The President of Bolivia Evo Morales is on the run; outraged miners armed with dynamite are advancing through the capital city of Oruro, Bolivia, demanding a reduction of food and fuel prices.  Military forces have been called out to attempt to subdue protest.  Radicals call Evo Morales to be impeached, or even lynched

What Happened in Oruro?

The Oruro Uprising has become the flashpoint for this dire plight of the Bolivian people.  Evo Morales was supposed to be participating a celebratory parade to honor the crucial role the current Bolivian capital Oruro played  pre-colonial revolt that helped free the country.  Upon arrival out of work miners rallied and rioted, determined to lynch the Morales, blaming him for the deteriorating economic conditions plaguing the nation.  Dynamite from the mines was used to loudly punctuate their displeasure as they towards stormed Morales with cries of revolution.  Baulking under pressure, Morales quickly fled the capital.

What Are They Protesting?

Rising prices plague the Bolivian economy, fuel prices have risen 70% recently while food prices have skyrocketed as well across.  Both of these issues have arisen from the government nationalization of the energy industry in the nation.  Many of the stronger unions have gone on strike, the economy in the country has been brought to a standstill.  The people are outraged, and starving.

How Has the Revolution Developed?

Major protests have spread across the city of Cochabamba, another major city in the country, where merchants are outraged by the continued food crises in Bolivia..  The largest airport in the country has been shut down by protesters, whose demands are lower food and fuel prices.  Revolution rips across Bolivia, the people are rising up and taking their rights.  The government is in chaos and is likely to fall.  Hopefully one more sensitive of the people’s needs will arise in the aftermath.