India, a nation of engineers and doctors is on the forefront of every major technological innovation, severely lacks in fulfilling basic liberties concerns such as gender equality.  24% of Indian men have sexually abused their wives.  One out five have inflicted forced sex on their wives.  60% believe to violently discipline women is just and morally correct.  These rates are twenty to thirty times higher than most of the other surveyed countries.  This breach of sexism will inevitably stunt India’s economic and political growth and demote its international status if it has not already corrupted the culture beyond repair.

What were the Specific Results of the Survey?

Several other devolving countries were surveyed; Croatia, Chile, China, Mexico, Rwanda, and Brazil.  Croatia was the most progressive country, 82% of Croatians support gender equitability between men and women. China, Mexico, and Brazil had levels surpassing 50% of gender equitability while Rwanda reported only 30% of men treated women as equals.

The positive trends have also emerged from the several thousand men and women they surveyed across India.  Their rates of violent crimes, outside the home, such as robbery or physical fights were some of the lowest in developing countries.  Meanwhile Croatia and Mexico reported significant rates of violent crimes, each roughly around 20%.  However, these nations are the battlegrounds of fierce drug wars and bitter public protests fighting large scale corruption.  These nations inflated violent crime rates are acts of self defense and desperation; while the sexually depraved acts of the Indian husbands are that of lust influenced by a sexist culture.

Why Does This Happen?

The culture of India has never been favorable to women.  Historically, throughout rural India it is sociably acceptable that men who are dissatisfied with their wives set them on fire; this is a genocidal custom the Indian government has been unable to halt.  In some regions of India women are viewed as inferior creatures who are only useful for sex and taking care of the household.  In politics, despite one out of every three positions being designated only for female candidates the women who are elected are figureheads representing their male husbands or family heads. (9)  Women are generally seen as subservient, it is not surprising when it comes to sex these overall cultural trends dictate the terms of the abusive engagements.

Who Published This Survey?

The International Center for Research of Women published these awe-bringing findings.  There chief goals are to crate gender equality across the world and have done notable work in Africa and Southeastern Asia.  They also spread AIDS awareness to developing nations, set up food drives to feed starving women, and support abused women wherever they are found.  Their results here in India were most likely first hypothesized then bitterly actualized.

How will this Abusive Trend Affect India?

While other nations retreated from the credit tsunami during the 2008 recession India’s middle class stood firm and held back the tide.  Their economy suffered only a slight blip and continues to grow at a rate of roughly 8% per year and is only second in growing GDP to the Chinese.  With a well educated middle class erecting a stable economy in India while they are simultaneously pursuing international interests its economic stability is sound, allowing men across India to pursue careers in all walks of life.

While women are rarely officially forbidden they are continually persecuted, they are outnumbered by men in every employment field and are kept in the extreme minority.

Without major social reform India will not be able to continue this aggressive economic trend.  Compared to China, who has a similar population, India will only be able to staff roughly half the jobs that their gender equitable counterpart will be able to because of cultural sexism.  China pushes there remaining girls towards success, while the Indian girls are hidden from having an education.  India will continue to grow rapidly as long prospecting employees remains high.  Once they run out of applicants India’s economy will stagnate and enter a recession, while the gender equal countries such as China will continue to bloom.

It pays to treat your wife well.