The would-be president of France, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, is preparing not only to be freed from the shackles of house arrest, but in addition to have all charges of sexual assault against him to be dropped.  The tables are turned; accusations are raining down on 32 black female maid who ignited this controversy.  The drama at hand, as was reported originally, was Strauss-Kahn chased her through the hotel and attempted to prevent her from leaving while sexually assaulting her, where she worked and where he was staying.  It is now revealed the maid’s credibility has been corrupted beyond reform and her allegations are warped.  One of the most hated, and most powerful men, in the world will walk without a trial.  Legally, this is righteous; morally they are both depraved.

Who is Accusing Who (of What)?

The maid’s original accusations made headlines around the world and derailed Strauss-Kahn’s march towards the presidency of France.  The man, who was entrusted with billions and billions of dollars from around the world for what was supposed to be one of the leading foundations for good of humanity, was accused of committing one of the worst offenses conceivable; rape.  Investigators were able to independently prove that sexual intercourse, most likely forceful, did indeed happen between the two media sensations.  After escaping the maid contacted the authorities.

Strauss-Kahn insists that his only crime was being narcissistically conceited; allegedly she willingly agreed to having sex, and was the one who initiated the encounter.  Problems arose with his minimal, or nonexistent, payment, which infuriated the maid.  It would be assumed that she then sought legal action in hopes to hit the financial jackpot and make off with millions.  If this is true the American justice department has severely mishandled the case, along with several media services who are being sued by Strauss-Kahn for liability.  It is becoming increasingly evident that not only is the former head of the IMF telling the truth and the maid has been spreading deceit.

Why is the Maid’s Credibility Dubious?

The first issue with the accuser is her profession.  During the day she works at the hotel Sofitel, during the night she regularly prostitutes herself.  She falls from the pedestal of victim to the harsh reality of being a greedy streetwalker utilizing her position as a maid to pry open new markets.

The second issue was her immigration status.   Her story was that she her family was killed and she was gang banged in her native country of Guinea.  She fled to the United States and received political asylum using this facade.  Now it is unraveling; her entire story is false.  She is not even from Guinea.

The third bombshell for the increasingly scatterbrained prosecution was that the maid lied under oath to warp the investigation.  Several of topics she lied about were:

– Misstating Income to Get Deducted Housing

– Lying on Taxes

– Lying to the Grand Jury about the incident

– Being involved in money laundering and drug dealing

She is about as reliable as a rat in cheese factory.

Are These Allegations Grounds for Dismissal of the Case?

Strauss-Kahn has had his bail drastically reduced and is no longer on house arrest because the prosecutions only witness is completely fallible and the case has become an international catastrophe.  It is likely the maid will at best serve several years in prison, and at worst be deported back to her real native country.  This terrible case, which wrecked and traumatized the chief combatants, pained all close relations, and unsettled the international financial community because of one woman’s drive for money and the media’s willingness to incriminate for sensationalism.  There is but one moral to take from this debacle: everyone who is accused, even devils like Casey Anthony, are innocent until proved guilty.