You are a criminal, don’t worry it’s just tax evasion.  A mere five years in prison.

Friday: 12.5.2008

Caught Red Pawed

The internet sales tax is something of an internet legend, most people have heard ghost stories of this financial wrath but nobody has ever encountered it.  It is virtually unenforced, despite the fact that forty-five of the fifty states of America have internet sales taxes.  All online purchases, on every website from Amazon to Ebay, legally have taxes on them in most states.

Bureaucrats have failed to uphold their own laws because, currently, they are unenforceable.  States have several measure to recapture the twenty billion lost to consumers, however they are restrained by a Supreme Court ruling limiting tax collection to voluntary consumer action.  Few people go out of their way to give away money.

This has resulted in twenty billion dollars of taxes lost, annually, to online sales tax evasion.

But fear not!  Nonprofit groups across the country are fighting viciously to eliminate the financial shelter.  The chief battlefield is California, a grassroots campaign to take the state back for residents has formed and, for once, not targeted the Mexicans.  Instead, they are fighting online purchase giant Amazon, convincing local users to close their accounts until the corporation actively pays online sales taxes.

Lobbyists from Amazon, in partnership with other corporations, have blocked official legislature so far in California.  Brick-and-mortar organizations, primarily Wal-Mart, have come to reinforce the non-profit groups.  This paradox is explained through corporate posturing; as long as Wal-Mart pays the tax and Amazon largely does not Amazons offers will always be a better deal, funneling larger customers purchases away every day.

Wal-Mart’s stratagem masquerades behind several ironic organizations, such as the Alliance for Main Street Fairness.

With such hilarious combatants, Amazon, barley has a chance to continue its tax-free streak.  So far they have avoided any sort of online sales tax being actively enforced.  The wild west days of tax-free-desperadoes are being brought to a less than civilized end by the militant Wal-Mart forces teaming up with the local nonprofits.  All we need is a railway to come through and they will start filming the modern western, The Last Frontier!

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