New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) has been hailed by some as a holy coalition of Christian warriors. Personally, I believe the NAR is bigoted organization, threatening the United States and the world with militant theocracy and fascist politics.

Sarah Palin at Missouri McCain Rally

Sarah Palin, New Apostolic Reformation Convert and Theocrat

What is New Apostolic Reformation?

They are a radical religious arm of the republican TEA party. While politically they press forward with hyper radical agenda of shrinking the government religiously they push for far more dangerous government alterations.  It was conceptualized first by C. Peter Wagner, who wrote numerous books concerning spiritual warfare. Their leaders, self-declared prophets and apostles, have declared their objective; “eradicate denominations and form a unified church that will be victorious against evil in the end times.” Translation: Eliminate competing religions and establish a theocracy.

War is not only made on religion, put on common people as well. Dismissing Mormons and Catholics as demonic they also plan Strategic Level Spiritual Warfare, converting or eliminating whole communities with demented logic and demands. Gays, Buddhists, and any non-protestant community is targeted. Even Protestant churches will fall under attack, after all they too are not part of the “one church.”

The New Apostolic Reformation is dangerous for America. If this organization is successful, as outlined in their Seven Mountain mandate, will end to modern government and abolishing constitutional freedoms. There some skeptics who, in the light of the our governments inability to act on such critical events as the debt-ceiling, might voice support for these acts. These opinions are misinterpreting the information, abolishing modern government does eliminate regrettable aspects as it demolishes all freedom’s. Theocracy rule with fear and death, using secret police like the Spanish Inquisition or mass famine in North Korea. Allowing theocracy to take root permits a Gestapo State to flourish.

What Does Sarah Palin Have To do with this?

She is an ardent NAR member, a theocrat. Sarah Palin actively pursues a New Apostolic Reformation agenda.  She stands among prayer warriors, preparing to make “spiritual warfare” across the fifty states.  In the beginning of her 2008 campaign, Palin called on Kenyan Witch Hunter Bishop Thomas Muthee to anoint her, to protect her from witchcraft. Later, when Arizona Democrat Gabrielle Giffords was in the ICU after the attempted assassination and multiple homicides used aggressive “blood libel”  language, that greatly concerned the threatened Jewish community.

How Is the New Apostolic Reformation Relevant to Me?

Chances are you are in the crosshairs of the New Apostolic Reformation.  Some minor trait, perhaps something you are not even aware of, places you in the dammed and demonic category of these theocrats.  This is a tragedy that will manifest in misery if not halted.

Do your research on candidates, inform your friends about revealing articles like this, and keep America American.