Tens of thousands across the beleaguered country of Croatia call for elections to oust their Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor, whose inaction has allowed corruption  and organized crime to spread unchecked.  The citizens of the Coating have been staging growing peaceful protests to express their outrage.  Their demands is for elections and general reforms have so far been fruitless.  Kosor is flatly refusing to hold elections or drastically change her policies.  The number of demonstrators grows steadily.

Jadranka Koser, Prime Minister of Croatia

What Types Corruption Is Takeing Place In the Government?

There are numerous failings in the legal aspects of Croatia.  The judicial system is heavily polluted, the European Union expressed dire concern about the effectiveness of the courts.  Judges, jurors, and even witnesses are often coerced to arrive at false verdicts due to lack of effective government oversight.  In addition, according to Amnesty International Croatia continually fails to protect war crime witnesses.  Croatia has not been able to clear itself of many significant war crimes that are nearly two decades old.

Illegal property seizures and other property concerns also go unchecked.  Sly politicians and criminals have rigged Croatia to funnel even more riches, in the form of real estate, into their pockets. They simultaneously block suits and legal complaints.  There are currently over a million backlogged property disputes in Croatia.

The border checkpoints are also poorly administered, allowing unchecked contraband and rampant smuggling to permeate the country.  An activist staged a sting operation in which he videotapes himself bribing multiple officials.  These breaches of law seem almost commonplace.

How is This Corruption Being Fought?

Efforts to combat the corruption have been counter productive.  Kosor promised to rid Croatia of corruption when she gained power in 2009.  Since then the governments corruption probes have actually aided corruption rather than fight in.  Money spent to find the criminals have ended up in the pockets of fraudulent corruptions and the suspected politicians. This complete rout of reform has forced the Croatians to actively demand a new prime minister, one who is more effectively hopefully. Thousands have turned out for protests.

How Are the Croatians Reacting?

They are peacefully protesting, demanding new elections that will replace Kosor with someone who can enact reforms.  Despite the growing crowds of protesters she continues to refuse to hold elections.  She has instead targeting her efforts to help Croatia enter into the  European Union.

Meanwhile record numbers of unemployed citizens parade in the streets. It is reported that there are as many as 330,000 unemployed in Croatia. Many of their brethren, who are outraged with the civil and legal rights issue that plague the country, also protest peacefully.  There has only one incident of violence, by the renegade Dinamo Zagreb-soccer club fans have fought against police.  Their actions have been widely condemned by the protesters.

Why is Corruption A Problem in Croatia?

In recent years economic conditions in Croatia have decayed leading many ordinary citizens taking bribes and carry out illegal actives just to get by.  Many politicians have exploited this desperation, pocketing fortunes.  One infamous example is Ivo Sanader, the former prime minister of Croatia preceding Kosor.  He initially fled the county in 2009, just before it became known he had been arranging generous loans for illegal kickbacks.  He currently is slowly being extradited from Austria and being declared an alleged war profiteer.

In addition organized crime runs unchecked throughout Croatia.  The country serves as a highways for the drug trade; many illegal shipments make their way through the region unchecked every year due to the corruption.  Activists and their love ones are targeted and killed, the criminals have used everything from car bombs to public assassinations. Progress against organized crime has mostly stagnated.