Skulls Discovered at 760 Huntington Avenue, Boston.

Today, janitors discovered two skulls while they were cleaning up a basement in Mission Hill, which is a lower class neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts, at 760 Huntington Avenue.  The skulls had been hidden inside a cardboard box, which was disclosed.  The horrified janitors brought the skulls up to the street and immediately notified police.

Subsequently, college students arrived at the sight of the discovery, sickened and amazed by the discovery.  Police were quick to mobilize, calling in units to secure the apartment complex and the skulls.  The medical examiner also arrived on the scene.  It was discovered that one of the skulls had a circular hole in one side of the head; this will most likely be declared a double homicide investigation.

Despite a through searching of the basement and numerous areas of the apartment complex none of the other body parts have been found.  As news of the skulls spread through the neighborhood and the nearby universities many were gripped with panic.  More officers were called in, to create a facade of security and to calm the public.

It is speculated that these two skulls are trophies of the killer.  After disposing of the bodies the killer kept the skulls, that way he would have a tangible reminder of his accomplishments.  Whoever killed the deceased is a complete sociopath, who does value human life or human decency.  They are also probably willing to kill again to keep their identity a secret.  However, there is still no solid evidence to support this case so it is highly questionable.

Another theory is that these skulls are merely left over Halloween decorations.  There are multiple medical colleges throughout mission hill, along with a major medical district.  There are literally thousands of registered dead bodies through out the neighborhood.  It is plausible that as a sick joke; a doctor, mortician, nurse, medical student, or a member of the medical staff used these skulls in a Halloween party.

This would explain the lack of bodies, which are either shelved or displayed elsewhere.  The skulls would have been used for the party then stored, where they were found in the basement, until they could be safely returned to the hospital or disposed of.

If these second theory is valid the thief is still not to be messed with; there are strict laws concerning transporting dead humans and body parts.  In prescient cases the guilty have served between 18-54 years.  The thief would still remain disinclined to turn himself into the authorities.  There have also been no reports of missing body parts in Mission Hill recently, so this theory is also questionable.

Police continue to talk to locals throughout Mission Hill, in hopes of finding a clue about the killings.

Sources: Boston.Com, Boston Police Department , Photo Courtney of Boston.Com