What Has Apple (Foolishly) Done?

They want to treat electronic newspapers like old fashions newspapers; that is the entirety of their terrible, terrible blunder.  They have enacted a subscription service that will allow current and future app developers to have users pay for their apps at intervals of weeks, months, or years.  Apple’s concept for this idea is that developers will sell one app, that is very expensive and high quality, rather than feeding consumers current events one article at time or games at one level at a time.  Ideally, this would create a larger profit for the companies.  The subscribers will unwittingly pay much more money for apps they simply do not want, the developers make more money for selling you things that you do not want, and Apple might just finally make the app store profitable instead of a money pit.

How Will This Negatively Effect You?

You will end up paying more of your hard-earned cash for information or games that you will not use.  Right now developers are plagued by consumers not buying new editions of old apps.  What they have either failed to realize or failed to convey to Apple is that when a consumer, such as yourself, does not come back to buy the new edition of an app that consumer does not want it.  Millions of innocents will have dozens of dollars added to their monthly budgets because they simply will not know or forget that they are paying much more for things that they already had for half the price.  They want to be able to keep being charged nothing for nothing, rather than be charged ludicrous amounts of money for NOTHING.

How Will this Negatively Effect The Developers?

It will corrupt, strangle, and may eventually eliminate the Developers who have constructed the app store.  Right after Apple announced their new subscription system they were collectively outraged and beginning to more to app selling sites.  They are particularly outraged that all future transactions will have to go through Apple; the developers will no longer be able to link outside the store and have consumers buy there at cheaper rates. This is designed to increase Apple’s revenue by 30%, by decreasing the third-party developers by 30%.  The app developer industry will be crippled beyond repair if they remain with Apple.  In response, many have announced they simply will not continue with Apple’s dreams of absolute monopoly.

How will this Positively Effect Everybody?

Erosion of the Apple monopoly on the app market and an influx of new, innovative app providers.  Rumors of this apocalyptic move by Apple have haunted the industry for months.  Rather than waiting for their inevitable doom many developers succeeded.  More and more third party app providers have been cropping up over the last year. Some of them want to create innovative apps that will forge new paths and identifies for Americans.  Others wanted to be able to post “sexual content” that Apple banded with a week’s notice.  Apple will be hurt more by this move than anyone else as the app store is left abandoned.