I was reading the newspaper this morning- *everyone cracks up laughing* Well.  I was reading on the internet.  Apparently the sun still never sets on the British Empire, sunny Australia still is ruled by the Queen.  Now their Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, wants to switch it up and make her government a straight up republic.  This move might bring civil war to Australia.

This is startling, in this modern era, for a country on the forefront of technology to have a backwards government, a constitutional monarchy.  This type of government essentially has a king, who is restrained by a handful of laws but can still basically do whatever he wants.

Are those littles Benjamin Franklin's? Weird Fetish.

History has discovered that constitutional monarchy not a good form of government.  It materialized originally in England, when victorious rebel nobles forced King James to sign the Magna Carta.  This historic document put the king under restraints, putting him under the law.

Here many historians place the just seeds of democracy to be sown.

They fail to mention that King James regularly broke the laws specifically stated in the Magna Carta.

Yeah…. Despite the fact there are officially laws to hold in check the monarch, usually they reign unchecked.  This trend continued across the world; the Czars and the Duma, weak and worthless democrats, numerous French governments, and Germany’s Kaiser.

Remember? The guy who started World War One.

I am the best monarch ever; my mustache defies gravity.

Constitutional monarchy’s do not work, democracy and republics work much better.

This brings this article back to Australia, home of the kangaroo.  They have a pretty solid republic system to run their nation and all thirty people in it.  However, it appears they simply forgot that the queen is still at the top.

That’s right, Queen Elizabeth the Second rules Australia.


I guess they just forgot to ask her how they should run their country.  Truthfully, she allows them to rule independently with zero oversight.  This freedom has recently led to talks for the Australian government to switch to a republic system, to be completely independent.

The motivation behind this move is clear, the Australians are just looking after themselves.  Only the citizens of a country will look after it, a foreign ruler in a foreign land is a rouge element that might not.  To let this foreigner rule is an outrage and fairly irresponislbe.

However, this move will bring enormous controversy.  Like all nations, those Australians are proud of their heritage.  Being apart of the British Empire. Playing a key role in historic battles. Abducting Aboriginal children from their homes to transport them to camps to be reeducated, in order to breed out the Aboriginal genes.

The Australians apologized for that last one, which lasted till the 1970’s, they now have a National Sorry Day. (http://www.cultureandrecreation.gov.au/articles/indigenous/sorry/)

Way to go guys.

Anyway, people are proud of their identity and the British crown is part of Australian culture.  It is the same as Russians are proud of their military prowess, Japan with their cutting edge technology, and America with it’s drugs.  Changing any aspect of the identity is fought tooth and nail.

Made in America

This will lead to the this pretty trivial concern erupting into a massive tempest of political destruction. Should this movement gain momentum it will break politicians and make new ones.

The recommended position is to support the archaic constitutional monarchy, this stance is patriotic and conservative.  It has been working for the last hundred years, why not the next hundred?  Those attempting to revise the system are sailing in unmapped water, who knows when they’ll hit an unmarked danger and sink to the bottom.

This little publicity stunt of Australia’s will make headlines around the world.

Here is Australia making headlines for the future Republic, and their citizens resisting their every step: https://talktank.wordpress.com/2010/09/23/australia-opposing-freedom-pro-monarchy/