If I said the words “christian rock” would you quickly abandon this post as a lost cause?  Don’t worry, I would as well.  There is a stigma attached to those words; it attracts the religious like honey and drives away everyone else like a flamethrower at a baseball game.  Sadly, the religious will be disappointed and the world will miss out the dark horse of music: Relient K.

Not a boy band, ish.

While I was video hopping from falling cats to jumping dogs on Youtube yesterday I must have accidentally misclicked, and ended up here.   And yes, by misclicked I mean I saw the hot girl in the five seconds and then quite voluntarily clicked.


Pretty cool right?  Well if you disagree put it in comments and we’ll debate through the night about the finer points of musical talent.  When you agree your going to be demanding to know who they are.

I’ll be more than happy to tell you.

Relient K Background

Apparently Ohio actually is has some value, they produced Relient K.  The name was inspired by an old car (a Plymouth Reliant K) and they switched the letters so they would not get sues too often.  The founding members Matt ThiessenBrian Pittman, and Matt Hoopes thought it would be a good idea to start the band during their junior year in high school.  They stuck together through college, adding on Jon Schneck and Ethan Luck to fill out their band.  Signing a deal with Capital Records, they produced multiple well received albums, MMHMM placed #20 on the Billboard 200 and Five Score and Seven Years Ago placed #6.

Well, answer the question. Now.

So why you Haven’t Heard of Them

Simply because they are Christian rock; that is the sole and primary reason.  I was looking at the top twenty songs today.  There is some pop, some rock, a splash of alternative, and a hint of country.  No religion.  In mainstream media religion is a taboo topic, rarely is it brought up since mishandling it will bring down the wrath of God. (quite literally).

This trend continues with music.  Many radio station simply will not play any song that even mentions God, then there are a handful of others that praise the lord nonstop.  Relient K falls between these two extremes; alternative rock with a religious undertones.  And there religious undertones are almost nonexistent. Seriously, they are more likely to bring up pink tuxedos than the Lord.

They wrote a whole song about this

How Can I Hear this Today?

Buy it.  Or YouTube them.

How Can I Hear it Everywhere in the Future?

You like what you hear, we’ll speak up so you can hear more of it.  It is unlikely that the top radio stations of today will change their musical agenda unless you personally advocate for change. Petitions, boycotts … actually that only works if you get like a million of people.

If we can get that many you love this music, which already do my sources tell me, we can take a different approach to get this earcandy on the airwaves.  Set up an independent radio station.

I will begin looking into this possibility; a brand new radio station specializing in the great music that has fallen through the cracks.  It will focus on alternative rock, but also have a significant Christian rock and alternative punk influences.  It will sweep across the radio world, overthrowing the giants of today and paved the way for the next generation of music. Alternative.

Well then.  I’ll put this GREAT IDEA on hold till I can get the capital to start up THE BEST RADIO STATION EVER! (Can you lend me three million dollars?)  In the meantime, I plan to buy all of their songs and listen to Relient K nonstop.