fukushima #3 blacksmoke

Two months after a tsunami devastated Japan cancerous levels of nuclear radiation have been discovered in a Japanese town forty kilometers from the leaking Fukushima Reactors, twenty kilometers outside the state declared exclusion zone.  These high radiation levels were discovered by International Atomic Energy Agency officials, who suspected that undiscovered pockets of radiation had been missed or ignored by Japanese officials. Residents were evacuated from the village, while more extreme actions by the government are being planned once specific levels of radiation are determined.

How Dangerous Are the Radiation Levels?

The radiation spikes in the village raised immediate concerns because while they would not instantly kill or main anyone.  Only prolonged exposure would result in cancer.  Residents were notified and promptly evacuated from the town.  Iodine tablets had been distributed by the  Japanese government to the entire region after the disaster, the tablets counteract radiation poisoning which is emitted during nuclear meltdowns.  These tablets may have protected many residence from cancer, giving them enough time to escape the toxic town.

How Has This Outbreak of News Affected the Region?

Officials are considering to recall civilians allowed to return to their homes in the exclusion zone; these short visits were designated exclusively to pick up irreplaceable items like medicine or family artifacts.  Many refugees have expressed fear and outrage at this latest development, blaming their ineffective Prime Minister Naoto Kan for not protecting his citizens.  This anger flared earlier in the week as unprecedented radiation levels, “550,000 bacquerels per square meter”, or enough to irradiate the area for over thirty years were discovered in the shadow of the Fukushima Reactors.  The Japanese people believe their leader should have directly taken control of Tokyo Electric Company, who operates the reactors, and dictated a resolution rather than indirectly asking for one by the sluggish company.

How Had Work on the Reactors Progressed In Light of These Recent Setbacks?

Activity at the damaged Fukushima reactor continue without hesitation; while complete nuclear meltdown has been adverted a long perilous road until the situation can declared safe.  They know they have a long way to go, these recent events are obstacles that will be overcome in due time.  Relentless struggles by the Faceless Fifty, heroic technicians and engineers who remained at the reactor despite the near certain risk of cancer, have adverted disaster and prevented the reactors from melting down have taken account of these recent activities, delegating the responsibly to the government.  Their work in the reactor takes a higher priority, such as high priority that all have placed their country above their own lives; within the next time years all are expected to die from cancer.