Everybody likes to save a little money, but to my knowledge everyone likes having a functioning police force a little more, right?

Those of you from the international community can learn from this article as a case study; those of you from Massachusetts actually should pay attention so you don’t accidentally ignite anarchy across your home state.

Question 3 on the 2010 Ballot is as follows, or so my friends at Ballot Pedia tells me (http://www.ballotpedia.org/wiki/index.php/Massachusetts_Sales_Tax_Relief_Act,_Question_3_(2010))

“This proposed law would reduce the state sales and use tax rates (which were 6.25 percent as of September 2009) to 3 percent as of Jan. 1, 2011”

So that doesn’t seem so bad right? I wouldn’t mind having a little more cash to spend everyday, maybe save up to get a big screen TV or a fancy vacation to the Caribbean.  That is the incentive for this law; people like to keep their own money.

The counter argument to the law is as follows:

Pictured: Detroit

Turns out by cutting taxes by almost  half reduces the state’s budget by almost half.  Since we do just happen to still be in a recession there isn’t a lot of fat they can trim off the budget, as it is the state government is doing the bare minimum and still running at maximum capacity.  By slashing taxes state jobs are also be slashed.  Programs shrunk beyond repair.  The entire slow motion popping water balloons program will have to be canceled.

Damn... What are we going to post on YouTube now?

The effects of this will be devastating; worse than the loss of faith moviegoers had in Hollywood after watching 2012 (seriously, if that is how the world is going to end in just gonna move to Nepal today).  The state government of Massachusetts will become a dysfunctional skeleton, every department will be underfunded and will still have to have major lay offs.  Since the state is losing roughly fifty percent of its income it will have to fire roughly fifty percent of its total staff.  The state government is the number one single employer in Massachusetts, a lay off on this magnitude will increase unemployment to as much as 4%.  That really sucks.

Picard says it all.  Nobody wants to lay off their friends and family, you just want to save some cash to get through these hard times.  However, the amount of cash you believe you saving is much less than you believe.  Take a hundred pennies (if you don’t have a hundred pennies I cannot help you, you’re a lost cause) and count remove six.  This is roughly equal to the current tax.

If this tax is put in place you get three of those pennies back.  Translate that to real life. if you spend a hundred dollars a day, from the six dollars that would normally go to tax you would get three back.  Hooray, you can go down to Burger King and buy yourself a whooper.  Whoopie.  Now about the issue of you getting fired…

I hate my oh-so-creative boss

Remember those people your responsible for laying off, well they are coming back to haunt you and they are not amused.  Those with greater ability than you will very simply undercut you and steal your job.  Those of equal ability will compete with various replacement jobs you might try to get.  Those that are sub-par will gum up our healthcare and welfare systems, forcing you to pay more taxes to support them in their unemployment.  Those that are super sup-par though, they will actually help you out.  They’ll let you share their trashcan fire.

Well aren't you one lucky duck.

And yes, one last little, oh so insignificant, detail.  Who do you believe is the chief supporters for this question

A) Men and women struggling to get from one paycheck to another

B) Assorted charities supporting those less fortunate

C) Granny, with knife

D) A, B, and possibly C (as long as she keeps her weapons holstered)

E) Greedy Corporations

Gonna cut you.

If you answered C I know a great therapist who be more than happy to talk to you.  If you answered A, B, or D I’m sorry; you a romantic idealist.  If you answered E, you are right, *grim smile*

These corporations produce a variety of products, from jeans to skateboards.  Every item you are wearing was probably sold to you from one of these cooperations, imported from their sweat shops in Pooristan or North Poverty.  They want this bill to pass so you will be more inclined to buy their products, the cheaper something is the more of it people want.  They will be able to charge a lower net cost, because the tax is lower, on everything they produce, so people like you will buy more of it.  The end result is all that money you could have saved will probably just end up in these corporations pockets.

"Well how else are we supposed to take money baths?"

Increasing taxes will create massive lay offs, weigh down an already ailing economy, and benefit the fools who caused the second worst depression in human history to get paid even more money.

Letting taxes remain the same is actually a smart plan.  It will not make thousands of people unemployed, but it will cost you that whooper, and you’ll miss out on trashcan fires.

Your choice.

Personally, I elect there should be a third option: an increase in taxes.


I do not want massive socialist changes, just half a percent.  That won’t even cost you a candy bar a day.  However, it would be more than enough to refurbish the ailing state programs, employ a few people here and there to patch up the government.  Instead of stalling, to stave of the recession, Massachusetts will actually start making forward economic progress.

This small change will greatly reduce the recession (a functioning state government tends to do that) and will make everyone happier, whether they getting a new job or actually begin helped out by the government.

In conclusion: don’t be fooled by the cooperations, vote no on Question 3. Vote for your friends, vote for your family, Vote  for (insert patriotic nonsense).

Vote for yourself.

UPDATE:  For those you remain unconvinced that they won’t be affected by this tax cut –http://votenoquestion3.com/towns.php?town_code=344&sect=2&gclid=CPWU8JPA2KQCFYs65QodKlcoIg

Unless your from Gosnold, just east of Martha’s Vineyard, your going to be seriously hurting from this tax cut.  Boston alone will be losing over eighteen million to its educational system, which translates into higher local taxes on everything else.  And if you are from Gosnold, I feel sorry for you and the ridiculous name of your town.

If you think this whole Question is bad, lets talk about the National Deficit -(https://talktank.wordpress.com/2010/09/24/the-us-deficit-expensive-in-painful-ways-spending/)

If you disagree, agree, or have a wacky left opinion coming out of left field let me hear what you have to say.  The comment box should be just below and you have a keyboard.  You know what to do.