Steve Jobs just had a metaphorical heart attack (I’d actually feel pretty bad if he had an actual one).  Motorola just released a tablet, the Gentouch 78, and it is wowing the world.  It is the brightest star in the tablet field, defeating the iPad on every front.

For one low payment of $150, you are all set to play with the Gentouch78 to your heart’s content.  There are no additional fees, ever.  Buyers also get all the apps that Apple offers.  In addition, Gentouch78 owner have access to apps banned on the iPad; more apps for one fourth of the price. You could by four of Gentouch78s instead of buying one iPad.

This issue deserves its own paragraph, it is that important.  Apple demands monthly payment for this feature, on the Gentouch78 it comes free.  Can you guess what it is?  I’ll give you a hint- FREE WIFI. Big enough hint?  That feature alone will save hundreds of dollars every single year.    Gentouch78 is overall a much better tablet.

Also, the name isn’t terribly confusing, (my girlfriend broke hers, I’m not explaining how)

Steve Job's Brain

To be fair, the Gentouch 78 is not as technologically advanced as the iPad.  It needs to be tapped slightly harder in order to function, since it has a plastic screen.  The Gentouch78 also has a stylus. Um… that is pretty much it.

Apple is going to rethink their entire iPad marketing ploy, perhaps they might withdraw it for a brief respite.  They will maintain the upper crust market, snooty rich boys and girls with more mansions than brain cells.  Everybody else will flock to this much cheaper model.  Motorola has exploded on the market.  Soon everyone will be rooting for them, capitalism you know.

You do know right?

*Blank Stare*

My dear friend it is CAPITALISM.  By undermining Apple’s partial monopoly (Amazon is also has a tablet, the Kindle) Motorola is putting enormous pressure on the market.  The more pressure the higher hurtles each company will have jump over to impress consumers, like you.  Prices will be slashed, quality of the tablets will improve; imagine paying half the price for a Gentouch78 that is twice as good.

Smile, your the winner of the capitalism race.