almost overpowering,” (53-54).  Workers fared poorly in the factories, there are numerous incidents in the book where workers die, one was, “killed in an elevator accident,” (83).  Another man was killed when a, “wounded steer had broken loose and mashed him against a pillar,” (85).  These industrial accidents came from the unmonitored technologies that were used in the factories, which were deliberately made unsafe so they could produce goods at a faster rate.

Dangerous tools and equipment were used in every factory in the country; they produced more goods but at the expense of worker safety.  The industrial leaders uniformly decided to pick profits over people, laissez-faire allowed them to do this with the blessing of the government they virtually own and the curse of the people they were injuring in the name of a better profit margin.

Outside of work the labors fared little better, they had no capital because they were financially cheated by the factory owners.  Immigrants coming to America could no longer stake a claim on the plains; the land had been almost entirely bought up by settlers or railroad companies.  Their only viable options where they could move to were the cities, where they could get a job in a factory.

Even in the cities work was scarce; for each worker position there were dozens of desperate immigrants vying for it.  The factory owners could pay their employees virtually nothing and the immigrants would gladly work anyway, the alternative was starving to death.  All the immigrants could do was grumble and call the industrial leaders names, like robber barons. Workers lived in poverty, in addition to working in inhumane conditions, because the alternative was to starve.  The workers were financially dependent to the company, but the company did not care at all about them; unions began to emerge to combat this problem.

In response to encroachments on basic human rights and liberties unions slowly emerged, despite violent rebuffs by the robber barons.  Union members only wanted decent pay and a safe working environment; this would not have been a problem but it would have been at the expense of the robber barons.  Every modest request was denied by the company owners.  As unions became even more and more desperate they resorted to strikes to improve their jobs and wages.  Sometimes the unions won, most of the time they lost because the corporations had far greater assets.  During the Great Strike of 1877 the strikers were able to shut down nearly all railroad traffic across the US.  In response President Rutherford B. Hayes, at the request of notable railroad owners, called out federal troops to successfully quell the strike. In this display of force plutocracy revealed itself to be the ruling force in the country. Democracy had given way to plutocracy, no longer were the concerns of the many were the center of focus for the government, now only those with money were valued.  The worst tragedy of this coup was the common people were misled into believing the plutocrats were heroes.

The public adored the robber barons, despite the grievous toll they were extracting on the common man, because of unfortunate striking incidents and well placed charitable donations.  Union leaders continued to press forward with strikes, hoping they would gain enough leverage to force the corporations to bow to their demands.  They suffered numerous setbacks, notably during the Haymarket affair strikers were blamed for a bomb that killed seven police officers.  Public opinion swiftly turned against the strikers; nobody wanted to support anarchy.  The industrial leaders amplified this outrage using their newspapers to spread the word of the attack.

Weakened by violent incidents, the unions resorted to discrediting the robber barons, criticizing their unethical habit of hording money while their own workers starved.  In response millionaires donated absurd amounts of money to various charities; for example, John D Rockefeller donated $55 million dollars over his lifetime, enough money to build hundreds of buildings, construct numerous foundations, and buy him a pristine public image that no scandal could tarnish.  Instead of demanding his arrest people everywhere believed the man was virtually a saint and had the right to be rich.  Social Darwinism, a belief that in a laissez-faire economy the fittest businessmen are the ones who thrive, was created to explain why Rockefeller and men like him had succeeded where countless other people had failed.

The powers of the union receded, except for isolated victories they were held at bay by the robber barons.  Little progress was made to benefit the workers.  The labors were forced to work dangerous jobs or suffer with unemployment.  Robber barons ruled America, hoarding money while their political puppets did their bidding to get them even more money; the Age of Plutocracy had begun.

Today America is a plutocracy.  Elected officials win modern elections primarily because they spend more money than their opponents.  As the middle class collapses, and more and more Americans fall in poverty the plutocrats continue to demand deregulation of key America commerce sectors, such as meatpacking industry or the stock market; without regulations these industries will continue to endanger the health and stability of America.  Laissez-faire is alive and well, recklessness allowed by this guiding principle is responsible for the last four recessions.  The only threat left to the plutocracy is itself; should the recessions of increasing magnitudes continue, due to plutocrats insatiable greed, there will come a day when the common men as one to no longer be play things of the plutocrats.  They will call the fallout of this uprising the Second Civil War, and it will be a hundred times more costly than the first.

Unemployment Benefits Cut: Why They Will be Reinstated (and Why That is Misguided)

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I am generally excited whenever one of my Massachusetts senators makes headlines, but I was feeling disconcerted after it was announced that Republican Senator Scott Brown, who replaced the Senator Kennedy, blocked Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2010 that would maintain unemployment benefits.  Those benefits have now expired and two million Americans have lost their benefits, being left to fend for themselves.  While researching this topic it was discovered that his patience may save the American Tax payers 56 billion dollars that they did not need to spend.

Why Have Unemployment Benefits Been Cut?

Every year the Senate votes to reinstate increased levels of unemployment benefits; whether this action passes of not has traditionally based primarily on unemployment levels.  America is suffering from the infamous 2008 recession, so there are roughly 15 million Americans who currently receive unemployment benefits.

In this current round of unemployment benefits 2.5 million Americans are in danger of losing their benefits.  Should reinstatement of unemployment benefits not happen there will not be enough money in the budget to support these Americans.  Those that would be cut are those who would best be able to deal with this additional cut in benefits, although in this economy these people will fall on hard times.

Why do we have Unemployment Benefits?

Nobody who applies for unemployment is well off, it supports those without a job and usually without a long-term plan.  The unemployment benefits of this program give them the opportunity to make plans, get a sufficient job, and reestablish themselves. People are more likely to continue to look for work as long as they are support by the government.  Without any unemployment benefits most people who lose their jobs are forced to quickly take unsavory, lower wage jobs just to pay the bills.  Others turn to crime to support their families.  Both paths deny these unlucky Americans the opportunity for employment that would give them a lifestyle equal to or even better than the one they had working at their last job.  Unemployment benefits are an excellent

Is Scott Brown Permanently Blocking Unemployment Benefits?


He is simply asking for more time to consider the 56 billion dollar legislation the Democrats hastily proposed.  Scott Brown’s chief concern was that he simply did not know what the bill was proposing; he did not vote against the bill, he put off the vote.  Republicans were not negotiated with or even notified that this legislation was being prepared; they do not want to add any unnecessary expenses to the immense 13.3 trillion dollar national debt.  Scott Brown is unwilling to vote on an issue that he “just found out” about.  Once he fully comprehends all major aspects of the Unemployment Compensation Act of 2010 he will most likely vote for the benefits and the legislation will most likely pass.

Why will Unemployment Benefits Shortly and Certainly be Reinstated?

Both parties support unemployment benefits; the core ideology behind them is sound and has been backed up by over forty years of positive statistical results.  Republicans and Democrats instead disagree on how many Americans should be given support.  Historically the Republicans favored supporting smaller percentages of Americans, as too conserve federal money.  The Democrats have always pushed for strengthened unemployment benefits, hoping to one day be able to support all Americans who are out of a job.

For the last seven years both parties have routinely support increases and reinstatements of unemployment benefits.  This is despite excessive military spending, major budget cuts, and the second largest recession in human history.  In addition, for the last forty years unemployment benefits have never been cut as long as American unemployment is under 7.2%.  Today, American unemployment rests at 9.6%.  This is a pressing issue, the Republicans will soon approve Unemployment Compensation Act of 2010 and despite a minor glitch 2.5 million Americans will once again be receiving unemployment benefits.

Personal Perspective: Most Unemployment Benefits Should be Reprioritized to support Entrepreneurs

I believe that the government should support Americans who are out of work.  I also believe that the unemployment benefits system should be reconstructed.

Currently the Federal government throws money at those who are unemployed, hoping they will find a job quickly.  This encourages the unemployed to be slothful; they have little incentive to find work when the government is paying for their bills and groceries.  This system creates increased government spending while not helping the unemployed all that much.

The United States should instead focus primarily funding in programs that help create new companies and new jobs.  Entrepreneurs constantly come up with new ideas all the time, everything from turning the turning the Ipod Nano into a watch to using ATM’s to recycle old phones.  There are tens of thousands of new profitable ideas, the problem is that there is not enough money from the private sector to fund all of them.  Government funding would allow thousands of new ideas, and the economy, to flourish.

There is dual benefit from this program for the government.  The first result of this new initiative is that there will be more jobs in the economy, since there are more businesses.  These jobs will be varied across all fields, new businesses will only be held back by creativity.

The second result is the United States will have more financial assets, useful when combating the national debt.  Since the Federal government funded these companies they would own all or partial stock in these businesses.  While some business will fail others will inevitably succeed, with bountiful dividends.  The United States will be able to sell off their shares in the company to meet budgetary constraints and to help stabilize the stock market.

Both would be excellent defenses against possible future recessions and would help mitigate the current one.

Sources: ThinkProgress, USGovInfoBoston.Com, and ThePoliticalCarnival,

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