The Bill of Rights had never been compromised so deliberate and harshly before in American history; the PATRIOT Act continues to persist despite the erosion of grounds for such a controversial set of laws.  This act was used during the Afghanistan and Iraq wars to cordon off terrorism in America.  However, it inadvertently threatens the civil liberties of every immigrant and every individual who can be construed as unpatriotic.

What was the Justification for the PATRIOT Act?

This act was a reaction to the tragedy of September 11, 2001 which stole several thousand American lives.  Terrorism needed to be combated domestically; the PATRIOT Act was born.  It specifically did:

-allowed government to monitor all areas of communication without proper justification

-hold illegal aliens indefinently

-launched probes domestically and internationally into Islam activities

Since the tragedy of September 11, 2001 there have been no major organized terrorist attacks on American soil.  The PATRIOT Act was effective at the expense of the right to protest effectively and the right of underprivileged foreigners to live the American dream.

How has the PATRIOT Act been abused?

Muslims have been persecuted passively across America.  Some have had their mosques illegally bugged be rouge FBI agents.  Many foreigners, especially Mexicans, have been target and abused under the pretense of patriotism.  Entrapment is still a policy used by the FBI and CIA to remove uncooperative individuals that could upset their plans.  There was also the illegal holding of foreigners without justification or trial.  They were held in Guantanamo Bay.

What was the Precedent to the PATRIOT Act?

The United States was a war with Germany, World War One had begun.  Many questioned this rash move; some had relatives fighting with the central powers, some were pacifists, and there were hundreds of reasons why individuals denounced the war.  To combat these outcries Wilson passed the Espionage and Sedition Acts; essentially, these acts made it illegal to be unpatriotic.  Those who stood for radical opinions were either locked up by police officers are terrorized by renegade vigilantes.  Free speech was sacrificed because Wilson determined it was more important to have a united home front in than to protect American rights.

Had these policies not been enacted America doubtlessly would have fractured along these ideological and nationalistic lines as immigrants patriotically supported their separate homelands.  In the defense of this large scale suppression it kept America united and mitigated losses on the western front.  There were more patriotic, albeit patriotically brainwashed, soldiers on the front line and few if any needed to be recalled to deal with strife on the home front.

How should America Act when concerning the PATRIOT Act?

Americans should support their country and war and peacefully protest for liberties in times of peace.  The highest priority must first be given to life; those who are risking their lives to defend the United States should be given the highest priority.  Liberties are second most important concern; without such unalienable rights as the right to bear arms or the right to speak your mind no American will be able even defend their own lives.  The third highest priority is happiness; without joy life is hollow.  Holding these three standards creates a blueprint for every individual to live their lives by their own terms, and happily to for that matter.