What is Reason Number Two?

He is targeting Muslims; actively pursuing an agenda that will permit bans on mosques to be set up anywhere in America.

Why Is This Good Thing?

… It’s not …

This radical appeal to the TEA party extremists is a gamble, in an attempt to win the early primaries and gain a better chance of ensnaring the Republican nomination. In the end he is discriminating against all fringe religions.

Why is This Bad Thing?

Banning mosques is the equivalent to setting the Constitution on fire.

Herman Cain pretends to act in the defense of the average American. The fallacious reasoning behind his controversial policy a prevention of Muslims passing Shariah laws. He paints it as a hostile takeover of an alien religion; in reality the core values of Islam are essentially the same as Christianity. Islam influenced laws would only empower local governments.

His religious assaults are cloaked in civilian security; he makes it clear that he is not advocating for banning Islam outright. Mosques may only be eliminated when the majority of the populace does not want them.

For me, this translates to: The primary religion of any area can criminalize secondary ones.

I am a Congregationalist, my town is dominated by Catholics. If such a law, like what Herman Cain has proposed, would be passed I would be in the crosshairs.  Chances are, so would you.  There is no difference between Congregationalists, Jews, Wickens, or Muslims under such a law.  It would be easy to fall victim to theocratic takeover. The basis for the separation of church and state is this very reason; to prevent alienation of minorities.

By supporting theocracy Herman Cain is repealing over two hundred years of law and Article 6 of the Constitution, the promise of protection against religious tyranny.

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