EEF and the Dev Team just made it legal to jailbreak iPhones.

I’ll let you frolic for the next week.

Awesome. Essentially it is ruled this way for two major reasons-
1) Once an iPhone owner buys an iPod it is legally theirs to do whatever they want with. Apple does not have the ability to order them to do anything
2) They don’t want Apple to take over the world

I’ll let that sink in.

Apple is a corporate empire, slowly stealing more and more business from the prosaic Microsoft while it dominates the mp3 and phone fields. Their intention is to win the third computer race, the touch screen wars.  If that happens the will have a computer monopoly.

That is the equivalent of that really smart kid having a the first monopoly in the board game; he wins, everyone else loses

Microsoft won the first computer race, with their cheap (while ineffective) PCs. Apple was at the brink, managing by the skin of their death to stay alive.

The second computer race was the battle for the cell phone.  Starting with car phones, suitcase phones, cancer phones, phones that actually work, cool phones, and recently super cool phones.  The Iphone is a major contender in this race, but they cannot beat out the competition.

The third computer race has already begun the tablet race.  While Amazon’s Nook is officially the first out the door, Apple’s iPad (silly name much?) is the first multifunctional contender.  And it looks like they are going to be alone in this one.

No other company in the field has the capital to spend to build a competing product.  Sony and Microsoft are dumping billions of dollars into the console wars, while they let Nintendo win with their vastly inferior Wii.  IBM is staying out of the picture.  Apple charges ahead, unhindered.

This ruling is a major blow to Apple, and its iPad, as it lets third party apps onto all Apple product legally.

Essentially this will lead to cheaper, better apps, from companies other than Apple.  That is how capitalism works, by letting in a flood cheaper third party app builders Apple will no longer have complete control over its own products.

Without an iron grip over its iProducts Apple is reeling.  Now they will have to compete on every front, for every app, for every single byte in every iPod with vicious third party builders.  The iPad will become a haven for these programmers, they will pick away at Apples fortune, carving out their own little kingdoms.

Apple will still most likely win the third computer race, however they will be limping instead of spiriting.   The third part programmers will leech onto their products; they will actually make the iPad a better product at expense of Apple’s wealth.  Their programs are vastly superior than that of Apple, simply because they are more varied.

The real winner here is you.  You get better apps, the third party gets some extra cash.  Apple loses billions in business.  Don’t worry about them, they will still make a truck load.  It will just enough to allow other companies to get an edge in the market.  Imagine what  will happen in the next couple of years as more companies get into the fray.

The next couple of years are going to be pretty cool.