Wal-mart vs. Dukes, a class action lawsuit 11 years in the making, is finally going to be resolved.  It began when a fifty four year old department store worker Betty Dukes, who had glowing performance reviews during her six years of work, was repeatedly denied training that would allow her to advance to a better paying position.  She made further accusations that Wal-mart pays women less and promotes men faster, regardless of talent. She filed a lawsuit against Wal-mart; since then it has snowballed into the largest case in history, representing 1.6 million women from across North America.

How has Dukes vs. Wal-Mart Evolved?

The combined force of several offices of lawyers Wal-Mart has constructed a near impenetrable defense for its alleged sexist employment policies that discriminate against women.  The best and brightest worker’s advocates have aligned with Dukes, determined to give every worker equal opportunity in the workplace.  On March 29, 2011, an oral debate will take place before the Supreme Court; a verdict will be reached and this conflict will be resolved.  Regardless of how the proceedings go the macroeconomics of America will be altered.

What Will Happen if Dukes Wins?

If the Supreme Court rules in favor of Dukes it will led to several more years of legal conflict in order to resolve an agreeable resolution.  Inevitably, there will be more sweeping class action that will make it possible for all minorities to have an equal opportunity in all jobs.  This would result in more progressivism in the workplace, liberating and empowering the working class.

What Will Happen If Wal-Mart Wins?

If Wal-Mart wins then the influence of class action lawsuits will suffer dramatically in scope and variety.  It will prevent other minorities in the workplace using lawsuits to settle disputes with the corporations.  This possible collapse of workers’ rights would push America deeper into its Second Gilded Age.

Should Dukes vs. Wal-mart Even Need to be Debated?

The economy will be subtly relined due to this landmark decision; however it has yet to be seen if it will become better or worse, however this never should have needed to have gone to the Supreme Court in the first place.  Discrimination of any variety is to be despised; upon Dukes being able to prove she was discriminated against she should have been reimbursed, given the training, and received her rightful promotion.

It was decided earlier in the proceedings that she was discriminated against; however, Wal-mart is denying that it discriminates against women on a large scale.  Dukes has information to the contrary.  This sexism is dumbfounding in modern America, hopefully it will not last much longer.  Recently the Supreme Court has been favoring the people over the corporations, perhaps they will continue to do so.