The Republican party is once again assaulting the Environmental Protection Agency; determined to vanquish is chiefly Democratic foe.  They claim that this wayward agency inhibits progress for America and should be swiftly done away with to benefit the economy.  Meanwhile the Democrats are fiercely defending their agency, rightfully claiming that it is one of the greatest protectors of American life.

What Controversy Has Reignited This Attack?

Recently, the Environmental Protection agency has been actively fighting Global Warming.  This ominous threat to humanity, taken from the greenhouse gases of the international industry, will result in higher sea levels, flooded cities, expanding deserts, and eroding farmlands. However, this crusade for the betterment of humanity has been met with stiff opposition from the Republicans, who control the House of Representatives.  Without their consent progress in defeating global warming will be brought to a standstill; the EPA has been increasing desperate and  demanding

In response notable TEA Party Republicans proposed 18% budget cuts that would paralyze the agency.  Should these measures pass all efforts to counteract global warming will be brought to a standstill.

Why are Republicans Opposed to Global Warming and the EPA?

The Republican party is a chiefly conservative party; their core values instruct them to shrink the government and allow laissez-faire to flourish in America, creating a “paradise” where each individual would dictate their own fate without being weighed  down by taxes that would benefit their lessers.  They are favored by the large corporations, who would greatly profit by deregulation of the government.  These deregulations have resulted in every single recession in world history. By eliminating government oversight of these companies expensive issues snowballed out of control, such as the dot-com recession or the sub-prime loam recession.

The EPA wants to place stringent regulations on polluting industry, using the Clean Air Act they intend to stem the emitted greenhouse gases and weaken the magnitude of global warming.  This will result in slightly higher costs for American industries, they will be taxed heavily for greenhouse gas emissions.  Through their political pressure they have delayed this rightful responsibility, using the Republican party as a shield to protect their own financial interests.  As long at these the reforms of the Clean Air Act are held up they will not be taxed, saving them millions of dollars today at the expense of trillions of dollars tomorrow.

What Will Be the People’s Response?

Outrage, riots, election of new senators (if they value their own lives).  Global warming will threaten the coming generations, and today’s innocent individuals.  Already America is suffering from the global warming; critical crops are in short supply, worsening weather conditions, in addition to increased pollutant poisoning our children.  The corporations have always been stood for money, the people must stand for their lives.  As long as the people vote in politicians that favor these corporations over them these tragedies will continue to strengthen, in number and magnitude.