Wikipedia has been hailed as perhaps the single greatest depository of knowledge; Cuba wants a piece of the pie.  They created Wikipedia’s communist counterpart; Ecured.Cu.

What is Ecured.Cu?

It is a nearly 20,000 article database that was created, edited, and hosted by the government of Cuba.  Cuba is one of the few purely communist countries in the world; all resources of the population are pooled and then appropriated by the government.  The recognized the genius of the Wikipedia system, they also wanted an online database of their own.  Cuba opted to construct their own database, rather than simply using Wikipedia, because they do not want the bias of the international community to poison their articles against their communist ideology and leaders.

Why is their Bias against Cuba?

In 1956, midway through the Cold War, a demagogue named Fidel Castro began a revolution on Cuba, eventually overthrowing the tyrannical Cuban government in 1959.  The USSR backed Fidel Castro, who installed a communist regime in Cuba, until Soviet mid range nuclear missiles were discovered by the United States,  This led to The Cuban Missile Crisis; after a series of gambles and feints, with the world on the line, the USSR removed their nuclear missiles and cut all economic and political ties with Cuba.

Apparently they forgot to tell the Cubans; almost twenty years after the USSR fell Cuba still exists today as a communist state.

The United States, not being a fan of almost being wiped out by a country the size of Connecticut, imposed a trading embargo on Cuba.  They poisoned the international view of Cuba and it leader Fidel Castro, who they have attempted to assassinate as many as eight times.  Today many nations still have negative opinions regarding Cuba and have not opened up embassies or economic relations.

There is still much bias and anger targeted at Cuba; any attempts to build Ecured.Cu like how Wikipedia was built would have failed miserably.  So they wrote the articles themselves.

Is Ecured.Cu Biased?

There has been no information to indicate Ecured.Cu that facts have been fabricated.  Some critiques have pointed out major differences between Cuba’s online encyclopedia and other educational resources.  However, most of these differences are explained by differences of opinion.

While Cuba is communist the majority of the world is capitalist; this singular difference radically changes perspective and the facts are interpreted differently.  Capitalists favor the individual making economic decisions; the communists favor the government making economic decisions.  This difference of opinion was a major factor in precipitating the Cold War, so it is quite important.

Can I Access Ecured.Cu if I am not in Cuba?

Yes and no.

The servers of Ecured.Cu have either been overloaded or suffered a major failure; Latino Fox News announced nobody is accessing the site currently.  This will change soon, once the Cuban government figures out how to fix the problem.  It is unknown when the site will be up.

After Ecured. CU is back online anyone will be able to access it from anywhere in the world. Instead of the one sided capitalist stance on the issues there will now be a second communist perspective.  This second opinion will concern 20,000+ articles, giving knowledge a second dimension.

I am a support of Ecured. Cu; while I almost always disagree with communist stances I do support new perspectives.  Censorships is an epidemic throughout America; numerous expose sites such as Wikileaks have been blacklisted by the American government and are no longer available to the public.  This is a tragedy; America was founded on the idea of free speech.  How can censorship of this, or any, magnitude be supported?