Next generation virus, “Lizamoon,” has launched a new terror campaign infecting over half a million web pages, directing users unknowingly to infected domains where damaging virus soft ware, disguised as an AV scan, infects the computer.  Over 28,000 websites have been completely overrun, leading to over three million Google searches being deemed hazardous.  All infected users are forced to buy their electronic freedom from the iron grip of the virus, causing the anarchists who launched it to profit greatly.  The internet plague penetrates firewall and other defenses using a mass blind SQL injection, which exploits faulty code accessible from the home page to eliminate all information and reconfigure the webpage to redirect viewers.  So far the specific failings in the protection have not been fixed and currently only 17 of the 43 major cyber defense operators have been able to syntheses adequate defenses.  It is unknown how many more sites are vulnerable, or have already been infected.

This will mean a new age of cyber warfare, with civilians being drawn into the conflict and unwittingly weaponized by the anarchists. Currently, all except the largest internet entities only have minimal protection against SQL style attacks and only if they are up to date on their security.  This widespread attack has already begun to have copycat followers, launching undocumented attacks across the internet.  This is resulting in increased cyber defense spending from many of the mid to small tier sites, while other are corrupted and leashed upon the internet.  This move to the next round of cyber warfare will mean empowerment of both the side of the ardent defenders of security and the greedy anarchists both will have increased funds and lethality.  Those left behind the cutting edge will be increasing vulnerable.

For the average American this means a general retreat from the openness of the internet into protective web of networks, which can protect themselves and users against these bandits’ attacks.  Specific secured sites will exclusively link to each other, walling off users from generally accessing the potentially lethal web.  Facebook has already began constructing a unified network, composed of itself, CNN, and many other organizations who have fully incorporated the Facebook Like button.  Google is in the opening stages of constructing its own network, with its launch of the +1 button, their version of the Facebook like button.  This will mean a general culling of the free bloggers of the internet and ardent defenders of free speech such as Wikileaks.  A new more secure age is in the future of the internet, but we will all be a little less free.