College. The Final Frontier.  The last place where students roam free, before they are preened for office work.  The stronghold of independence, and dependence at the same time.  I’m about to arrive at its gates.

Hope they don’t turn me back.

I will be truthful; I am not the best student.  My grades are not what the could be; I have never really been able to pay attention in school.  It is so bad that my parents have had me checked for OCD, ADD, QED, and for an EMP.  I realized back in middle school that I’m much smarter than any teacher I have ever have.

Perhaps that is a little to egotistical, I have met at least one teacher smarter than me.

The greatest wizard of them all. Second only to Albus Severus Potter.

I saw him at the movies, swell guy. Heard he died though. … Bummer.

The previous statements are a partial lie.  I have had some fantastic teachers, that have single handily opened up new worlds of learning.  Others have lead to graphics illustrations of suicidal stick figures. No jokes.

Pete, Age - 33 Minutes, Cause of Death - Boredom

High school has dozens of mandatory requirements that quite frankly are worthless.  I understand taking courses in English and Math.  These both are necessaries in real life.  Illiterate people end up on the streets, those that can’t add are dependent on their cash registers at McDonald’s.  They are my first two priorities when scheduling my classes.

History and Science are sometimes useful, in reality they are just applications of English and Math.  Personally, I find history more interesting (I love all types of stories).  When picking course I know that the Sciences are more practicable.  They both end up on my schedule.

Foreign Languages are simply pointless.  If I wanted to speak like a Spanish I’d move to Mexico.

No further comment; the Foreign Languages always attempt to sneak their way onto my schedule.

There are also miscellaneous requirements, the arts and gym.  Both have redeemable value.  The arts awaken creativity in our youth, a resource that is rapidly drying up.  Gym stops kids wallowing in their own fat.  All good things.  They just take so much time out of my day, they are added to my schedule.

Now I have a schedule full of classes, some I love, some I hate.  Hate is more powerful than love, as proven in the closing episodes of season 8 of 24. I dread going to school.  I’m somewhat miserable their, same as everyone else.  Every year has been like this.

Until now.

Until now, my upcoming junior year.  The minimum criteria has now been met; this completion means I can start dropping stuff. Foreign Languages, Studio Art, and Gym.

They are being replaced by Micro/Marco Economics, Architecture, and Winter Track.

Hopefully school will be more enjoyable and hopefully my grades will improve.  It makes sense, things that are enjoyable, and don’t put you to sleep, often have better results.  This needs to happen in high school this year, in order for me to get into college in two years.

Here is my GPA.

Freshmen – 2.9 (Yikes!)

Sophomore – 3.2 (Still not good enough)

My grades need to skyrocket quickly.  I have my heart set onto getting into a flagship state school or a Little Ivy. I’d shoot for the regular Ivy’s but I simply believe that those universities are no fun.  Too much learning, not enough social interaction, the most important part of life.

To acheive my dreams I will need a 3.5 average.  That means for the next two years I need a 4.0 or better. Yikes!

This blog is dedicated to the chronicling that dream.  It will be updated in real time, in every area pertaining to reaching the gates of college.  The roller coaster ride of school.  Checking out colleges across the country, with detailed reviews of each and every single one.  A splash of romance, a hint of criminal activities.  Smiling all the way.