“Survival of the fittest,” is one of the strangest terms a person will regularly come across.  It occurs so often because people believe it applies to virtually aspect of life; war, politics, economic forces, video game competitions, and the closing of one ice cream store while another expands.  People look everywhere and they see only the smart and the brilliant beating the test of time.  They believe it is only logical that these victors survive, since they maintained the initiative and pressed onwards to victory while others are turned back by staggering defeats.

Well, that is terribly incorrect.

I will not devalue the people in this world who actually deserve to be where they are.  It takes brilliant pioneers, whether they are devolving a new market or leading audacious expeditions, to lead the economy and the world.  These people are heroes, an example for the rest of humanity to follow.  Behind them are others who bear their standard, people who explore and capitalize on overlooked opportunities.  These two groups of people cover less than 0.5% of the population, one in two hundred.

What about the other hundred ninety-nine?  They latch on those who are triumphant and sponge off some of their success.  Some are relatively motivated, some or miserable excuses for human beings.  These are the office workers, the accountants, the waiters; the grunts.  Their lives are not labeled “SUCCESFUL” instead they are named “STATUS QUO.”  They are perfectly capable of following orders, but lack the imagination to forge their own path.

So there are two groups of people in this world; those who are successful and the parasites who leech that success.  The pull of the weak on the Atlas strength of the strong often brings both of their worlds crashing down.  Companies go out of business for the sole reason that they fail to fix expensive problems that drive them into bankruptcy.  Those that are successful often try to fight these failings, but without the support of their underlings their chances of success are slim.  It takes more than one brilliant mind to solve problems; Albert Einstein didn’t build the atomic bombs by himself.

That brings us full circle.  The vast, vast majority of people succeed for the principle and primary reason that someone else is allowing them to succeed.  At the drop of the hat those in power could cut off those below them, without explanation or reason.  Those below have no way to rehabilitate or retrain, not that they probably had that opportunity in the first place.  This is a corrupt system, one that must be reconstructed and reformed.

How to reform it?  Simple, look to the past.  Past Rome, past Greece, past the dawn of civilization, to the times where men lived in caves and fought saber tooth tigers for food.  Those that were strong hunted and fought.  Those that were dexterous gathered plants and completed chores.  And those that were smart, the predecessor to our current “successful” people, taught.  The passed on their knowledge directly to the next generation to give them the greatest chance of success.

I propose we bring this back.  Not forcefully though, that would end horribly and traumatically.  Instead with some positive incentive, money.  Teachers today work twice as hard as a waiter and make roughly the same, however their jobs are much, much more important.  They educate the future generations to succeed and prosper, or at least that is the theory.  Most of teachers I’ve seen are bovine cows who are counting days till their pension comes in while they collect hundreds of sick and vacation days.  They are not the best to teach.

By upping the salary for teachers it would create more incentive for better qualified applicants to become teachers.  Better teachers means better teaching, which leads to more learning, which translates to better students.  People question where the money would come from to pay these new teachers; loans, but ones that actually would be paid off.  Should a country as a whole population become smarter, because of their improved education, the economy of that country will become better.  The teachers will pay for themselves and keep on paying.

All I ask for is that everyone has the equal opportunity to succeed; both those who are naturally blessed and those who are not.