The beginning of the end is white and shiny.

Here are the true origins of Skynet

It appears to be a Segway + white plastic + creepy metal eyes.  Inside its frame rests advanced computing technology and an internet link.  This is the QB Robot, brought to you from Anybots.

Oh, and that little screen on the front, that is your boss.

Who is halfway around the world.

In the future, or so Anybots Prophesy predicts, each and every company will have dozens of the QBRobots, stationed at each of their company’s locations.  Whenever something goes wrong, and the supervisor isn’t on site, they travel to it via QB Robot.

With built in camera and a vocal system, it’s like you boss is right there.  SO if he can be “right there” without even being on the premise, why would he show up to work?

So the bosses will be the first to leave, telecommunicating from home or wherever they are.  You will be resentful that you still have to show up, but whatever, work is hell anyway.  That is until you get a QB Robot of your own.

You stop showing up, instead telecommunicating.  Offices will be filled with bots, nobody will go to work.  Now the droids have the offices and the workspace.

The grand bosses, the executives who own the company’s, will look down on their metal empires, and they will question why they even have puny little men control such fearsome machines.  Workers will be cut out of the loop all together.  Robots run the show.

QB Robot = Skynet

Enough said