Soon Mickey Mouse will be duking it out with gangsters Minnie mouse will be spotted strutting around Social City.

Disney just bought out Playdom, for the whooping sum of $763 million dollars (that’s enough money to buy a small African country).  Such Facebook, Myspace, iPhone hits as Mobsters and Tiki Farm were produced by Playdom, now Disney hopes to cash in on that success.

For a long time now Disney has been absent from the gaming field, choosing instead to consolidate their resources in building up international hits television like High School Musical (ug) and Hannah Montana (the next Britney Spears, super ug).  What a fantastic legacy, setting such a great example for the kids.

With this move they will be sure to swamp all social networks with Disney games.  Some will be blatantly Disney, whole games dedicated to praising their cartoon gods.  Others will be more surreptitious about their origins, games slyly sliding in Disney references while maintaining a facade of being just another game.

However, is there a place for Disney in the world of social networking?  Currently there are dozens of small developers that each produce incredible games, enthralling millions of players.  Half of my Facebook wall is friends messing around on Farmville (if it were an option I’d set their barns on fire).  Is their room for a corporate giant?

Well of course, idiot, because they are the first.  Disney is perhaps the largest entertainment empire, with tentacles stretching from theme parks to radio stations.  There competition is tiny in comparison.  Nobody else has the capital to take advantage of this new field of games, massive social networking games.  Disney is the first and for a while will remain the only.

In the future Disney will dominate this field, most likely producing more than half of the successful games.  You will benefit, provided you can stand the taste of shameless advertising.  The games will steadily become better, wowing audiences and shattering expectations (just like this post).  The cost is Mickey Mouse and his demonic eyes staring at you from in game bill boards.

Fear Me

"Fear Me"

That is the terrible, terrible cost of free gaming.  Deal with it. *wink*